What is hemorrhoids caused by


What is hemorrhoids caused by

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins of the anal area (anus and rectum) and surrounding tissue, a phenomenon similar to varicose veins that may appear on the legs.

What is hemorrhoid? 

Produced by venous dilatations whose size varies from one individual to another, hemorrhoids can be internal (inside the anus) or external (around the anus) depending on their location. They constitute normal anatomical structures and assume a pathological aspect only when they evolve towards a hemorrhoidal disease (that is to say when the vessels externalize, forming a “ball” at the level of the anus).

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Causes of hemorrhoids

It is normal for the veins in the recto-anal area to expand slightly during defecation. On the other hand, when this dilation becomes persistent, it is problematic and we then speak of hemorrhoids. There are several possible causes for the appearance of these hemorrhoids. They can be favored by:

  • A  genetic predisposition;
  • Pregnancy and  childbirth  by natural means;
  • An  overweight;
  • Frequent constipation;
  • A  sitting position  too long and very often;
  • The  sedentary lifestyle;
  • Some sports  such as horse riding or cycling;
  • Wear heavy loads daily
  • The practice of sodomy.

Different contributing factors are identified.

Hemorrhoids are normally and constantly present in every individual from birth.

On a predisposing ground and under the influence of triggering factors, they can bleed or increase in volume and out of the anus.

There is no definite cause of hemorrhoidal disease. It is accepted that there will be a conjunction between triggering factors: disorders of the intestinal transit, certain episodes of the genital life of the woman as the pregnancy, or a predisposing ground (hereditary or constitutional).

Many other factors are classically mentioned but they would play only an incidental or occasional role: alcohol intake, a fatty and spicy diet.

The manifestations of the hemorrhoidal disease can be explained:

  • Either by an excess of arterial blood flow in hemorrhoidal “packets” (red blood emissions)
  • Or by discomfort in the emptying of the anal veins (formation of clots or thromboses )
  • Or by a relaxation of the elastic tissue that holds the packets against the wall of the duct (canal) of the anus (descent of the packets called prolapse ).

Men and women are just as likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

Women may complain less and maybe less often operated, which would give the impression of greater male frequency.

It is especially around the thirties that hemorrhoids will begin to manifest themselves. The young subject will suffer mainly from external thromboses, while the elderly will suffer from prolapse (descent of hemorrhoidal bundles), because of tissue relaxation.

The disease is rare but possible in children and its frequency decreases after 60 years.

Hemorrhoids: people at risk

  • People with a close relative with hemorrhoids;
  • Pregnant women ;
  • Women who gave birth vaginally;
  • People with cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Constipated people.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

  • The foods to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids formation are fresh vegetables, fruits, vegetables, and legumes;
  • Drink enough water (1.5 liters to 2 liters per day);
  • A healthy diet rich in fiber, low in fat, salt and pastries is recommended;
  • Meats, spicy dishes, alcohol, coffee, and tea should be avoided. The ideal is to opt for a vegetarian diet until symptoms disappear.

In general, hemorrhoids are effectively treated with simple treatment, which reduces pain and reduces inflammation. It will also be important to regulate intestinal transit by fighting constipation. Finally, special attention must be given to the hygiene of the anal area, without however falling into excess, soap being the cause of irritation.

Natural alternatives

It is important to note that medical approaches are mainly curative and that except surgery, the other alternatives can only relieve the hemorrhoidal crisis. That said, we must not wait for the problem to take action. You can space and prevent the onset of these seizures by adopting certain rules and a certain diet that will keep your anal area healthy.

In this article, we will focus mainly on the preventive approach, but if the crisis is there, you can always relieve it with natural alternatives that you avoid the use of drugs if that’s what you want. To know all about it, here is the solution you need: the complete guide against hemorrhoids.