What to do in case of a hemorrhoidal crisis during pregnancy?


What to do in case of a hemorrhoidal crisis during pregnancy?
Pregnancy is a delicate period during which hemorrhoids can appear. To be able to relieve a hemorrhoid crisis by taking the necessary precautions for its future child, you must know the best ways to adopt. To try according to the level of the pain and the practical side.

What to do in case of a hemorrhoidal crisis during pregnancy?
What to do in case of a hemorrhoidal crisis during pregnancy?

Focus on food balance

During pregnancy, the temptation to eat fatty and sweet foods can have effects on the intestinal transit. The first thing to do in the event of a hemorrhoid crisis is, therefore, to look for a more balanced diet with a relatively large fiber content.

This resolution will allow to find an intestinal comfort and to reduce the inflammation. Choosing fruits and vegetables as well as cereals to incorporate into your diet is essential to avoid these inconveniences during pregnancy.

Accelerate blood circulation with sport

Hemorrhoids correspond to a blood problem that will cause the veins to swell and create the problem. To remedy this quickly, it is possible to contact an online doctor to find out what physical activities are recommended according to the progress of pregnancy and the importance of hemorrhoids. A walk of medium intensity is an excellent choice, as is swimming. Once the blood circulation is restored, the hemorrhoids will reabsorb.

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Reduce pain by applying ice cubes

Relieving pain is essential and to avoid taking medications that can be harmful during pregnancy, it is possible to lay a pocket of ice on the inflamed area. For 30 minutes, this action will have the effect of sleeping the area and give a little respite to the future mother. Meanwhile, she will be able to rest and study other ways to end this crisis.

Adopt the right positions

The sitting position will compress the veins in the same place and cause the hemorrhoids. For a pregnant woman, it will be necessary to think often to change position to avoid this phenomenon.

It is also important to know that prolonged standing is not recommended. During pregnancy, it is necessary to remember to take rest in lengthened position to put an end to the hemorrhoidal crisis.

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Relaxing moments in the bath

Bathing is a time that allows the pregnant woman to take care of her and rest. During a hemorrhoidal attack, warm water will have the effect of restoring a better circulation. The blood vessels dilate under the influence of heat and allow the problem to be regularized. This method is also absorbing to avoid a recurrence in the future.

To avoid having hemorrhoids during pregnancy, it is essential to follow these recommendations.

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