How to Treat Internal Hemorrhoids Quickly – 7 Simple Techniques


How to Treat Internal Hemorrhoids Quickly – 7 Simple Techniques
If you have ever had hemorrhoids, then you have probably already been told that there are only two ways to manage it, depending on the severity of the hemorrhoid surge: either the drugs or the surgery. However, if like me, you prefer to handle medicines as a last resort, and you have cold sweats just by thinking of going into an operating room, then you are probably looking for natural ways to relieve and treat, Quickly and efficiently your hemorrhoidal attacks.

How to Treat Internal Hemorrhoids Quickly - 7 Simple Techniques
How to Treat Internal Hemorrhoids Quickly – 7 Simple Techniques

An excellent treatment for internal hemorrhoids is a treatment that heals the cause, in other words, which directly addresses the cause of the problem. As you probably already know, hemorrhoids can be due to various reasons, including excess weight, pregnancy, and dehydration, and these are the causes that need to be treated.

Therefore, the best answer to the question “how to cure internal hemorrhoids quickly” would be “by eliminating the triggers of this disorder.” However, once the crisis has started, you should not give up; you can always take care of yourself by continuing to use natural remedies. Below is a list of some recommendations on how to cure internal hemorrhoids or avoid their main causes. Following these tips will allow you to regain control over your health and get rid of hemorrhoids in no time!

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Treat Internal Hemorrhoids with Molene

Molene, whose scientific name is Verbascum, has been used for a very long time. You may have heard of it for its benefits on the respiratory system. However, its effects do not stop there. Indeed, it is a plant widely used in the treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids. So if you are tired of looking for solutions to cure hemorrhoids quickly, why not try this herbal treatment? As has been said, the key to the healing of the skin and blood vessels in the anal region is the treatment of the causes of the problem, and that is exactly what Molene does.

This plant has remarkable astringent properties, which avoids bleeding associated with hemorrhoids and allows for tightening blood vessels and thus restoring normal blood flow. Therefore. The circulation is improved and the risk of swelling of the blood vessels decreased.
The Molene contains a significant amount of tannin which strengthens the blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

Mullein can be used in three ways to treat hemorrhoids:

You can moisten the leaves, crush them and place them on the infected area.
You can deceive the leaves in warm water, crush them into a paste and add water or oil and then put them, still hot, on the area to be treated and cover them with a clean cloth. Once it is dry, you can wash the treated area; you can repeat this procedure up to three times a day.
Finally, to get the best results, you can boil the plant for 10 minutes and use a cotton swab soaked in this mixture to wash damaged area. This should be repeated daily until the symptoms disappear.

Get rid of hemorrhoids quickly by avoiding toilet paper

overridingAlthouindispensablegh toilet paper is essential and necessary for good hygiene; it is nonetheless advisable not in the case of hemorrhoidal thrust, or even outside these flare-ups. Indeed, the toilet paper you buy at the supermarket is both dry and rough, which makes it irritating to the skin, especially skin sensitive areas like the anus. It would, therefore, be best to avoid it as much as possible. For that, you can turn to washing with water, although this is not always possible.

Another simple and effective solution to avoid the regular toilet paper and soothe as much as possible the hemorrhoids would be to replace it with baby wipes, preferably without fragrance or alcohol, to prevent the problem from getting worse. These wipes are much milder than regular paper, and they do not contain any harmful chemical components. The risk of damage to the blood vessels and the skin is therefore significantly reduced.

However, be careful not to exert too much pressure when wiping and avoid rubbing the affected area too hard, because if you suffer from internal hemorrhoids, excessive inflammation of the blood vessels and skin that Around the anus can lead to inflammation of the inner tissues and swelling of the veins. This, of course, increases the risk that internal hemorrhoids create protrusions outside the anus, which is all the more painful. Protruding hemorrhoids are associated with more intense and disturbing symptoms; It is, therefore, better to take all necessary precautions.

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Treat internal hemorrhoids by decreasing time spent on the toilet

First and foremost, try to reduce time spent in the bathroom. Being sitting for an extended period creates unnecessary pressure on the rectal area, and therefore on the veins inside and around the anus. This significantly increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids; So if you are trying to get rid of hemorrhoids and avoid their reappearance, pay attention to this aspect. No more taking your phone, tablet or computer with you to the toilet and forget in there until your thighs hurt or the battery is empty!

