Trust nature to cure external hemorrhoids!


Trust nature to cure external hemorrhoids!

Self-medication is very often discouraged for most diseases. When it comes to hemorrhoidal disease, it changes the deal. Moreover, it is very advisable to resort to plants and alternative medicines to avoid as much anti-inflammatory that will only harm your immune system and weaken it. Having said that, we must not follow all the advice we hear and engage in suspicious preparations and ragouts which make us vomit nothing but an odor. Taste is a form of protection and if you do not like what you taste, do not force yourself to take it. You have to learn to listen to your body.

That said, for hemorrhoidal disease, there are two types, internal hemorrhoids, and external hemorrhoids. For internal hemorrhoids, the treatment is a little more complicated. On the other hand, as far as external hemorrhoids are concerned, they can be seen and can be taken care of faster even if they are the most disturbing.

Trust nature to cure external hemorrhoids!
Trust nature to cure external hemorrhoids!

What is an External Hemorrhoid?

An external hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoidal vein that is located around the anus. Indeed, the word hemorrhoid designates those packets that shelter the veins and that form a cushion around the anus. They have an essential role in the sealing of the latter and facilitate the passage of stools. Commonly, when one speaks of hemorrhoids, one evokes especially the hemorrhoidal disease. This disease affects many people but remains unknown because of its location.

Therefore, to say that one suffers from external hemorrhoids is to say that the hemorrhoidal packets that are at the entrance of the anus are swollen and enlarged. This inflammation is accompanied by pain and discomfort when sitting.

Not only that but the symptoms go beyond these few inconveniences. There are also reports of burning, discomfort or even pain during defecation and itching.

The whole body can be put on alert. Inflammation of these veins can give rise to a fever in the body and general asthenia. It is normal when the body spends several hours or even days to fight inflammation; it has the right to be tired.

That said, it is not a malignant disease and can very well be taken care of at home …

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Changing lifestyle … it is all about!

First of all, it is necessary to start by stopping the evolution of the inflammation of external hemorrhoids. To do this, there are certain gestures to be adopted and certain natural methods which do not require much effort:

The water:

Remember, when you have a little Bobo either by bumping or burning, you quickly run it under water or put ice on it. It is not because it concerns the anus that this trick is no longer valid. Water has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is the first thing to do when you have swollen external hemorrhoids. It can also be used as a seated bath. This is by far the best symptomatic treatment when one has hemorrhoids.

The power supply:

It is not because it is external that the interior of the body has nothing to do with it. It is still part of the body! To stop the progression of hemorrhoids and prevent it from becoming complicated, you should forget about spicy foods, fatty foods and bet on the fibers. A paleo diet may be the best food in this case.

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The sport:

No, it is not forbidden, and yes you will feel some embarrassment. This all sports are not all advised in the event of hemorrhoids, especially external ones. Do not engage in combat sports or running. When we talk about sports, we also speak of yoga, swimming … These sports that act in pain but still bring their little grain of salt.

Clothes :

Too bad for you gentlemen, Madame will have to forget her lace underwear and strings. However, that will not be all. For you gentlemen, you should forget the boxers and opt for the “not very glamorous” boxers in cotton. That said, think about your health! You can wear whatever you want when the time comes, but for now, your hemorrhoids will not stand any extra pressure. This is also true for tight jeans.

No anal sex:

Your body already tells you enough about the pain. However, even for those who appreciate the pain from time to time, do not do it. It is not just talking about hurting oneself, but further weakening the wall and having to deal with much bigger problems.

Alcohol, tobacco and exciting … in quarantine:

Stopping tobacco and coffee is necessary. About alcohol, if you can not stop, at least be content with one drink a day.

Trust nature … especially it is planted!

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The Aloe Vera:

This plant with many virtues has been widely used in dermatological care. In fact, many women who have access to this plant use it raw on the face is the hair. It strengthens the skin and regenerates it. It is besides for this property that it constitutes an incredible remedy against the hemorrhoids. You can get her extract and use it as a cleanser or cream directly on the anal area. Also, it has beneficial anti-inflammatory and calming effects of the hemorrhoidal crisis.

It is the star of the baths of siege. Infuse this herb and add it to the bath of seat

Provides much good. It has not only anti-inflammatory properties that act on the long term but also soothing, calming and anesthetic virtues that immediately relieve pain, itching, and burning sensation.

The chamomile:

Everyone knows this medicinal plant that is used extensively in infusions to ease pain, headaches and to soothe the mind a little when stressed. However, did you know that it also has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates blood circulation? When one has hemorrhoids, it can be very beneficial in infusion or also in a bath of the seat. It is used in the same way as witch hazel, infusing it, filtering it and adding it to the bath.

Rosemary :

This herb is mainly used in cooking to give a better taste to dishes. That said, it has antioxidant and softening properties. It can be added to the seating bath or used as an oral infusion. It works in depth to prevent infection and stimulate blood circulation.

Witch Hazel:

It is the star of the baths of siege. Infuse this herb and add it to the bath of seat

Provides much good. It has not only anti-inflammatory properties that act on the long term but also soothing, calming and anesthetic virtues that immediately relieve pain, itching, and burning sensation.


Already it offers a pleasant smell; lavender is mainly used for its soothing attributes. Employed in a bath of the seat, it can bring the good smell of which one is deprived in the case of hemorrhoids because one is no longer allowed to use perfumed soaps (not even those with lavender) and to calm the pains and Itching.

Dried oak bark:

There are many and abundant in the forests. It is a medicinal product used much in creams and lotions in homeotherapy for its vasoconstrictive, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheic, antiseptic virtues … and so on. If you have not yet added it to your siege bath, it is time to do it! Only infuse, filter and add the water obtained to your bath.

The lemongrass:

If you have heard of lemongrass, it was probably during a mosquito bite where someone told you to put on essential lemongrass oil. Moreover, for a good reason! It reduces inflammation and helps to regenerate the skin. It is for this reason that you can use this oil directly on hemorrhoids or in a bath of the seats like the witch hazel or the bark of oak.

The good thing with these herbs is that you can combine them very well without being afraid of interactions as with medications. You can, if you have the opportunity, put everything in your seat bath and combine the effects.

Dare the creams … however, that remains natural!

The anti-hemorrhoid creams are not all worth. Indeed, there are certain creams that are 100% natural. Do not be fooled by their pharmaceutical packaging the list of ingredients that you do not understand and you can not pronounce the name correctly.

One of these miracle creams is the Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment! Besides all these herbs that I quoted above are found in and more …

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