How to treat an anal fissure without surgery


How to treat an anal fissure without surgery

To go to the toilet when one to an anal fissure becomes a veritable calvary despite adapted measures like a diet high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, etc … 6 to 8 hours after the saddle, one always feels a constant pain. The recommendations of doctors are often the same: drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, little fat and apply the classic ointments, many of which contain corticosteroids … However, if all this has no effect, We explain here how to cure an anal fissure without going through surgery.

How to treat an anal fissure without surgery
How to treat an anal fissure without surgery

Instructions :

1. The anal fissure does not heal with certain ointments such as blastoestimulin or phlebogram because of the acids contained in the stools. These acids should be diluted as much as possible and, if possible, disposed of before applying any creams. If you use the first cream, you will only experience pain and burns. In this article, we explain how to do it.

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2. When you start to want to go to the bathroom, take a shower and unscrew leaving only the tip of the pipe. Put this end near your anus, pressing it on the orifice without making it enter. Here is the first step to curing the anal fissure.

3. Set the hot water with the appropriate pressure (neither too loud nor too low so that the water can enter) and let the water come a few seconds until you feel that you must go to the toilet. Resist a bit and sit in the bathroom. The water will get out, carrying with it the stools. You will not feel pain, or at least you will not feel the burns you experienced before using this method. Repeat the operation several times until the water comes out more or less clean.

4. There is nothing to fear since water is a natural element, it does not cause damage or irritation provided the pressure and temperature are not excessive. Also, hot water is excellent for your intestines.

5. Once the operation has been repeated several times ( generally three times minimum) and when most stools have been expelled, and the water is almost clean … then, and only then, you can apply the ointment.

6. We recommend cream like phlebogram, without corticosteroids, and which acts as a local anesthetic based on benzocaine and an anti-inflammatory based on ephedrine.

7. Before applying the ointment, put a little gel a 99% pure aloe vera bought in the pharmacy in the canula allowing the application of the cream. In addition to acting as a lubricant so that the cannula enters painlessly, the properties of aloe vera will also benefit the crack.

8. Once a little ointment applied with a little aloe vera, remove the cannula.When used this method without doing any pre-washing, pain and burning are felt for several hours after application, but thanks to the enema these genes disappear.

9. After about a week to do this method, the stool should return to normal. Of course, you must continue to pay attention to your diet … Several liters of water a day, lots of fruits and lots of vegetables.

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