What doctor treats hemorrhoids


What doctor treats hemorrhoids
Pain, bleeding, discomfort, apprehension, feeling of shame … when we suffer from hemorrhoids, our life can literally turn into a nightmare on a daily basis. A nightmare that spares no one, unfortunately, since half of the world’s population has suffered, suffers or will suffer from hemorrhoids during its lifetime. To say that this is one of the pathologies of the century there is only one step. When the harm occurs and the first symptoms appear, the reflex is to turn to a specialist in hemorrhoids. But then, which health professional is best able to respond to this problem? Which specialist to see first?

What doctor treats hemorrhoids
What doctor treats hemorrhoids

Why consult?

First, why consult when one is a victim of the disease? The answer to this question cannot be more logical, not to endanger your health, simply. As we know, it is often difficult to talk about hemorrhoids when they occur. Whether it is to our close entourage, family or friends, or even to a health professional, the question often seems complicated to address given the intimate nature of the area concerned. Still, it’s a big mistake. We have just mentioned it, today in Europe nearly one in two people will experience the appearance of hemorrhoids during his life. So it seems time to stop thinking that you are alone and that the disease is a taboo. Health professionals, subject to professional secrecy and used to treat the pathology, are trusted and qualified people to answer your problem. If you suffer from hemorrhoids do not hesitate to consult, in which case you would aggravate your problem and make it very difficult to treat in the long term. It would be really stupid to find you in the hospital.

When to consult?

What doctor treats hemorrhoids
What doctor treats hemorrhoids

To the question of “When to consult? “There is no surprise, the sooner the better. As with any disease that affects the human body, rapid treatment will make it easier to treat hemorrhoids, prevent their development, and thus save you weeks of pain and discomfort. At the slightest hesitation, the slightest apparent symptom (bleeding from the anus, ball, acute pain in the saddle …), so do not hesitate to make an appointment with a hemorrhoids specialist. And for people who have not had this reflex input rest assured, effective care will be possible provided you do not delay too much in your approach. Remember this principle, the more you will quickly consult a specialist of the question,

Who to consult? Which specialist, which doctor?

Seeing quickly when you are a victim of hemorrhoids will be one of the keys to curing the disease. It remains to be seen which health professional to turn to. As you can see on the infographic at the top of this page, many of them can help you on the path to healing. In order for you to understand the role of everyone and to know which one to consult first, I will now give a brief summary of their responsibilities.

1 The general practitioner

The general practitioner, or attending physician, will be the person you will need to consult on the first symptoms of the disease. Knowing you perfectly, he can easily put you at ease to address the subject and will tell you if you are well or not a hemorrhoidal crisis. Accustomed to diagnose the pathology, which is still commonplace, he will be able to tell you more about the nature of your hemorrhoids (internal or external), and guide you to the approach to be adopted later. If you are currently in doubt about possible hemorrhoids, you know what you have to do.

2 The gastroenterologist

What doctor treats hemorrhoids
What doctor treats hemorrhoids

After having met your doctor, or if you are already aware of having hemorrhoids, you will be able to consult a gastroenterologist. Specializing in diseases of the digestive tract, stomach, and rectum, the latter can clearly identify the nature of your disease, and therefore the simplest way to treat it. Often, the latter will also have the quality of proctologist.

3 The proctologist

The proctologist, precisely, is a gastroenterologist specialized in diseases of the anus and rectum. Surgical operations (sclerosis, infrared photocoagulation, elastic ligations and cryotherapy) on hemorrhoids are performed by the latter. Examination by the proctologist consists of guided interrogation, inspection of the anal margin, digital rectal examination, anoscopy, and rectoscopy. However, do not try to find a proctologist in your directory, a specialty not individualized by the authorities, you will have to turn to the category of gastroenterologists. The proctologist consults especially for colorectal cancer, anal fissure, hemorrhoidal disease and faecal incontinence.

The proctologist is the doctor of choice for hemorrhoids.

4 The phlebologist

Phlebology is a medical discipline that focuses on vein diseases and their treatment. The phlebologist is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of this type of disease. It does not have the role of curing chronic venous diseases but proposes solutions to relieve the patients’ ills, slow the evolution of the disease and avoid complications. He can perform a Doppler ultrasound to locate areas on the venous path where there are dilations, narrowing or stenosis. Most consultations with the phlebologist concern chronic venous insufficiency of the legs and varicose veins but hemorrhoids are an integral part of his job. The angiologist (or angiologist) is a complete specialist because he is interested in diseases of the veins, arteries,

5 The pharmacist

What doctor treats hemorrhoids
What doctor treats hemorrhoids

Finally, the pharmacist will also be able to give you his perspective on the issue, especially regarding the products prescribed by your doctor or those not requiring a prescription. He will be able to direct you on the dosage of the drugs, on their roles on hemorrhoids and of course on the undesirable side effects that may occur during treatment. Not to be underestimated, since it will often be the last health professional consulted before starting your medical treatment.

Caution: Surgical operations are expensive, very painful, and studies show that hemorrhoids usually reappear after 2 or 3 years. If you are looking for a more durable and natural solution, then read on.

Solutions if you do not want to consult

Now that you know more about hemorrhoids specialists, you are able to consult the one who can provide you with a quick and effective solution to treat them. However, be aware that other alternatives are available to you to cure the disease. I will only mention them here since detailed articles exist on this site, but they are always interesting to know, especially if you are in a certain state of emergency.

1 Hem Clear

Hem Clear easy to use and particularly effective for the complete care of hemorrhoids, Hem Clear will be an interesting first alternative to cure the disease. Composed mainly of ingredients of natural origin, they will attack not only the origin of the pathology but also and especially the hemorrhoids in themselves. With components such as horse chestnut or raisin seed, they will also strengthen your veins, and fluidify the blood circulation around the anus. I highly recommend them, as they have already proven themselves in the global market.

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2 Hemapro cream

Finally, if you do not want to see a specialist you can also test Hemapro cream, a real asset to fight against the development of hemorrhoids. It also based on natural ingredients, it will relieve the pain and itching related to the disease, and will fight gently but surely against the development of hemorrhoids. During the period during which I myself experienced painful hemorrhoids, she brought me a lot, especially to fight against the crises of pain. To try also, she really cares.

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3. Hemorrhoid No More 

More focused on hemorrhoids from A to Z,Hemorrhoid No More can help you heal in the long term of your pathology. Through the advice of life, tips, remedies and good habits to adopt, the book will help you to relieve the first pains related to hemorrhoids while putting the odds on your side to avoid their reappearance. A kind of guide in summary, which will be interesting to consult for not doing anything with your health. To have personally read it, I can guarantee you that it will bring you a real plus to fight against these pesky hemorrhoids.

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That’s it, so you all know now specialists to consult when you are suffering from painful hemorrhoids. Whatever your choice and treatment you choose, just remember that ignorance is the only thing that will prevent you from healing, whether you live in Paris, Marseille, Lyon or Lille. This disease, as constraining as it is, now affects almost half of the European population. It is therefore high time to put aside the taboo nature of the thing, and take care of your health. It would be stupid to ruin your life for so little.

Summary of hemorrhoids specialists

Specialist 1 – The general practitioner
Specialist 2 – The gastroenterologist
Specialist 3 – The Proctologist
Specialist 4 – The phlebologist
Specialist 5 – The pharmacist
As a reminder, the proctologist is the doctor of choice for hemorrhoids.

Note: Surgical procedures remain expensive, very painful, and studies show that hemorrhoids usually reappear after 2 or 3 years. If you are looking for a more sustainable and natural solution, I compared for you the best solutions found on the Internet.

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