Operation hemorrhoids: often a terrible idea


Operation hemorrhoids: often a terrible idea

The hemorrhoid surgery is the most radical solution proposed by traditional medicine to permanently eliminate the crises. Although sometimes necessary in extreme cases, when no other method has any effect, this solution should be considered as a last resort.

Indeed, this surgical procedure presents risks and a success that is not always the rendezvous …

Operation hemorrhoids: often a terrible idea
Operation hemorrhoids: often a terrible idea

Healing hemorrhoids: what doctors forget to tell you

I must admit that I am quite angry with the Medical Corps and traditional medicine in general. Although I have taken a step back from these sad years of hemorrhoids and now prefer to concentrate on helping those who are suffering, I think that doctors do not fulfill their role.

I am talking here about the advisory role he should have with their patients. Because when it comes to treating hemorrhoid, doctors persist in offering solutions that are mostly ineffective and unsuitable.

Healing hemorrhoid: it should not be so complicated!

As can be seen in this article on hemorrhoids treatment, traditional medicine has only two solutions to help people who suffer from seizures.

Who treats hemorrhoids
Who treats hemorrhoids

The first is to prescribe gels, ointments or anti-hemorrhoid creams, as well as chemical medications. Although these may eventually relieve patients in the short term, they are by no means a definitive treatment. In other words, almost impossible to remove hemorrhoids only with an ointment … This first solution is therefore INEFFICIENT.

The second, in contrast, is to provide surgery to operate. Yes, we are talking about a surgical operation to get rid of hemorrhoids! An intervention that, of course, is not without risk and is particularly expensive … This second solution is therefore unfit, except when it is the last solution for people with attacks at a very advanced stage.

Operation hemorrhoids: to be considered only as a last resort

The treatment of hemorrhoids has globally three solutions. The first two are usually recommended in traditional medicine. The 3rd, a natural alternative and without pain, is unfortunately not prescribed by doctors ( or by a tiny number only … ).

“It is really important to think carefully before considering surgery.

If one is interested only in traditional medicine, unfortunately, one goes from one extreme to the other. On the one hand, anti-hemorrhoid creams and ointments are a short-term relief solution that does not cure. On the other hand, the surgical procedure promises a total suppression of hemorrhoids, but the price to pay is strong, at the level of the pains as at the financial level.

It is therefore very important to think carefully before considering surgery. Because in addition to the financial cost, the operation is heavy and not harmless for health.

A heavy surgical operation

Who treats hemorrhoids
Who treats hemorrhoids

It is enough to consult a large number of testimonials online to find that a surgical intervention at the hemorrhoids level is not to be taken lightly.
“Surgery for hemorrhoids is not to be taken lightly

Of course, most operations end well, but the recovery time for this type of intervention is often long. This is especially true since you rarely have hemorrhoids at the age of 20. At a later age, the body, therefore, takes longer to recover.

Doctors know the natural treatment

Between these two solutions ( chemical or surgical ), however, there is a treatment that has been proven.

Better yet, this treatment uses natural foods ( the homeopathy applied to hemorrhoids should not please the doctors … ), is painless and can be offered at an extremely affordable price!

That’s why I’m angry at doctors. They know all that but continue to prescribe ointments or even consider surgical operations when this is not necessary.

So as not to make this mistake, I advise you to be interested in this type of treatment, like the one I recommend Hemorrhoid No More! ” A simple and safe method to cure hemorrhoids in 48 hours “. The success rates are extremely high.

Try a natural treatment before you have surgery!

Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids
Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids

It is certain, the operation is sometimes the last solution. I do not formally advise against this intervention, because again, it ends well in the majority of cases. On the other hand, think twice if you have to go directly from ointments to surgery … There is an intermediate treatment that often avoids the passage through the clinic or hospital!

This method is the one that allowed me to cure my hemorrhoids. It is a natural, pain-free treatment with a success rate greater than 92 %. In other words, 92% of people eliminate or significantly reduce the size of their hemorrhoids.

As a personal matter, my hemorrhoids had disappeared after 30 days or about 4 weeks.

I advise you to discover this treatment. I explain its advantages and how to get it on this page.

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