Hemorrhoids popped: how to react?


Hemorrhoids popped: how to react?

First of all, everyone knows, having hemorrhoids can become a real ordeal. It is already very unpleasant, but when it gets complicated, life can become a real hell for the patient and even his entourage. If you have some, even if it’s in the early stages, it’s better to take care of them very quickly.

Hemorrhoids popped how to react
Hemorrhoids popped how to react

What is bleeding hemorrhoid?

Know that bleeding when you have hemorrhoids is a complication not a disease in itself. Moreover, it is often a great fright and a lot of anxiety. This is quite understandable. To see blood in his stool is not insignificant. That said, do not be afraid or panic.

To reassure you, be aware that bleeding is quite common at the beginning of the hemorrhoidal crisis and is usually not accompanied by pain. It is the inflammation that provokes them. The origin of these bleeds may be internal or external, depending on the location of the swollen hemorrhoids, and are caused by a lesion in the wall, usually at the exit of the stool.

Know also that the bleeding is often very exaggerated because the blood is diluted with the liquids of the stool and one thus has the impression that it is a lot of blood when in fact it is only a few drops. However, it is important to know how to distinguish between hemorrhoidal bleeding and digestive bleeding, which may indicate a much larger problem than they appear.

What are hemorrhoids symptoms
Hemorrhoids popped how to react

How to recognize bleeding hemorrhoid?

When you already know that you have hemorrhoids, it helps a lot. But, sometimes, the bleeding, especially from an internal hemorrhoid is the first sign she throws. We must learn to distinguish hemorrhoidal bleeding from digestive bleeding.

For bleeding hemorrhoids, they can have as origins, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids or both. In the first case, one has the impression that it looks like a low digestive hemorrhage. However, it is not as abundant as this and it is not accompanied by other digestive symptoms.

In the 2 nd cases, hemorrhoids are visible and the diagnosis is one of the easiest. In the 3 rd case, know that if you have external hemorrhoids, is more likely to have internal hemorrhoids so you have to suspect their presence.

That being said, bleeding hemorrhoidal is not so serious that it and especially it is NECESSARY!

Why is hemorrhoid bleeding?

Remember first what is hemorrhoid. It is tissue around the anus rich in blood vessels. We mainly talk about hemorrhoidal veins. This fabric is very fragile to be able to be elastic enough to fulfill its role, which is to distend at the time of defecation.

With the friction of feces against these walls, it may result in lesions or microlesions that will start to bleed naturally. It is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation and discomfort. This bleeding is even more common in case of constipation where the stools are stronger and require extra effort to be excreted.

To evaluate hemorrhoidal bleeding

If you had the reflex to consult the first drops of blood noticed, you have nothing to fear. The problem is when we talk about persistent bleeding. To evaluate the bleeding it is necessary to check several parameters.

First of all, you have to look at the toilet after having a big commission. If there is significant bleeding, it is better to consult urgently, you may lose a lot of blood in the meantime.

Without wanting to scare you, you may also find some blood in your underwear. If so, do not panic. Evaluate the amount of blood yourself. If they are only a few drops, you can wait for the appointment with your doctor. If on the other hand your pants are soaked, it is better to go to emergencies.

However, for women, this blood is often mistaken for menstrual blood. We must make a difference. For menstruation, the blood is not clear and contains some debris, including the endometrium that tears. The blood of hemorrhoids is much more alive. It’s like a wound bleeding.

If you notice the presence of such blood, do not wait to see if it goes beyond the days of menstruation. Moreover, he is never alone and is accompanied by pain in the anus. Do not immediately put sanitary towels that will absorb everything and falsify your judgment.

Bleeding is a complication with complications!

The bleeding of hemorrhoids is already a complication itself. If it bleeds, there is a solution of discontinuity, more clearly, an injury. The problem is that this lesion is an opening to germs and you will be more inclined to have infections.

