Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby


Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby: Already having hemorrhoids is not obvious to an adult, seeing this disease in her child is all the more difficult. It is a test not only challenging for the baby in question but for the parents even more. Even seeing her child suffer and not being able to do anything to relieve her is the worst thing that can happen to a mother or a father. However, do not despair and just follow these tips to be able to pass that course and get rid of it once and for all.

Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby
Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby

Hemorrhoids in Babies, What Causes It?

In both children and adults, the hemorrhoidal crisis results from an increase in pressure on the anus. This pressure can not be the result of tight clothing or overweight like the big ones since the babies wear what they are put and do not walk. Nor can it be because of the consumption of alcohol or tobacco. It is very unlikely that this is due to bad food even though some parents give anything to their children. However, if we talk about infants or even babies, outside food has nothing to do with, or at least apparently.

There is only one cause left, constipation. Although kids feed mainly on breast milk or formula, constipation is quite common in these small pieces of cabbage. Where does this constipation come from?

Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby
Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby

For infants who only eat breast milk, it is because of the mother’s diet. Indeed, what the mother eats passes to the baby. Also, if the mother does not drink enough water, her milk will be less fluid, and the baby will not get enough water. However, if the child has already passed to the solids, it is that it is missing undoubtedly of fibers and especially of hydration. A child does not understand that he needs to drink water, so he must be given water.

Another suspect, and not the least, is iron. What is surprising is that this iron which is the main suspect of constipation in babies is found in large quantities in breast milk and formula. This does not mean that you should stop breastfeeding your child or give it baby formula. He needs it to survive.

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How to Recognize Hemorrhoids in a Baby?

The problem with kids is that they do not speak and therefore have no way of telling you what is happening to them apart from crying. Moreover, when a baby fed and clean tears, parents quickly lose patience because they do not understand what is going on to them.

Detecting hemorrhoids in a baby is very easy. It is sufficient to examine it at each change of layer. When you know that a child requires 4 to 6 diaper changes a day, the task is quite easy.

The problem is that we never dream of having a baby develop these kinds of problems. Moreover, this is not entirely false since it is rare that a child develops hemorrhoids. Indeed, a hemorrhoidal crisis occurs especially towards adolescence or at 40 to 50 years.

Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby
Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby

Most of the parents only discover hemorrhoids in their babies by seeing blood in the diaper or the stool. They quickly give in to panic and believe in something far more severe. It is not incurable.

What you need to know is that a baby that has hemorrhoids is a baby that has to itch and is suffering. So it is a baby crying and having irritated buttocks. You have to pay attention to small details with these little creatures.

How to manage hemorrhoids in a baby?

To control hemorrhoids in a child, it is necessary to proceed on three strands:

Parents, do not be afraid!

The most important are to manage your stress. Do not panic and take the baby to the nearest pediatrician at night, during a weekend. It is not an emergency, and it is enough to adopt the right gestures while remaining calm. So, the first thing to do is lay your baby, drink a large glass of tea and manage your fear. Children are very sensitive to the mood of the parents, and your fear or stress will affect them. Try to calm your child when you are not, and all your attempts will be crowned with failure.

Only say that even if it is rare, it is not incurable. You are not alone in this ordeal and even if you do not have anyone by your side to talk about it, find support on the internet. Look for self-help forums between parents and ask for advice from those who have already undergone this test.

Parents, reassure your baby!

You regained your composure; now it is time to encourage your child. It hurts, it itches, and he does not understand what happens to him. You must take him in your arms and reassure him. Showing him that mom or dad are there is the first gesture to do to your child.

Parents, treat your baby!

Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby
Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby

Finally, treat your child. Do not let him suffer while waiting for the pediatrician. To treat it, it is necessary to relieve the pain and to eliminate the itching. If you remove both of these symptoms and your baby has a full stomach, he will sleep until … the next feeding bottle!

How to treat hemorrhoids in a baby?

To handle a baby who has a hemorrhoid crisis, you must resort to natural methods to relieve the symptoms, the medicines alone will not suffice to treat it.

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Treat the symptoms!

To relieve your baby, there are creams to use for itching and pain but more importantly, the baths of seats!

Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby
Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby

A seat bath for a baby is a little different from that in the adult. It is not enough to put lukewarm water in a basin and sit on it. A child does not know how to sit quietly in a bowl. The best technique is to fill her bath with warm water and put your baby in it as if to give her a bath. Avoid any shampoo and let it enjoy clear water. You can gently massage the area while being careful not to exert pressure that will hurt. Give him seat baths several times a day to relieve it especially before the diaper change.

You can also apply ice on it. However, children are less tolerant of cold weather. So do not exceed a few minutes and wrap the ice of a cotton cloth and very soft. Do this before the siege bath, and it will get him good.

Some moms talk about applying cornstarch to the area. This natural product relieves the itching. Try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is a natural product, and if it does not do well, it will not hurt.

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It is not because you have managed to relieve your baby that the pediatrician becomes useless. It is necessary to consult because it goes very quickly for the children. A complication can quickly occur. The pediatrician will prescribe a cream and medication to give to your child. He is the only person able to give you the doses to administer.

Treat the Cause!

Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby
Treating Hemorrhoids in a Baby

If you have already remedied the symptoms, you must treat the cause so that it does not return. The primary objective being constipation, we must fight. For a baby eating solids, it is enough to increase the fiber intake and give it more water. For a baby who still feeds on the breast, he should be given bottles with water. This will facilitate transit and make your stools softer and less irritating.

Also be aware that a baby must exercise. If he walks, let him do it more often. If he is still nailed to bed, he must be moved. Just play with him by moving his feet every time he is awakened.

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So: Fibers, Hydration, and Exercise!

  • Avoid aggravating the symptoms!
  • Keep your baby clean and dry.
  • Use non-perfumed, alcohol-free wipes.
  • Avoid dry toilet paper on the affected area.

If you follow these three tips and those that precede them, you will have no more problems!

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