How to relieve a hemorrhoid crisis?


How to relieve a hemorrhoid crisis?
The hemorrhoid crisis refers to the pain that often accompanies the swelling and irritation of the veins in the anus and lower part of the rectum. These shocks are felt when going to the toilet and within hours. The intensity of this pain can be particularly severe, and all the patients who have ever felt it have wondered how to relieve it.

Here are some helpful tips to remedy.

How to relieve a hemorrhoid crisis?
How to relieve a hemorrhoid crisis?

Prevent crisis

Prevention is better than cure. People who have already suffered from hemorrhoids know what it is and will do everything to avoid this nightmare. It is necessary to take steps to prevent the crisis from returning. Indeed, this type of disorder has the unfortunate tendency to be recurrent. The first thing to do if you want to avoid the renewal of this kind of crisis is to prevent constipation. To do this, it is necessary to monitor its power supply. The first thing to do is to make sure that you get enough hydration. It is thus advisable to drink about two liters of water per day. In addition to hydrating properly, it will be necessary to increase the fiber intake and decrease the fat products. Fibers are found mainly in cereals, fruits, and vegetables. However, that is not all. It is also advisable to avoid spices that have nothing to do with constipation but which make the defecation even more delicate by adding to the pain the burning sensation. It is not very pleasant.

It should also be known that hemorrhoids are the result of increased pressure in the anal region. Excess weight then plays a significant role in this case. For people suffering from overweight, it would be better to decrease a little to lower the pressure on the anus.

It is also important to avoid tight clothing even outside the seizure, as the latter exert pressure on the anus. It would also be preferable to avoid the synthetic materials and, we will never say enough, banish the strings from her wardrobe or wear them only punctually.

Another factor plays a critical role in the prevention of sweating. In fact, sweat does not come out only through the armpits, and it is not sterile. Avoiding the sweat as much as possible in this part by wearing cotton clothes that ventilated the area would be of great help.

This small area so fragile tends to emit unpleasant odors, but this is not a reason to perfume it. Scented wipes and similar products weaken the anus membrane and make it more apt to develop hemorrhoids. One must avoid them. Water can be immaculate by itself.

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Clean the anal area

To mitigate the pain caused by the hemorrhoid crisis, care can be taken to wash the infected area well. It is, therefore, advisable to wash with water systematically after having been in the toilet and especially not to use soap or toilet paper perfumed. It is essential to clean yourself to prevent the infection from getting worse thoroughly. Moreover, to soothe the pain, it is possible to make several baths of seat per day. The principle is the same; it is to clean the anal area by bathing in warm or hot water as many times as desired. Again, it is strongly advised not to put soap or any flavoring product in the water; the infection could indeed get worse. The seat bath lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. What should not be forgotten is to dry the area after each shower or water cleaning thoroughly. Bacteria like wetlands that are favorable to their proliferation. This is why you have to wipe yourself with a clean cloth. If using toilet paper to clean, care must be taken not to leave small debris afterward. However, using a cotton linen can be very useful and pleasant enough as it is softer than the trade papers.

Although it may be nice to rub the area, it should be avoided at all costs. It itches, and it scratches, but if one is carried away by the little orgasm that brings us the scratching, one will end up regretting it bitterly when the itching becomes unbearable and resume more beautiful. Cleaning and drying should happen gently and if possible, cut off the nails before doing so.

Use ice

It is well known; ice is the best remedy against inflammation. Care must be taken to wrap it in a clean, soft cloth before putting it on the infected area. The ice acts on the pain receptors that happen to be the same regulators that itch to block them and thus prevent the nerve signal from reaching the brain. Also, it can be used as much as possible. At night, before sleeping, just put a pocket of ice in the area and once used to the sensation, you end up sleeping with it.

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Use painkillers in emergencies

If the hemorrhoid crisis is particularly acute, you will need to use painkillers or anti-inflammatories to relieve hemorrhoids. Indeed, even if this type of product does not cure hemorrhoid, it nevertheless allows to alleviate the pain and therefore to withstand the crisis significantly. This solution is, therefore, an emergency solution, but it must be combined with a background treatment. Note that the painkillers or anti-inflammatories prescribed in the case of the hemorrhoidal disorder can come in several forms: tablets to swallow, cream of local application or, suppositories.

Go for a laxative

This is not a background treatment, and yet it is prescribed for almost all patients suffering from hemorrhoidal seizures. It should be known that the primary cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. Then, to remedy it, you must take a laxative if you do not take enough fiber to facilitate the transit. However, even if you do not suffer from constipation, it is always better to take a laxative during the attack to make the stool even softer and minimize the pressure on the anus.

Use natural oils and petroleum jelly

Natural oils can have several effects such as decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, relieving itching. After all, drug research is based on what is observed in nature. Also, their viscous structure helps to evacuate stools more easily. Vaseline can also be used for this purpose. Not only does it facilitate defecation but also relieves itching, although this effect is not very marked. That said, when one suffers from a similar crisis, all means are well provided that it reduces.

More potent drug therapy

Another solution to the crisis is the use of medicines called isotonic. These are characterized by their ability to decrease the dilation of the vein. However, it is necessary to seek advice from your doctor, to avoid contraindication.

The best advice to give is to consult a specialist of hemorrhoids, note, a proctologist. It is the only person able to put the finger on the primary cause and to deal with the problem in the background. Do not let it drag as it tends to degenerate very quickly if no preventive or curative measures are taken.

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