What is a hemroid and how to get rid of it


What is a hemroid and how to get rid of it

What is a hemroid :The terms “hemorrhoids” and “piles” are often used interchangeably to indicate a condition of the anal canal, typical appear by bleeding, swelling, and discomfort. The word “hemorrhoids” has a Greek derivation, roughly translated as “likely to leave blood,” whereas the word “pile” probably derives from the Latin for a ball. There has been much speculation over the years as to the nature of “hemorrhoids.” It is now generally accepted that “hemorrhoids” are a disorder of the anal cushions.

what is a hemroid
What is a hemroid and how to get rid of it

A hemorrhoid is nothing more than dilated, spongy veins that can be on the outside of the anus or inside the anus, where they cannot be seen. On the outside, they feel like soft lumps unless a blood clot forms in the piece and it becomes a hard, painful lump. Let’s take a look at the anatomy of the anus and the anatomy of hemorrhoids.

What does hemorrhoid look like

As you learned in What is a hemroid, Hemorrhoids are cushions of the vascular tissue that are normal-sized in most people. The hemorrhoids drain blood away from the anal area, which is considered a highly vascular area. Inside the anal canal are three primary cushions, located in the left lateral anus, the right anterior anus, and the right posterior anus. In a sense, they form a ring.

what is a hemroid
what is a hemroid

These hemorrhoidal cushions do not bother people unless they become damaged or diseased in some way. These cushions technically aren’t arteries, and they are not veins. Instead, they are particular sets of blood vessels known as sinusoids, consisting of smooth muscle, connective tissue, and blood. This collection of blood vessels is called the hemorrhoidal plexus. They are very vascular and bleed a lot when nicked or cut.

The hemorrhoidal plexus is necessary for stool continence. It is believed that these cushions contribute to up to twenty percent of the pressure of anal closure and protect the anal sphincter muscles as stool passes the anus. You get symptoms of hemorrhoids when the hemorrhoidal cushions slide down from their original position and end up partly outside the body. You also get symptoms when the pressure in the venous system of the anus is increased, feeding back that growth in weight to the sinusoids.

The position of hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids: the internal hemorrhoids which arise from the superior hemorrhoidal plexus and the external hemorrhoids from the inferior hemorrhoidal plexus. There is a line called the dentate line that separates the interior from the exterior hemorrhoidal plexuses. (See How Are Hemorrhoids Classified?)

What do hemorrhoids look like

External hemorrhoids form below the junction between mucous membrane and skin. They are usually visible on inspection, and on palpation, they feel like soft masses. They are most evident immediately following defecation or squatting. Associated symptoms depend on upon whether there is thrombosis (clot) in the dilated vein and whether there is inflammation.

what is a hemroid
what is a hemroid

In the absence of thrombosis or inflammation, there may be no symptoms, a sensation of having an object in an anus, or mild itch. If there is thrombosis, there may be sudden pain that is sometimes intense. Swelling has the appearance of dark purple mass. Inflamed external hemorrhoid may be quite tender and painful. (See Treatment for external hemorrhoids)

Internal hemorrhoids from above the junction of mucous membrane and skin. Small internal hemorrhoid may be manifest or asymptomatic only hematochezia (bloody feces). Upon inspection, with an anoscope, it may appear as crimson red little mass. Large internal hemorrhoid may prolapse, especially with defecation, and bleed.(See How to treat internal hemorrhoids)

Prolapsed hemorrhoid may retract spontaneously, with bed rest if necessary, or may require manual manipulation to re-position. If prolapsed internal hemorrhoid does not retract or is not manually re-positioned reasonably promptly, it may swell further from inflow or edema of blood. Blood may clot, or hemorrhoid may necrose; in either case, immediate surgery may become necessary. Combined hemorrhoids may manifest symptoms of both the external and the internal hemorrhoids.(See Prolapsed hemorrhoid)

Symptoms of a hemorrhoid

what is a hemroid
what is a hemroid

The symptoms of hemorrhoids can include rectal pain, protrusion, occasional itching, irritation, burning, and bleeding from the rectal area or bleeding on toilet tissue or in the bathroom bowl.(See Symptoms of hemorrhoids)

There is a significant difference in symptoms when you have internal hemorrhoids compared to having external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are painful and itch more. Blood can clot within external hemorrhoid, resulting in a “thrombosed external hemorrhoid.” This condition is extremely painful, and the lump that was there tends to get bigger and harder to the touch. This type of hemorrhoid can bleed upon straining to pass a stool. (See Thrombosed external hemorrhoid)

How to get rid of it

The treatment of the anal stenosis is divided into conservative and operative methods. The mild stenosis is treated with conservative management with the high-fiber diet, laxatives,
dilatation (manual or device), and steroid suppositories. Patients with no effect through traditional treatments or patients with moderate to severe anal stenosis require appropriate surgical intervention such as angioplasty. (See Home remedies for hemorrhoids)

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