How do you get hemorrhoids?


How do you get hemorrhoids?

Understanding Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a disorder that develops in the anal and rectal veins. The problem arises when they are dilated abnormally and permanently. If one wants to cure hemorrhoids, one must understand what is causing the problem. There are thus many causes and risk factors of the hemorrhoidal crisis here is some useful information to prevent its appearance.

How do you get hemorrhoids?
How do you get hemorrhoids?

Excessive pressure

Doctors agree that the main cause of hemorrhoids is the presence of permanent or repeated pressure in the anal and rectal veins. This pressure may be due to various elements.

The constipation

The constipation is the primary cause of the development of hemorrhoidal disorders. Indeed, constipation consists in the irregular and difficult evacuation of the stools. Constipation goes hand in hand with an extreme effort when going to stool. Extreme pressure is thus exerted on the anal and rectal veins which cause the appearance of the disorder.

Lack of exercise

A second element that favors the appearance of hemorrhoidal diseases is sedentary life. The disorder is thus all the more frequent when one does not practice physical exercise. Indeed, the sport makes it possible to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular apparatus. Hemorrhoids are disorders in the veins; The causal link is visible.

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Lifting heavy objects

If physical exercise is advised to promote vascular circulation, however, attention must be paid to the type of exercise. Indeed, intense efforts made when lifting and transporting heavy objects can cause dilation of the anal and rectal veins. This kind of exercise must, therefore, be avoided at all costs.

The pregnancy

The period of pregnancy, especially the last trimester, is particularly conducive to the development of haemorrhoidal disorders, for two reasons. First, pregnancy causes a disease of the blood circulation, which is increased; The whole of the veins of the female body dilate to allow the fetus to take the important place. On the other hand, constipation is a particularly common disorder in pregnant women, especially if they are sensitive to intestinal transit. Constipation is the leading cause of hemorrhoids, and pregnant women are no exception.


The hereditary factor is also an important element of the appearance of hemorrhoidal disorders. Gastroenterologists have observed that it is all the more likely to develop hemorrhoids if his parents and grandparents have suffered from this type of problem.

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Anal sex

Anal sex is another risk factor for the development of hemorrhoids. Indeed, the excessive and recurrent stimulation of the anal system can lead to irritations which result in an abnormal dilation of the veins located at this level.


Finally, being overweight is often related to the onset of hemorrhoids. Indeed, being too heavy exerts excessive pressure on the blood vessels, which causes the hemorrhoids.

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