Why I hurt the anus


Why I hurt the anus
Why do you have pain in the anus? The causes of this problem can be many and varied. They can be small tears or anal fissures, or hemorrhoids. We recommend that you go to a doctor’s office to examine you and determine exactly what happened, and how best to relieve your pain.

Why I hurt the anus
Why I hurt the anus

Anal fissure

The anal fissure is also known as the anorectal fissure. This occurs when a crack or rupture of the cutaneous tissue of the anus appears. This usually happens when, at the time of defecation, the stools are long and hard, which breaks the very delicate skin of that part of the body. This produces a personal pain. Cracks can also occur when a person is suffering from prolonged diarrhea or contracting too much of the sphincter muscles.

In general, a crack of this type is often superficial and shallow, but in some cases, it may become more complicated. Indeed, cracks can become chronic and extend to the lower layers of the skin, or even, to the muscle. These last breaks are the most painful and the most difficult to treat. In many cases, they require surgery to relieve pain.

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Another possible cause of pain is the appearance of hemorrhoids in the rectal area. This occurs when the person exercises too much pressure to defecate. The veins and tissues of the anus are then inflamed. There are two types of hemorrhoids (internal and external) that depend on where they are.

The first cause of the onset of hemorrhoids is constipation, which requires significant effort to defecate. However, this is not the only cause because pregnant women also tend to suffer from hemorrhoids because of the pressure of the fetus on the anus and due to the efforts required during the delivery. Also, there is a hereditary factor for hemorrhoids, as they are passed down from generation to generation.

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Anal abscess

It is also possible that the pain in the anus is caused by the appearance of a pocket of pus near the anus. This is known as “anal abscess.” The onset of this infection is usually spontaneous and occurs when stool bacteria have contaminated the rectal area and caused infection under the skin.

These infections occur almost all the time near the anus, but there are cases in which this disease has appeared deeper in the rectum, in areas closer to the colon.

Anal fistula

The fistula connects the residues of an anal abscess with the surface of the skin, creating a connection, similar to a subcutaneous tunnel. Because of the infection and the pus in the abscesses, the tunnels often end up filled with pus and a liquid that gives off a very robust and unpleasant odor. Also, this causes pain in the anus.

The reasons for the appearance of fistulas are, besides the fact that there was an anal abscess, the fact of having suffered wounds in this part of the body, inflammation, infection or intestinal disorders, Such as ulcerative colitis.

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Anal stenosis

Your anus may have narrowed because of radiation therapy ( especially those used to treat certain cancers), sexually transmitted diseases, lesions in the anus, and so on. This condition makes it painful and unpleasant to evacuate the stool because the rectal canal has narrowed.

If you suffer from this kind of problem, it is essential that you go to a doctor to explain to you what treatment is possible to enlarge the canal and defecate again without hurting.

This article is purely informative, and it does not have the capability to prescribe medical care or diagnoses. We invite you to visit the doctor if you have genes or a discomfort.

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