The other complication that arises during heavy bleeding or spread over time is anemia. We tend to believe that a few drops of blood each day will do nothing. Think again. This can cause anemia that begins with episodes of orthostatic hypotension and progresses to hypotension or even chronic anemia. So do not take it lightly and it would be better to consult than to see things get worse.

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How to avoid bleeding?

The first step is to make the right diagnosis and quickly. You have to be able to detect the presence of hemorrhoids and start treating them. After, when we have them, we must know how to avoid their complications:

Do not scratch

Do not scratch your hemorrhoids even if the itching becomes unbearable. There are creams to use to reduce this itching and you can even resort to extreme methods such as anesthetic creams or you chained down hands not to do so impulsively.

There is a method used by mothers when you have measles so that you do not scratch our pimples. They wrapped our hands in pads and clean clothes. It did not stop us from scratching, but it became more difficult. You can do this by sleeping if you do not think you can hold you back while you sleep.

No sitz bath with hot water

Although it can provide comfort, hot water promotes dilation of the veins and causes haemorrhage and bleeding. However, it greatly soothes the burning and itching sensation. This dreaded dilation of the veins is the one that provides such relief. Veins that are full of blood soothe the tissues.

But, we are not talking about a real bath. The way to perform a sitz bath is to fill a basin of water or the bidet and to dive only the buttocks. It must be ensured that the feet stay out of the water. The goal is to make this difference in temperature between the area to be treated and the rest of the body.

Hemorrhoids popped how to react
Hemorrhoids popped how to react

Avoid constipation

Having hard and very sturdy stools are the number one enemy of hemorrhoidal bleeding. Indeed, when you have loose stools, the passage is done without friction by the anal area. On the other hand, with hard stools, the friction is quite important and it can even damage the wall and cause bleeding alone.

To avoid constipation, it only takes one thing, bet on the diet. Indeed, just eat a lot of fiber. To soften them even more, you must drink plenty of water. Since bleeding is caused by tissue damage, water also helps regenerate the tissues. They become more elastic and less easily damaged.

A little warning is still needed. With the fibers, there is a lot of gas. The digestion of the fibers produces gases that do not accumulate in the body as long as they are evacuated.

Treat hemorrhoids

When the main cause of hemorrhoidal bleeding is the presence of hemorrhoidal disease, it would be simpler to treat the cause and not the symptoms. To do so requires two types of treatment. You have to start by treating the symptoms.

For this, many local treatments treat pain, burning and itching. There is also the background treatment to act on inflammation in-depth and effectively treat complications such as inflammation.

Avoid tight clothes

When one presents hemorrhoids especially external, the wearing of the string is forbidden. Know ladies, that there are panties very sexy and made from natural materials. Re-learn to like the cotton underwear, the designers have revisited the models.

Sit neatly

When one has bleeding hemorrhoids, it is very difficult to sit on a chair for a long time. Yet, when one is an official, one has no choice. But, there is always a solution. You can opt for an ergonomic office chair. Except that the problem persists in the office or when you can not take your chair everywhere.

Again, there is a solution. There is an ergonomic cushion compatible with all chairs and armchairs. This cushion is in a semicircle with a hole in the middle. It is the ideal solution to be able to continue your life as you do it.

The sport

Hemorrhoids popped how to react
Hemorrhoids popped how to react

When it comes to sports, it’s better to forget that when you have bleeding hemorrhoids. Already the pain will not allow you to do but the risk of bleeding outside the stool is still there. Remember that you make an effort whatever the sport you practice and that you solicit the gluteal muscles.

How to deal with bleeding

You’ve seen bleeding, you know it’s haemorrhoidal or you suspect it because you’ve never been diagnosed, here are the actions to take:

Do not panic

Especially not! When we give in to panic, we only make very bad decisions. We must remain calm. Stress can make things worse and it’s not what you need. Women have bleeding every month, yet they do not start crying when they see blood at each menstruation.

