How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast


How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast

How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast
How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast

How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast: With conservative treatment for all kinds of hemorrhoids, either early or severe stage, symptoms are expected to be improved to some extent. Therefore, it can be said that conservative treatment is the basic procedure that should be performed, regardless of their severity. Early internal or external hemorrhoids can be treated with the traditional method including the following:

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How to shrink hemorrhoids by Hot Sitz Bath

It is essential for the conservative treatment, postoperative management, and prevention of benign anal diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, etc.

Hot sitz bath means to immerse anus in a bowl, filled with warm water of 40–42 °C for 3 min; one may also use bidet or shower. In the past, 20 min of a sitz bath was recommended, but since there are possibilities of congestion or prolapse, shorter bath time is more recommended recently to prevent congestion or edema.

Hot sitz bath relieves pain by lowering anal pressure, helps to keep anus clean, and improves anal blood circulation that reduces congestion and edema.

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How do I get rid of piles by Medical Treatment of Hemorrhoids

The oral medications for hemorrhoids include the following: agent to improve circulation by strengthening the vein and capillary, anti-inflammatory agent, and the stool softener to
facilitate defecation:

  • Phlebotonics

These compounds help blood flow around the anus to settle edema and relieve congestion. The agents such as diosmin belong to this category.

  • Anti-inflammatory agents

The agents such as Melilotus belong to this group which reduces inflammation, shrink hemorrhoids fast, and pain. They are useful on edematous or inflammatory hemorrhoids.

Try to makes Meals that Heal Inflammation makes it easy to learn how to reverse inflammation naturally.

  • Stool softener

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are relieved with stool softener which makes the stool smoother and easier to defecate. Laxatives such as fibers and magnesium oxide are mainly used. Stimulant laxatives are prohibited as much as possible. (See Laxatives)

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How to get rid of a hemorrhoid lump by Ointment

Ointment applied around the anus is usually made up of an anti-inflammatory agent to relieve inflammation and itching sensation. Other components such as steroid or anesthetics are used for reducing pain. Although ointment containing steroid is useful for severe inflammations, it should not be applied more than a month since side effects may occur when used for an extended period

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How to get rid of piles by Suppositories

How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast

Suppositories are inserted into the lower rectum through the anus, where they are melted and absorbed. It acts like an ointment but also has the effect of an oral medication. It is said that ointment has an immediate effect, whereas suppositories have a lasting effect. However, suppositories can cause the anal canal injury and sense of defecation

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Can you get rid of hemorrhoids by Injections

Most injections for hemorrhoids are the anti-inflammatory agents made of Melilotus ingredient. Muscle injection is usually available once a day, and intravenous injection is also possible

Dietary Treatment: High Fibers

How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast
How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast

For hemorrhoid patients, fluid and fiber intake should be increased for the stool to be soft and comfortable defecation. Alcohol drinking should be forbidden to prevent diarrhea and inflammation. Also, patients’ diet should restrict spicy foods and coffee, since they also stimulate the intestine and the anus.

Nowadays, since people have a tendency to eat a lot of refined food, meat, and fast food of low-fiber diet, they are easily constipated because of delayed transit time. A high-fiber diet does not only treat hemorrhoids but is also effective in preventing hemorrhoids. It is why a coloproctologist must have knowledge about fibers.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently by Bowel Movement Education

How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast
How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast

During defecation, the anal cushion descends downward generally. If it stays at its fallen state for a long time, it cannot be recovered to its original site causing prolapse and bleeding. Therefore, finishing bowel movement within a short period is a way to prevent hemorrhoid without worsening.

Patients should be instructed to complete bowel movement within 3 min even if they have the sense of more defecation and to induce their defecation after breakfast, if possible. For the one who has a habit of defecation right after waking up should be instruct to drink one to two cups of water to induce gastrocolic reflex. Teach to rinse with water rather than wiping with paper after defecation. If a tissue must be used, instruct to use it after soaking with water.

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How long does it take to get rid of hemorrhoids

There are two treatment goals for hemorrhoids. First, take away symptoms, such as burning, pain, and itching. The second goal is to help the hemorrhoids to shrink. To shrink the hemorrhoids back down to natural size, topical medications are useful. Some aggressive treatments are using special techniques that should improve hemorrhoids within days. They may need 2-4 weeks of therapy to calm completely down.

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