Who treats hemorrhoids and What specialists to consult for his hemorrhoids?


Who treats hemorrhoids and What specialists to consult for his hemorrhoids?

When we discover the presence of hemorrhoids, we are often destabilized and we do not know who to contact. The circumstances of discovery may differ from one person to another. If some people take the trouble to touch the anal part or examine it from time to time, others do not realize the problem in case of complications, including bleeding.

Who treats hemorrhoids
Who treats hemorrhoids

For the latter, it is easier to diagnose because they consult emergencies and that is where they are directed to the good person (s). For others, generally, they do not know what it is and head quickly to the pandora box, Internet. Do not worry, we’ll tell you where to go and who to talk to.

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A doctor, to heal!

When it comes to an abnormality in the human body, there are not a thousand people to address. Only one person can answer you: A doctor. You do not have to go around and ask for help from your pharmacist. The latter will tell you the same thing, we must go see …

A proctologist

Who treats hemorrhoids
Who treats hemorrhoids

A proctologist is not only a doctor but is also and above all a doctor specializing in diseases that affect the recto-anal part. No need to go see a GP, he will never know better than a specialist. What we mean is not that a GP will not be able to diagnose the problem but will refer you to a proctologist with a letter. As much to save money and go directly to the right person.

Basically, a proctologist will make the right diagnosis, know what stage you are in, give you medicine to relieve you, and others to heal you. He will also advise you on your diet, the changes that this disease entails and what you need to do to prevent the occurrence of other seizures.

A homeopath

However, some people may not adhere to the medical approach and prefer to do things more naturally. In this case, your local natural herb dealer will not be of any help to you and will only feed you with plants that he believes are good for you.

It’s not such a bad idea to have plants to heal naturally except that the real specialist in natural herbal medicines is the homeopathic doctor. The latter will take the time to consult you properly and will know what to propose to you taking into account your antecedents, your allergies and your current state of health.

Did you know? A doctor’s consultation lasts an average of 15 minutes while a homeopathic doctor’s consultation lasts an average of 45 minutes.

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A nutritionist, to learn how to eat!

Who treats hemorrhoids
Who treats hemorrhoids

People who suffer from hemorrhoidal crises are often prone to constipation and overweight. These problems result in the first place from a poor diet. When you have bad eating habits, the only qualified person to help you change them is a nutritionist.

Although the websites are full of many tips on foods to eat and diet to follow to fight against constipation, overweight and foods that worsen hemorrhoidal attacks or trigger, only a nutritionist will give you a menu tailored to your needs and your level of activity.

Going to see a real nutritionist, you will have two birds with one stone. Not only will it help you better manage your hemorrhoidal seizures but it will get rid of your overweight and teach you to eat well and balanced.

Tip: Avoid nutritionists who rely too much on dietary supplements. An excellent complete diet does not need any supplements because it is already … complete!

A coach, to practice!

Who treats hemorrhoids
Who treats hemorrhoids

It is a myth to say that you should not practice any sport when you have hemorrhoids. Indeed, there are some sports to avoid when you suffer from hemorrhoids, but it is not a reason to stop all physical activity and indulge in the sedentary lifestyle.

However, if you suffer from hemorrhoids, it is because you have not been able to adapt your activity to your condition and you, therefore, need outside help. The best-placed person is a sports coach. That said, you have the choice!

You should know that a coach in bodybuilding or combat sports will not be of any help to you and a good coach will send you home as soon as you tell him about your problem. What you need is a trainer in swimming or better, in yoga. These two sports are the best for managing hemorrhoidal crises. However, one thing is sure, you need a professional to help you adopt the right moves and stop when you do things wrong.

A psychologist, to talk about it!

Suffering from the hemorrhoidal disease can be a pretty trying experience. If some people can go beyond that and live well, others see their lives fall apart literally and may even sink into depression.

Who treats hemorrhoids
Who treats hemorrhoids

What you need to do to avoid this is to talk about it. It is necessary to turn towards one’s entourage and especially one’s family because there is undoubtedly a member who has suffered from it or who still suffers it, it is because of the hereditary component of this disease.

However, some people do not manage to talk about it, and it is very understandable. In fact, for the anecdote, Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from hemorrhoids, and yet we only knew it after his death. He suffered and again refused to talk about it. Moreover, historians link his madness at the end of his life to this inconvenience (and the word remains very small for what he suffered) that gave him the most brutal hemorrhoidal crises.

The difference is that in our time, there is a specialist to talk about it: A psychologist. In the old days, the only psychiatric specialist was the psychiatrist, and his methods were very doubtful. Moreover, he was only called upon in case of apparent madness or mental problems. However, depression induced by hemorrhoids is a small problem that a discussion with a psychologist could relieve.

In short, if you feel bad and you have no one to talk about or nobody gives you the internal relief that you are looking for, do not hesitate to go see it.

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