Emergency consultation

It is not because we should not panic that we can continue to plan our trip quietly and sip his glass of wine in peace. Bleeding is an emergency regardless of its origin. The human body is supposed to keep the blood in the blood vessels and not outside, at least, when one is not a woman and one does not have its period.

So take the time to get dressed, call the emergency room or a specialist, make an appointment and go for it. Do not waste another day and do not go back to next month unless it’s not the first time. There, you probably know what you have to do, otherwise, we will give you other solutions!

Clean the area

When there is bleeding, there is a wound. For an area that is in direct contact with all the germs of the body, one must be twice as vigilant. So, we forget the sopalin and we put the shower.

The anal area and the genital area are washed after each washroom (even for the small commission) and water is used only or with a natural soap (Marseille soap for example). Do not forget to dry well because bacteria love wetlands.

Stool with water

Those who have suffered genital herpes or urinary tract infection surely know what we are talking about. In fact, with bleeding, there is an injury. When there is a lesion, urine or faeces, which are acidic, burn along the path of the lesion. This can cause nervous constipation. This means that you unconsciously refuse to go to the bathroom because you are afraid of pain. There is, however, a simpler method.

The water and its freshness help to reduce the burning sensation. It soothes. Moreover, it is not new that as soon as we get burned we will quickly get underwater. It’s the same thing for bleeding hemorrhoid. When in the bathroom, you can use a hand shower or hose to help you do your thing by sprinkling the anus with water all along with the board.

To urinate too, you can do it. Too bad we do not have these pipes installed like the eastern countries. But, just put an extension to the showerhead or the bidet tap that is usually near the toilet. At worst, install a hose in the sink faucet directly.

Put ice on it

With its vasoconstrictor effect, the cold of the ice will prevent bleeding by acting on the vessels. Also, the cold will act on the nerve endings and relieve the itching and the burning sensation.

However, do not apply the ice directly to the area, but surrounded by a soft cotton cloth. You can keep it as much as you can. But, as soon as it starts to hurt or tingling, it is better to part with it.

Use good treatments

Do not start taking all the medicines that come to hand. If you have consulted a specialist, stick to his advice, otherwise, an anti-haemorrhoidal cream, some analgesics, and anti-inflammatories will do.

You can opt for the Hemapro solution, it is tested with proven effectiveness.

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Do not postpone surgery (when it is essential)

If your doctor tells you about surgery, know that he has already exhausted all his resources and that this is the last resort. Proctologic surgery is not trivial and doctors know it. So if he offers it, stop reporting, it will only get worse over time.

Bleeding treated, you have to pay attention to its reappearance

It’s not because we have no problem that it will not come back. Now you have to be careful to get rid of the problem permanently.

Change of lifestyle

Hemorrhoids popped how to react
Hemorrhoids popped how to react

The first thing to change is diet. We must now pay attention to what we eat. Have you thought about the Paleo diet? You should. The main goal is to fight against constipation.

But, food has other purposes too. Indeed, it is necessary to restore the blood balance because of the losses. It is important to consume iron because it is what you lose the most when you bleed for several days in a row. The food is also intended to lose weight if the latter is incriminated. It is necessary to decrease the pressure on the anus by decreasing the body mass. So we are talking about a diet of thinning.

As during the crisis, we must avoid spices like plague. Spices are not only those that smell strong and bring an exotic taste to the food. Know that many food fast foods are too spicy without seeming.

They are also additives and chemicals such as preservatives that harm the general health and can induce a relapse. Learn how to eat healthily and make sure that what’s on your plate is a natural product.

We must also think about the sport. It seems that the Kegel exercises are very good in this case.

Treat hemorrhoids permanently

If all the solutions you have tried have not worked, we suggest you try the real solution against hemorrhoids. A solution developed after 9 years of struggle against this problem.

What we propose to you here is not a miracle solution but several ways that lead to the total abolition of hemorrhoids.

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