The best foods for against hemorrhoids


The best foods for hemorrhoids: It is well known since ancient times that our food is our first medicine. Having proper nutrition can help prevent many diseases such as hemorrhoidal attacks and also to keep our health and wellbeing.

The best foods for hemorrhoids

You will find in this article the best foods for hemorrhoids that are most appropriate for those suffering from hemorrhoidal disease, as well as foods that should be avoided.

The best foods for hemorrhoids
The best foods for hemorrhoids

The drug against hemorrhoids .. is on your plate!

Obviously, healthy eating rules can help prevent and cure hemorrhoids, but the question now is: it is the best diet? Moreover, what to eat to heal?

  1. More fruits and vegetables on your plate: It should be noted that fresh fruit and vegetables, especially fresh or undercooked foods and miracles are of enormous importance for health. These are very effective preventive tools against hemorrhoids because they contain lots of fiber and vitamins. Thus, fruits and vegetables are considered natural laxatives that aid digestion and promote good intestinal transit. Although these foods are not always desired, they must always be present in our daily diet so we can enjoy their many benefits. Here is a list of the best fruits and vegetables that contain more dietary fiber.

The vegetables:

  • onion
  • Artichoke
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Turnip
  • Spinach
  • Potato
  • The peas
  • The carrot
  • Sweet potatoes

The fruits:

  • The tomato
  • The FIG
  • Apricot (mostly dry)
  • Apple
  • The strawberry
  • The plum
  • Quince

Similarly, starchy foods such as rice, lentils, but … and cereals such as wheat, oats, and rye or nuts like walnuts (but watch almond) contain lots of fiber. These foods are so highly recommended in the case of external hemorrhoids or internal. Then make sure that the amount of fiber in your daily diet varies between 25 and 30 g as recommended by nutritionists.

Note: Note that a high fiber diet should be adopted with a regular way as a sudden change in diet can cause constipation as well as abdominal cramps.

2. Herbal teas: Tens of medicinal plants can be included in our diet to help you fight against hemorrhoids. These plants can be used as laxative teas to aid digestion and intestinal transit. One can cite the example of verbena, thyme, fennel, witch hazel, cypress, or chestnut. All these types of plants can be used as a tea by infusing them merely in a glass of warm water. This magical drink can help prevent constipation because laxative well known of these medicinal plants. Not only that but these are also endowed with soothing, analgesic, sedative, anti-inflammatory and regenerative allowing them to replace the drugs you buy to calm the bothersome symptoms of hemorrhoids.

3. Plenty of fluids: What you absolutely must know if you want to cure your hemorrhoids is that adequate and sufficient hydration of your body is essential for the body you need to take to heal. The drinking sufficient amount of water between 1.5 and 2 liters of water promotes hydration of the stool and increases their volume. Therefore, you will not have problems with constipation, and eventually, it becomes unlikely to have hemorrhoids. However, some liquids are not tolerated hemorrhoids such as alcoholic drinks, coffee, and carbonated beverages. It will be better to opt for clean water and fresh juices.

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What are the foods to avoid?

  1. Very salty foods: This type of food is not suitable for people with hemorrhoids because salt can retain fluid in the circulatory system, so you will not be well protected against constipation.
  2. Foods that can cause illness: We can give you the example of bananas, coffee, chocolate, red wine, cocoa, red meat, and almonds.
  3. Fat: It is known that fatty foods (especially saturated fat) can cause blockages of veins and that is why they are not recommended.
  4. Spicy dishes: As you know, the spicy food we eat create a burning sensation in the rectum during bowel movements. This may worsen the situation if you suffer from hemorrhoids. Therefore, so try to reduce the consumption of red pepper, mustard, and pepper.
  5. Exciting: In addition to their constipating effect, stimulants such as coffee and black tea can also irritate the digestive mucosa and anus at the time of the release of stool.

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