Remedy for constipation


Remedy for constipation
The constipation is a disorder that affects every day more and more people. Statistics indicate that occasional constipation affects more than 90% of individuals and chronic constipation affects between 15% and 20% of the western population.

Faced with this, it is necessary to know the remedies that will prevent and cure this type of problem. It is often enough only to change some eating habits and daily practices to regain a harmonious intestinal transit.

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Remedy for constipation
Remedy for constipation

A healthy diet

Constipation is primarily due to poor diet. There are several foods against constipation that make it possible to rebalance intestinal transit. The high fiber foods are one of the essential elements to prevent constipation. The fibers make it possible to soften the stools, the soluble fibers, in particular, absorb the water which circulates in the digestive tract, which makes it possible to hydrate the stools and consequently to improve the intestinal transit. There are many high-fiber foods, including dry fruits, some fresh fruits, whole grains, and legumes.

Other foods, however, interfere with intestinal transit. Fat and strong spicy foods should be avoided as much as possible.

Thinking about hydration

Constipation consists of slowed intestinal transit, the most prominent symptom of which is the presence of hard stools. Proper hydration is essential to restore intestinal transit and soften stools. So drink plenty of water, at least one liter a day. Fruit juices and herbal teas are also an excellent source of hydration. Alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks should be avoided, as these may dehydrate and cause irritation.

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Listen to your body

It is important to hear to your needs and to go to stool when you feel the need. It is therefore absolutely not necessary to hold back and take his time to go to the toilet. It is advised to go twice a day at a fixed time, about one hour after meals. The body must, in fact, get used to a regular rhythm that will promote a harmonious transit.

The position is also important. It has thus been shown that the toilets of Western societies do not favor the elimination of stools, it is much more natural to use the “Turkish” position, that is to say, the crouched position.

Play sports

Lastly, a last fundamental remedy against constipation is the regular practice of physical exercise. Indeed, the sport makes it possible to activate the intestinal transit. Being often lying or inactive strongly favors the development of intestinal disorders. It is, therefore, necessary to practice physical activity on a daily basis, whether walking, cycling or any other activity. In addition to facilitating intestinal transit, playing sports improves overall health and is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

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