Herbs for hemorrhoids


Herbs for hemorrhoids
Often considered taboo, hemorrhoids should not be neglected to avoid severe pain and complications. To relieve them, there are natural treatments that will help boost blood circulation. Herbal teas, poultices, sitz baths, we take stock of Grandma’s recipes.

Herbs for hemorrhoids
Herbs for hemorrhoids

During a seizure of hemorrhoids, the veins around the anus are dilated, causing pain, burning, itching and, at times, feeling of heaviness. However, we do not like to talk to the doctor about these embarrassing intimate worries, lived as a taboo. However, tell yourself it’s widespread: many people suffer from it, and doctors are used to treating hemorrhoids. If your haemorrhoidal attacks are repeated, your symptoms worsen, do not delay because you can, for example, end up with a painful complication, if a clot blocks a vein.

To relieve hemorrhoids, herbal medicine has shown its effectiveness. Chestnut, horse chestnut, calendula … a shock program to soothe the itching and strengthen your veins.

Here are the plants that calm down in case of crisis

  • To control pain, inflammation, and edema: 600 mg of butcher’s per day, three capsules of dry extract, for 4 or 5 days (Elusanes, Arkogélules) or 150 drops of horse chestnut introit in 3 taken for eight days.
  • To soothe the itching, apply an oily calendula macerate (Florame, Boiron) by first checking its compatibility with the mucous membranes. Alternate with a compress (cloth filled with ice cubes) on the anus and bathing baths with fresh water to chestnut (Weleda), which tighten the dilated veins.

Gemmotherapy, this medicine that uses the buds but also the young shoots of plants is interesting to fight against the hemorrhoidal crisis.

Take glycerine macerate from horse chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum Bg Mg, 100 to 200 drops for 1 to 2 months.
In case of constipation, add 100 drops of rosemary macerate.

To limit the number of seizures, make cures of 2 to 3 weeks of plants which stimulate the circulation, alone or associated, in herbal tea or capsules.

From the holly (or small holly) to begin: 1 or 2 capsules of 200 mg of dry extract per day during 4 or 5 days, then continue with capsules (or herbal teas) red vine, witch hazel, cypress, horse chestnut (bark) at the same dosage.

Make yourself your tea: 3 sachets of witch hazel, cypress, horse chestnut (bark) infused in 500 ml of water, supplemented with water to get 1.5 liters of drink. To drink throughout the day.

  • The horse chestnut whose bark and chestnut contain substances that have a positive effect (stimulant and protector) on blood vessels. This is, in fact, æsculoside and æscine which also, reduce inflammation. It would, therefore, be indicated for cases of less severe hemorrhoids.
    To relieve pain due to hemorrhoids, it is recommended to consume it in the form of:

drops: 5 to 15 drops daily until disappearing pain, are sufficient.

Infusion. To do this, in 1L of water, pour 40 grams of crushed chestnut then bring to a boil for 5 minutes. Out of the heat, let stand for about ten minutes. Drink 1 or 2 cups between meals for three weeks. Interrupt the intake for ten days then, again a course of 3 weeks back. You can add honey to perfection to enhance the taste.

– Complete suspension of fresh plants. As for the dosage, 1 measuring cap of 5 ml in little clean water, morning and evening is enough.

  • Red vine
    Containing substances that have a stimulating and protective effect on the small blood vessels and veins, the leaves of the red vine are indicated in traditional use to alleviate the pains caused by a crisis of hemorrhoids.
  • The spiny broom or small-holly. The rhizome of this plant is known for its properties favoring the contraction and the protection of the walls of the blood vessels. Used in the local application (suppository or cream) or orally, it is indicated to reduce the sensation of itching and burning.
  • the sweet clover
    With its flavonoid-containing flowers, this plant has the virtues of tightening an orifice, as well as tonic actions on the blood vessels.

To complete the list of recognized plants to relieve hemorrhoids attacks, note naturally:

  • psyllium seeds (to soften the stool and reduce bleeding caused by hemorrhoids);
  • Aloe gel to fight inflammation
    Choose a cure of horse chestnut, red vine, small holly, or witch hazel, herbal tea. These plants are known to improve the circulation of blood and for their protective effect on the vessels. Use one or the other, or combine several. Moreover, drink two to three cups of herbal tea a day.

Note, however, that horse chestnut is contraindicated in summer because it increases the risk of lupus sun.

    Fight against constipation is essential in cases of hemorrhoids because it aggravates the symptoms: the thrusting efforts to bowel movements encourage the dilation of the veins around the anus. Adopt a high fiber diet: green and dry vegetables, fruits, whole grains …

It is often recommended to avoid spicy dishes: contrary to what we think, they are not involved in hemorrhoidal disease, but can, on the other hand, accentuate the symptoms, especially of burns, in the event of a crisis.

    Venous tonic, this plant is recognized in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It strengthens the wall of the vessels. However, it also has a soothing action and can reduce the burning and itching sensations. Besides the use of herbal tea, you can prepare to apply it on hemorrhoids using a compress (2 g of leaves to 1 cup of boiling water, let infuse 10 minutes). Place in the fridge. A repeated cold application relieves even better.

The onion has the property of stimulating the blood circulation, thus reducing the excessive dilatation of the vessels. Dr. Henry Puget, the author of The Encyclopedia of Remedies of Grandmothers, advises to put more on the menu but also to use it as a poultice, locally.

The recipe of the poultice:

  • Cook 1 onion in water and reduce to the dough.
  • Spread this paste between gauze band or 2 compresses.
  • Apply this poultice on the painful area, remaining as much as possible in a lying position.
    Also recommended to stop the bleeding that can occur.

The recipe for toning vessels

  • Take one handful of oak bark and one handful of walnut leaves.
  • Put in 1 liter of water, boil 5 minutes, let infuse 10 minutes and filter.
  • Pour into the sitz bath water, in which you will stay 10 minutes.
  • To tone the veins, Michel Pierre also recommends the local application of essential oils: three drops of cypress oil and three drops of helichrysum oil. Massage once a day with this mixture.

Also bet on the essential oil of pistachio lentisk, an excellent venous decongestant.

The natural alternative: the preferred solution for treating hemorrhoids

We have just seen three known examples of anti-hemorrhoid remedies, but know that there are many more. Each being different, it is essential to be able to identify these different natural options to find the one that will relieve you the most.
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