How long can hemorrhoids last


How long can hemorrhoids last
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How long can hemorrhoids last
How long can hemorrhoids last

When one says hemorrhoids, one speaks above all of the anatomical structures naturally present in all the world. So technically, the hemorrhoids are there and remain throughout our existence. That said, in everyday language, to say that one has “hemorrhoids,” amounts to talking about hemorrhoidal diseases, all confused.

To get an idea of the duration, one must first distinguish the evil and put the exact name on what one exactly has. We can talk about the chronic hemorrhoidal disease, the hemorrhoidal crisis of hemorrhoidal thrombosis, prolapse of hemorrhoidal, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids … There are several types, and each has its specificities and its recovery time.

Hemorrhoidal disease, a chronic disease

When one suffers from hemorrhoids, one can suffer for life. In fact, the predisposition to and the risk of hemorrhoid disease is mostly genetic. Like diabetes or hypertension, once installed, hemorrhoids accompany us throughout our lives. If we do not take the precautions necessary to fight them, we can suffer and have complications that are increasingly difficult to treat and manage.

Hemorrhoidal disease is ubiquitous and is likely to manifest itself at any time. We can not, therefore, speak of a definite duration. Some people may never have them while others may suffer from it all the time. There are also some who have managed to get rid of it completely after a few months to a few years. However, the latter always have a risk that it will resurface if they allow themselves to the old bad habits.

“Re-surface” means that we have a “hemorrhoidal crisis.” This is where we can talk about duration.

The hemorrhoidal crisis, an acute

The hemorrhoidal crisis is the manifestation of the hemorrhoidal disease at its acute phase. This crisis is characterized by tension in the anal area, itching and moderate to severe pain. It can also be accompanied by a burning sensation ubiquitous or at the time of the stool.

Acute attacks of internal hemorrhoids are referred to as hemorrhoids. We do not see them, and yet we suffer. However, you should know that the hemorrhoids are “acute” and do not stay long. This is one of the characteristics of the word “dangerous” in any disease. It is called “chronic” for manifestations that last for a long time or that do not tend to disappear.

So, concretely, the hemorrhoidal crisis lasts a few days and tends to disappear on its own. Its installation can be quite brutal and manifest acute pain at the time of excretion. However, the duration may vary from person to person. When one does not take the necessary precautions, at least during the crisis, it can last several weeks and tend towards chronicity.

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The duration of a hemorrhoidal attack depends on your care!

It is true that the hemorrhoid crisis tends to disappear by itself, but you must take some precautions not to see the duration lengthen an eternity. The most important component in minimizing the length of the crisis is the fight against constipation. As long as one suffers from constipation, the tension on the anal area will not diminish by itself, and the hemorrhoids can not deflate, and therefore the crisis will stay.

However, this is not the only cause of the crisis. Indeed, a hemorrhoidal attack can become complicated, thus complicating the recovery process. At some point, the internal hemorrhoids may come out, and this is called hemorrhoidal thrombosis. The latter is a little harder to cure when it does not originate from external hemorrhoids. It may even require surgery, and in this case, we no longer talk about the duration of the crisis but the period of recovery after surgery.

It gets complicated; I grant you. So, to make it simpler, a hemorrhoidal crisis lasts a few days if you follow an adapted diet, a strict hygiene of life and if one takes the medicines necessary to decrease the inflammation.

Duration of Hemorrhoidal Thrombosis

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis, being a very common complication of external hemorrhoids (usually) is a swelling of these. It is characterized by severe pain and pervasive discomfort. Having a mass in the anus should not be easy to manage and is not quite a good cushion to sit on. However, it lasts only 7 to 10 days, fortunately. However, as the hemorrhoid crisis, if not taken care of, it can last a little longer and even require surgery. We speak mainly of incision and excision hemorrhoids.

The biggest problem of a hemorrhoidal thrombosis is his situation. Indeed, its presence at the entrance of the anus makes it more exposed to lesions, irritations, and infections. The consistency of the stool and how to care for and clean it play a significant role in this complication. If the procedure is not delicate and the stools are hard enough, there is a risk of thrombosis and bleeding. The duration of the thrombosis will, therefore, depend on the length of the recovery of the lesions.

Also, it is known that each wound is prone to infection and that is why we put dressings on it. Except that in this particular case, the zone does not allow it to part of its natural function. This same natural function, the evacuation of the stool puts it in direct contact with germs. What to do in this case is to clean the area well if you notice lesions and avoid scratching. Ice can also be very convenient for closing wounds faster and decreasing the duration of injuries.

Recap: Hemorrhoidal thrombosis lasts an average of 7 to 10 days before healing. This period can increase when you have irritations or sores. Avoid irritation, micro-lesions, and infections and arm themselves with patience and … local anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Rehabilitation after Hemorrhoidal Surgery

In some cases, after having tried everything, one can be entitled to a rather large surgery, which is hemorrhoid surgery. It is part of proctological surgery and can be long enough for recovery. In fact, the duration depends mainly on the type of surgery. For incision or hemorrhoid excision, it takes on average a few days to a few weeks, the time that the wounds are recovering. For more radical treatments, such as total hemorrhoidectomy, the wounds being quite full, the duration of hospitalization as well as recovery after may take a little longer. This may require a work stoppage ranging from one week to one month.

Moreover, here we are talking about a recovery without any complication like an infection or a bleeding requiring an improvement with the bistoury.

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Concretely, how long will I suffer?

We do not know! No one can answer this question in a very specific way except yourself.

For the hemorrhoid crisis, the discomfort can last 1 to 2 months on average, a little less if you take anti-inflammatory drugs and a bit more if you take no care and you continue to lead the same life without changing your Habits. When we say a few days, we only talk about the acute phase and not about the inconvenience caused by this period.

For thrombosis, it begins to heal after 7 to 10 days, a little more if the pile of swollen veins is large enough or if it grows over time. The recovery period may be longer than that of the crisis since it is an exposed area in contrast to external hemorrhoids.

In fact, it is like the flu. The doctors say that it only lasts 3 to 5 days if it does not get complicated. Moreover, that is true! The acute phase lasts 3 to 5 days, but it is not completely recovered at the end of today announced by the practitioners. We are always tired, and we still feel some symptoms that persist. It takes 10 to 14 days to get back to normal after the flu.

Conclusion: Your care is the only variable that can decide how long your hemorrhoids last!

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