5 Methods To Reduce Hemorrhoids


5 Methods To Reduce Hemorrhoids
Any patient suffering from hemorrhoids wonders anxiously how to get rid of this problem. The internal hemorrhoids are harder to control when they persist and generate projections or prolapse outside the anus. Conversely, external hemorrhoids can cause thrombosis when the vein bursts or forms a blood clot. Although these disorders are usually mild, they cause severe pain. So here are five methods to help you reduce hemorrhoids.

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5 Methods To Reduce Hemorrhoids
5 Methods To Reduce Hemorrhoids

Method 1: Sleep

Many things happen in the body when you sleep. First, the heart rate decreases to about 20 beats per minute. The resulting decrease in blood pressure results in a reduction in pressure at the affected veins and therefore a reduction in pain. Sleeping is a process that promotes cellular repair. Sleeping on the side will also reduce the pressure exerted on veins in the pelvic region. Placing cushions between the legs finally help to prevent the affected areas from touching each other.

Method 2: Cider vinegar

There are many herbal remedies. They have varying degrees of effectiveness. One of these remedies is the use of cider vinegar diluted in water. This is to soak cotton in the vinegar solution and dab it on the affected areas. Many patients report a significant decrease in the size of hemorrhoids after seven days of using this remedy. Another herbal remedy is the use of rescue. A third useful option for treating hemorrhoids is the use of witch hazel. The leaves should be infused in boiling water and then applied several times a day to the affected areas. Finally, Aloe Vera contains components that reduce swelling without the use of chemicals.

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Method 3: NSAID analgesics

Since hemorrhoids are caused by vein inflammation, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil or Naproxen may be helpful. These drugs are commonly referred to as NSAIDs, i.e., Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. They are found in the majority of pharmacies. Always take precautions before taking any medication; So read the leaflet and talk to a doctor.

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Method 4: Creams and Ointments

There are many lotions and creams that contain hydrocortisone that is likely to promote the reduction of hemorrhoids. These are usually available without a prescription. Note, however, that excessive use can make the skin thinner, more sensitive and possibly cause bleeding. That is why I advise you the natural methods above all.

Method 5: Injection of sclerosing drugs

Injection treatment is called sclerotherapy. It is effective for internal 1st and 2nd-degree hemorrhoids. The components are therefore injected into the hemorrhoidal veins which have the effect of drying them and therefore reducing them. Some specialists consider this method to be the best way to reduce small hemorrhoids.

Learning to decrease hemorrhoids involves commitment but is not that difficult. The elimination of hemorrhoids depends on their location, grade, and number. It is important to mention that common sense helps a lot. It is important to avoid activities that irritate the rectal and anal area – such as anal sex, sitting for long periods, or wearing tight-fitting underwear. Simple changes in habits prevent the reappearance of hemorrhoids.

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