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Christine Dingle
Hello, my name is Christine Dingle, I am 38 years old. I decided to create this blog after noticing that many people suffer from hemorrhoids. Like them, I suffered, for eleven long years of excruciating pain. Faced with this pain, the majority uses the doctor begins endless treatments are often ineffective, even undergoing operations. In this blog, I will not only tell you about my painful experience with this disease, but I will also show you the path that I took and that led me to heal. If you, too, you suffer from hemorrhoids, as I have suffered, do not worry, take my advice and you will get rid of it once and for all.


When one suffers from an illness when one falls ill, one seeks initially to relieve and to heal but rarely to understand. This is so that in the 21 the century, we see that more and more people make the mistake of not going deep within themselves.

Indeed, the majority of people seek immediate relief by taking painkillers, anti-inflammatories or any other fast-acting drugs. By doing so, they erase the symptoms that are so essential to well-being and physical and emotional health.

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Let us approach the delicate subject of hemorrhoids. Those who suffer from it chronic or acute usually have this type of problems because they are constipated or solely because the pregnant woman suffers these small inconveniences by the involuntary pushes of the baby.

However, did you know that even for hemorrhoids, it can hide something deep within you?

Apparently understanding the evils from a spiritual point of view is not easy and it is sometimes necessary to dig deeply to analyze a medical problem. Nevertheless, it is still worth taking into account certain elements which, perhaps, will be the answer to many of your problems.

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In the book of Jacques Martel, great holistic therapist, he explains to us the following things when talking about hemorrhoids:

When there is pain, it is linked to stress

When there is bleeding, it is commonly related to loss of joy.
However, let us analyze things deeper together. A problem with hemorrhoids often reminds us of a relational difficulty with the mother. In fact, this great need, that maternal attachment which urges us to need her regularly, her opinion, her opinion, and that all distance brings out a feeling of profound abandonment. Hemorrhoids indicate a tension and an inner desire to force elimination.

In a way, we try to evacuate something, but at the same time, we also try to remember. A great conflict is created in us: push and hold. It is then this struggle that will cause a profound imbalance in us. We note that very often internal conflicts lead to physical illnesses, and it is in taking care of the underlying cause that the evil will go in its turn.

Note also that hemorrhoidal attacks can also occur as a result of an intense sense of guilt or an old, sick or unexpressed tension directed at someone or something that causes us anger or painful emotion.

Our bodies express themselves through methods that we have difficulty decoding. Taking time for oneself and listening to oneself would already be the first step towards healing. Of course, this is not easy or obvious because we are not programmed for that, we have not grown up with such a manual, and we do not know how to listen to us. Nevertheless, it is sometimes enough to stop for a second, to ask yourself and to listen deeply to oneself what are the messages that your body has to transmit to you.

To this day, in our society, we no longer take the time for us because we are oriented “business and materialism” with this increased need to make money. However, at the same time, coaches in personal development and wellness therapists flock to offer us a small approach to the self, absorbing to grow and develop personally.

It is by planning a new way of life, by putting in place a new lifestyle and a new daily routine, and above all, by surrounding ourselves with the right people, we can succeed in listening and decoding our Malaise and our illnesses.

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