What remedy to choose to cure hemorrhoids?


What remedy to choose to cure hemorrhoids?

When one has had a hemorrhoid crisis one day, one can be sure that the risk of reliving the same thing increases dramatically. Moreover, this is where the frantic search for the miracle cure begins, because, if you have ever had it, you know it is one of the most common health problems of the most troublesome (not in the shameful, But in the sense that it bothers you in your everyday life).

What remedy to choose to cure hemorrhoids?
What remedy to choose to cure hemorrhoids?

What you will be told from the beginning is that “a miracle cure” does not exist, if someone says otherwise, it is because he is trying to rip you off. However, that does not mean that you must accept that these attacks return without trying anything because hemorrhoids care, it is above all by the prevention that will allow you to space, or even eradicate, its appearance. Then, in the event of an outbreak of the crisis, what is needed is to treat it.

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What are the preventive remedies for hemorrhoids?

That says prevention against hemorrhoids, says food, sport, and hygiene.


The primary role of diet in preventing hemorrhoids is to avoid constipation, which is one of the biggest triggers of the hemorrhoid crisis. In fact, the more constipated you are, the harder your fecal matter is, the more you will push to expel them, thus exercising a mechanical force which eventually modifies the elasticity of the anal canal and dilates the vessels of the anus Mucosa, which ends up, in the people likely to develop hemorrhoids, by triggering the crisis.

So what you need regarding food is to eat much fiber because it will not only soften your stomach a little but will also facilitate intestinal transit. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and starchy foods (such as rice, pasta, and corn). Bet on salads, these are our best friends to fight against constipation.

Apart from fibers, you should monitor your water intake. As you know, doctors advise us to drink at least a liter and a half of water a day. Try to aim for the two liters. Water is essential for your survival, and it helps keep all of your blood vessels healthy, as well as your skin.

Also avoid all foods that are bad for your health, and this means fatty foods (which can cause vein obstruction), too sweet drinks such as sodas (which increase blood pressure), drink too much coffee, Too many alcohols (which dehydrate the body), or eating too spicy dishes (which irritate the anal area during defecation) and, optimally, try to quit smoking if you are currently smoking because tobacco has An accelerating effect of aging tissues and veins.

There are certain diets that are proven to be very beneficial against hemorrhoids, such as the paleo diet for example. Do not hesitate to follow them

The sport

As you know for a long time, the sport is excellent for health. It must at all costs avoid a sedentary lifestyle.This general rule is always de rigueur to prevent hemorrhoids. Beware, however, of avoiding the sport DURING the hemorrhoidal crisis.

The sport here has two benefits. First, the “general” exercises help to regulate blood pressure, improve tissue oxygenation, improve intestinal transit and decrease body weight and stress. So do as much sport as you can. Make at least half an hour of walking a day, it will not tire you too much but will still allow you to benefit from the beneficial effects of the sport.

Afterward, you have exercises designed specifically to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region. These are the Kegel exercises that will help you prevent hemorrhoids as much as possible.

Be aware that there are particular types of sports that should be avoided. These are sports that put much pressure on the anal area, and that could irritate it, such as riding or cycling.

Good hygiene

Rectal hygiene is a critical point when it comes to avoiding hemorrhoids. In some cultures, people wash the perineum with water after defecation. In Europe, on the other hand, toilet paper is used to clean, and it can sometimes be irritating.

What to do is choose a soft paper, entirely white because dyes can cause allergies or hypersensitivity. If you prefer to use wipes, choose brands that are not perfumed (again a question of sensitivity), or, if you are looking for the scented side of the thing, buy baby wipes because they are the ones that contain the least Of chemicals and are thus the least aggressive to the skin.

For your private toilet under the shower, also opt for soap as natural as possible, without perfume.

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What remedies to cure hemorrhoids after their onset?

There are several kinds of remedies for hemorrhoids: natural resources, medications and finally, in extreme cases, surgery.

Natural remedies

There are several natural remedies that relieve the hemorrhoidal crisis. The most important and the most used remains the bath of the seat. You should know, however, that despite its popularity, it is not a “cure” that treats, but merely a treatment that relieves itching and pain.

Other natural remedies include mullein which will tighten the blood vessels and thus heal bleeds if they exist and thousand-leaf tea which, used as a cleanser, will speed up the repair of damaged tissues and vessels and which, consumed as Drink will act as a preventive remedy against hemorrhoids.

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Medical remedies

If the presence of hemorrhoids hampers you too much in everyday life, or natural remedies do not work for you (which is relatively rare) or you just want to supplement them with medical treatment, just visit A doctor will suffice to have a prescription and to buy medicines that will relieve you.

These medications will usually be an anti-hemorrhoid cream, analgesics to relieve pain immediately and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The radical remedy: Surgery

It is the last resort; no doctor will choose to offer you surgery from your first visit for your first hemorrhoidal attack. Even if it is a relatively good act, it is always a surgical intervention for which a certain margin of risk has to be calculated.

That said, if your case permits and your doctor, after going through the medical treatment that proved ineffective for you, offers you this solution, please do not hesitate. It is a surgery which involves very few risks and which will make it possible to excise the swollen part, “reach” of the anal area.

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