Squatty potty reviews: the solution for constipation and hemorrhoids


Squatty potty reviews: the solution for constipation and hemorrhoids : With the walking foot Squatty Potty you will squatting on the toilet, recommended for overcoming constipation, maintain perineum and relieve the hemorrhoidal crisis.

Squatty potty reviews: the solution for constipation and hemorrhoids
Squatty potty reviews: the solution for constipation and hemorrhoids

The squatty potty is a kind of tool is used to crouch. Because in a squatting position, a position adopted by our ancestors. The manufacturer proves it with what is eliminated by sitting and what is eliminated squatting!

Squatty Potty, this stool (or footrest) allows for the ideal position on the toilet, recommended by doctors, and so naturally solve transient problems with constipation or chronic constipation.

Constipation affects millions of people but even more pregnant women, or just after pregnancy, people with colon and digestive problems.

Squatty Potty prevents and relieves also:

  • the weakening or lack of tone of the perineum,
  • the problems associated with prolapse
  • the hemorrhoids.

The foot march Squatty Potty: how it works?

When we sit on the toilet, the body forms a 90-degree angle. The sitting position makes elimination difficult and incomplete since the angle anorectal forms a bend.
Which causes:

  • pressure on the rectum,
  • blocks feces,
  • makes difficult the transition to the saddle.
  • Squatty potty reviews

The footstool also preserves the perineum and can relieve a crisis hemorrhoids.

The target point is that the Squatty Potty:

1. Fight against constipation
2. The end of hemorrhoids
3. Prevent colon disease
4. actually treat pelvic floor problems
5. Substantially facilitate bowel movement

Know that the Squatty Potty is light in weight. It is small and can be hidden when not in use. Those who use this find to go to the bathroom is a process much more enjoyable!

Squatty potty reviews: Use Squatty Potty for the ideal position:

Place your feet on the stool Squatty Potty; your legs are slightly raised and separated. Thus, the position is squatting, and the torso and the legs form a 35-degree angle.

Thanks to this post, the anorectal angle right then, without the elbow, the puborectal sphincter muscles and are totally relaxed and bowel movement is easier.

• correctly aligns the colon,
• reduces straining during bowel movements,
• reduced fecal accumulation in the colon,
• decreases pressure in the veins of the anus and rectum,
• reduces pressure on the perineum.

Squatty potty reviews
Squatty potty reviews

Squatty potty reviews: Effective treatment of constipation:

The Squatty Potty is a simple, natural and efficient against constipation.

With this new way of sitting on the toilet, no more laxatives, miraculous drinks, you will not spend hours on the toilet, your puborectal muscles are completely relaxed, relaxed and relieved preserved and your perineum.

Squatty potty reviews
Squatty potty reviews

Squatty potty reviews: Recommended in cases of prolapse, incontinence, pelvic floor weakening, and hemorrhoids.

The pelvic floor disorders affect thousands of women and men.

The perineum connects the pubis to the sacrum and pelvic bones.Also called pelvic floor, it ensures the maintenance of organs: bladder, uterus and bowel and the functioning of the urethra, vagina, and anus.

The perineum is regularly asked during simple daily efforts: port charges, sneezing, coughing, physical exertion, sports, etc. When passing a bowel movement, the efforts performed for bowel movements exert additional pressure on the perineum.

That is why in the case of incontinence, of prolapse (or prolapse ) of weakened pelvic floor or hemorrhoids, use of walking foot Squatty Potty is particularly indicated for the squatting position allows evacuation of the stool easy while preserving the pelvic floor muscles.

Of medical studies were conducted in the United States by doctors, the midwives, and physiotherapists and have proven the natural efficiency of the Squatty Potty.

How to use the Squatty Potty:

A natural squatting position:
• Place your feet on each side of the foot march.
• Your legs are elevated; your knees are above the hips.
• Your feet slightly apart.
• Gently place your abdomen between your legs.
• Lean slightly forward without slouching and let it do the work!

Squatty potty reviews
Squatty potty reviews

How to choose the size of the Squatty Potty?

The Squatty Potty comes in two different sizes, according to two criteria:

The height of the toilet and flexibility

Take the measure of your toilet, between the ground and the top of the bare bowl abb attent statement:

Squatty Potty 7 “/ 18 cm :

• for variants measures between 35.5 and 38 cm
• For people with knee problems or missing flexibility.
• For people taller than 1.85 m

Squatty Potty 9 “/ 23 cm height:

• For variants measures between 39 and 43 cm, covenants to most, if no particular physical problem.

Squatty Potty is discreet, after use, you slide them under any toilet.

Squatty potty reviews: Technical information

• Excellent price/quality ratio
• Solid: it is very resistant plastic and supports up to 150 Kg
• Used by all family members
• Maintenance, cleaning and disinfection easy and optimal for perfect hygiene
• Anatomical and ergonomic: it allows a perfect posture for bowel movements, and so finished constipation.


For those who have problems emptying their saddle, and constipation problems may become painful, the Squatty Potty will make you an object that the process of going to the toilet a lot easier and more enjoyable.

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