How to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids


How to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids : Although there is no scientific evidence that says it is true, many victims of hemorrhoids that have used walnut oil demonstrate the effectiveness of this remedy. First, what coconut oil? This is the fat that we receive from the flesh of the coconut. It consists of about 85% saturated fat, and it is also considered one of the most stable cooking oils.

Coconut oil is another effective remedy to use at home to treat hemorrhoids. It contains many nutrients that our body needs to prevent hemorrhoids. It is also a potent antiviral and antimicrobial, and coconut oil is also known for its anti-bacterial properties that permetteront us to treat the inflammation.

How to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids
How to use coconut oil for hemorrhoids

So why coconut oil can be an excellent natural cure for hemorrhoids?
A primary reason is that it contains many nutrients that are great for the body:

  • It contains healthy fat with a high rate and good ratio of HDL / ADL when consumed.
  • This is a complete food with strong antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial.
  • Coconut oil is naturally three source of vegan food. This is because its saturated fat contains one of the highest concentrations (62%) of saturated fat medium chain triglycerides (MCT), a special class of fatty acids. These MCTs behave as carbohydrates in the body, which means that they are more easily digested and absorbed. The body uses these fats into energy rather than storing them as fat.
  • More importantly, the high concentration of saturated medium chain triglycerides in virgin coconut oil consists of about 50% lauric acid, essential fatty acids needed to build and maintain the system immune from our body. Breast milk is the only other source of high concentrations of lauric acid. This natural immune stimulant property helps in the fight against diseases such as hemorrhoids.

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What are the other benefits of coconut oil?

People who consume coconut oil gain these other benefits:

  • It prevents constipation.
  • It helps to reduce excess body weight because it increases the rate of metabolism in the body.
  • It has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It attacks the yeast infections (Candida, candidiasis).
  • It gives energy readily available.
  • It helps fight urinary tract infections.
  • It facilitates digestion.
  • It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
  • It facilitates healing  repairing damaged tissue faster.
  • It helps the thyroid gland in the regulation of metabolism.

How do you apply coconut oil for hemorrhoids?

Coconut oil (virgin is always preferable) is useful as a natural cure for hemorrhoids when applied topically. Apply coconut oil directly into the hemorrhoid area, rinse and repeat. In addition to the symptoms that decrease, hemorrhoids should disappear within a few days.

Before using coconut oil, you first need to ensure that the affected area is clean. Virgin coconut oil is recommended to use. Apply the oil liberally to the affected area at least twice per day. Reapply after defecation. Be sure to inspect the anus all the changes in each bowel movement. Apply regularly until the hemorrhoidal mass disappears. You may notice some decrease after three days.

  1. First of all, clean the affected area, you can also apply witch hazel on a cotton ball to better dry the surface.
  2. Then use a generous amount of coconut oil to completely cover your inflamed hemorrhoids, and swelling on the affected area at least twice a day for at least three days.
  3. Also, each time after the seat (or at least twice per day), reapply the coconut oil to ensure that the area is covered. You should see a significant narrowing (even disappearance) of your hemorrhoids within three days.

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Suppositories for internal hemorrhoids

Direct application of coconut oil from hemorrhoids reduces swelling and relieves. My colleague Rosalee Forest, American herbalist, provides the recipe suppository for hemorrhoids following:

  • 230 ml coconut oil (solid at room temperature);
  • Two tablespoons of marigold flowers;
  • Two tablespoons of plantain leaves;
  • Two tablespoons of comfrey leaves;
  • Two tablespoons of flowering tops of yarrow;

Melt coconut oil over low heat. Once liquid, add the pulverized herbs and stir well.Remove from heat. Once the oil begins to freeze, keep stirring so that the herbs blend well and do not settle to the bottom of the container. Once the oil begins to harden, forming suppositories by hand by rolling on a non-sticky surface. Keep suppositories in the freezer until needed.

Coconut oil may also be consumed orally to prevent constipation and reduce inflammation. It can help repair damaged tissue and also helps in digestion. There are no studies to prove its effectiveness. However, many people who have suffered from hemorrhoids affirmed the effectiveness of the oil in curing their condition. Also, there is no need to worry about side effects because it is made from natural ingredients.

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