Also be careful to maintain a correct position when you are in the bathroom so that the stool circulates in the intestines and the anal canal without forcing. If you force the expulsion of the stool, this increases the pressure on the small blood vessels inside the rectum, which increases the possibilities of developing hemorrhoids.

According to a scientific study, the best position for “doing one’s needs” would be the “natural position,” in other words, the crouching position, or the position of the Turkish toilet. Well, we do not have a Turkish toilet in our houses, so put yourself in your bathroom with a small stool to raise your legs and lean a little forward so that the angle between your torso and Your knees will be 35 °. This is the optimum position to reduce stress in the stool, reduce pressure on the perineum, decrease pressure in the veins of the anus and rectum and prevent hemorrhoids problems.

For the question of time, it is advised not to spend more than 10 minutes on the throne, because beyond, the muscles lifting the anus get tired and relax, sliding the anal canal down and tearing the suspensory ligaments Internal hemorrhoids over the years that will come out and force you to go towards the surgical approach.

Get Rid of Hemorrhoids With Yarrow Tea

Internal hemorrhoids can also be diminished and the pain reduced with the yarrow tea. This natural remedy makes it possible to treat the cause of the problem; the effects are therefore visible rather quickly.

It is a plant that could be described as “miraculous” because it can not only relieve a hemorrhoidal crisis, but it also plays a defensive role.

The preparation is simple, but it differs from case to case. If you want to drink tea, just infuse 10 to 20 grams of the plant in 50 cl of boiling water for about 10 minutes, then drink it warm to heat because, on cooling, the preparation blackens and loses its aroma. If you want to apply it as an external treatment, infuse the tea with millefeuille and then let it macerate for 30 to 60 minutes according to the desired intensity and the degree of your hemorrhoids, then, as soon as the drink is prepared, and It is ready to be used, you can use it to clean the skin around the anal canal and introduce a piece of cotton soaked in the preparation into the rectum.

In external use, this tea will accelerate the recovery of damaged blood vessels and irritated skin, promoting shrinking and decreased swelling of the veins, the pain will also be alleviated.

However, it is the regular consumption of this tea that will confer its preventive properties by improving digestion, preventing constipation and softening stool. It also helps you to lose weight (which is a risk factor for hemorrhoids). So add this tea to your daily diet if you are looking for a natural cure for hemorrhoids, with a guaranteed effect over the long term.

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Treat Internal Hemorrhoids Through Abdominal Exercises

We can not repeat it enough; sport is good for health. It helps you lose weight, strengthens your body, feels good about yourself, decreases stress, improves breathing …

However, what you may not know is that even though it is not a specific treatment for hemorrhoids, abdominal exercises are an excellent stimulus for peristaltic movements and thus help to avoid stagnation Of food in the intestines. This lowers the risk of constipation and the presence of toxins that alter blood pressure.

Stimulating intestinal movements through abdominal exercises is particularly useful in avoiding and treating internal and external hemorrhoids.

To ensure success, you must breathe properly: exhale at the time of muscle contraction and inhale when relaxed. This avoids the increased pressure inside the blood vessels and therefore the formation of new hemorrhoids.

Treat Internal Hemorrhoids Naturally with Calendula Dye

The calendula tincture is another natural remedy that needs to be mentioned among the best home treatments for hemorrhoids. This plant is one of the most powerful natural treatments for all disorders involving inflammation, infection, burning, galling and pain.

While for external hemorrhoids, the obtained dye is applied directly to the skin; When it comes to internal hemorrhoids, it is recommended to dilute the dye in water and then use it. Calendula ointments can also be used to treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids. If it is internal hemorrhoids, the cream should be gently inserted into the anus and applied to the affected tissues with the finger.

Treatment for internal hemorrhoids with iodine

The last remedy that we will address in this framework is iodine, a product recognized for its role in the elimination of internal hemorrhoids. This natural treatment should be diluted or mixed with oil such as olive or linseed oil, and then directly applied to the skin. This treatment is adamant and can cause a burning sensation.

20 drops of iodine should be mixed with the oil and then apply the solution to the damaged tissue in the rectum with clean fingers or a piece of cotton. If the operation is repeated daily, the results will be rapid.

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