How to soften stool quickly


How to soften stool quickly
The art of pooping is not learned at school or, in general, at home and it is not the kind of tip that is shared between girlfriends.

How to soften stool quickly
How to soften stool quickly

And yet, we are 1 in 4 to suffer from constipation in everyday life ( source ), this figure reaching 3 out of 4 during the first trimester of a pregnancy ( source )! Among your friends, there are certainly some who also have difficulties to go to the bowel, who do not know, in case of constipation, what to do, but who, like you, gladly keep this inconvenience for them ; )

To allow you to keep intact your modesty while finally having keys to find a steady and balanced transit, we decided to lift the taboo and answer the question that intrigues us all: how to poop when we are constipated or even, rather, like doing the poo?

Believe us, we also pulled our hair on the issue in the team, we also wanted to cry after spending whole days without ticking the toilet box and by dint of research and tests of all kinds, we can finally say that we have a transit as regular as a Swiss clock! Go ahead, we share all our tips to adopt the right position to poop! ; )

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Tip Number 1: Review your position to poop!

We warned you, we will not do in the lace in this article. But it is so crucial that we will not get lost in verbal convolutions!

Imagine that the daily toilet seat position, proudly seated on the throne, is not the ideal position to naturally evacuate our intestinal waste. Clearly, we do not know how to poop …

Giulia Enders, the author of the brilliant ” The discreet charm of the intestine ” explained it better than us: from an anatomical point of view, the junction between the tip of your colon and the entrance to your rectum (l where your stool passes before being expelled) forms a 90-degree angle. This angle is widened when one sits down, which is why sitting is easier than standing up. However, sitting down, you do not fully open the angle, it remains a block.

Conversely, when crouched, elbow between the colon and the rectum totally disappears, the pressure on your intestines is reduced and vo s stool can then drag like a water slide! You visualize?

This has been proven by science, in a study published in 2003 that analyzed several positions with 60 people to poop and concluded that the squatting position was able to evacuate twice the speed of the stool and increased the feeling of comfort. people doing their thing!

This teaching was confirmed in 2010 ( source ), in another study in which people were filmed in X-ray pooping and the results are the same: the more your hips are bent, the more the way to the channel Anal recto is direct and less big are the efforts to defecate. Magic, no?

But then, in case of constipation, what if you do not have a Turkish toilet at home? Know that it is very easy to reproduce the position to poop squatting in your toilet: you just need to add a small stool under your feet, to raise them. These stools are called physiological stools and you find perfectly sized for a few euros on the Internet.

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Tip # 2: Massage your belly

To help the material to “take off”, stir the water in your intestines and stimulate your transit by reproducing small contractions, it is very effective to practice self-massage when you can not poop.

Concretely, lie on your back, relax, breathe deeply and massage your belly with the palm of your hand or the flat of your fingers, circling around your belly button, in a clockwise direction.

Self-massage belly constipation

Why this sense? Because the circulation in your intestine, which is very long, is from right to left. This helps the materials to flow out.

Gradually increase the pressure, possibly add your second hand over it. Do this for about 5 minutes.

The benefits of self-massage to treat constipation have not been proven by science, however, practice shows that they can be very effective. They also have the advantage of verel Acher and thus relax your intestines, which can only be beneficial for your transit!

So we recapitulate: to know how to do poop, think of you massage the belly: it is rather pleasant as a remedy, no?!

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Tip # 3: Go over your fears and test the enemas!

No, do not make this head: enemas have been used since ancient times to take care of your intestines and, more generally, your health. They fell into disuse at the beginning of the century, with the advent of laxatives and other intestinal treatments (coincidence – I do not think so!).

One of the reasons why enemas are sometimes decried is that we tend to lend them all kinds of benefits (including detoxification of the body), which science does not recognize ( source ). So, let’s be clear, we are not very eager for this kind of theory either.

Still, the enemas are, in our opinion, devilishly effective to improve transit and deloblock people who can not poop! In any case, we are a concrete example of the benefits of enemas to treat constipation (we told you in our testimony on the hydrotherapy of the colon, my transit has changed completely after doing two hydrotherapy of the colon).

Beyond our specific case, millions of people practice enemas regularly and make profits to poop! Especially, if the medical rejects the theory of detoxifying the colon through enemas, the has research proved their benefits for constipation.

Thus, scientific studies ( source ) revealed a 42% improvement in intestinal frequency thanks to the colon hydrotherapy, but also a general well-being in 65% of the studied cases, a rectal clearance in 63% of cases. the case, a decrease in bloating in 49% of cases and abdominal pain reduced in 48% of cases ( source ).

The authors conclude that hydrotherapy is an option in the treatment of constipation, although larger studies are still needed.

Well, that’s the theory but you probably wonder, if you suffer from constipation, what to do as a type of enema and how to do it?

In a few words, there are several types of enema, which are based on the same principle: inject a liquid in the large intestine (also called colon), through a cannula inserted into the anus (no, it does not matter bad at all!) so that the waste in the intestines is removed with the water . By freeing your intestines, you clean them of accumulated waste and allow them to work properly.

We bet you did not think of enemas when you despaired without knowing how to poop? In order not to totally abandon yourself in nature with this revolutionary idea, we tell you a little more about the enemas and their benefits to poop when you are constipated!

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Colon Hydrotherapy

It is practiced by a professional, a hydrotherapist.

The water is injected very gently throughout your intestine and it will dislodge everything it carries in its path (stool, toxins, mucus and even often intestinal!).

The hydrotherapist will massage your stomach during the session, to help with the delamination of the materials.

This is, of course, the most effective technique and acting in depth, but it is more expensive. We told you our experience of colon hydrotherapy, go take a look if you are curious!

The intestinal enema

The enema, also called enema by the Anglo-Saxons, is practiced alone at home, thanks to an enema kit (or enema bock).

You inject the water yourself from the bock while lying down, and the liquid reaches only the rectum and the beginning of the colon but does not go in the entirety of the large intestine. You must keep it for a few minutes “indoors” (about 15 minutes), alternating positions (right side, left side) and practicing a self-massage, before discharging the water with the waste.

The enema is p Read more superficial and tedious (you do all the work!) But it is already very effective and can be practiced more regularly as hydrotherapy, cheaply. It can unlock materials that stopped you from pooping and is a good start.

We explained to you step by step how to perform an intestinal enema so that you make no mistake! Know that you can also perform an enema with an enema pear, but it will be even more superficial and only your rectum will be cleaned.

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