Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?


Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?

Many people mistakenly think that hemorrhoids are unique to adults. Indeed, this problem also affects children or even some babies.

Babies too can be victims of hemorrhoids. It is an unpleasant test for the infant, but also the parents.

Fortunately, it is possible to treat hemorrhoids in babies by adopting appropriate care. We tell you everything. The good news is that it is possible to treat hemorrhoids effectively in children. Here are some tips for doing this.

Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?
Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?

Understanding hemorrhoids in children

If in adults the hemorrhoids are due to a bad diet, a problem of overweight, tight clothing or others, it is quite another thing in the child. Indeed, the main cause of hemorrhoids in children is constipation. When the children are constipated, the feces put pressure on the anal area and obstruct the blood circulation. If we want to go back further, we must look at the causes of this constipation. In the case of breastfeeding, this may be because the mother does not drink enough water. Or, it may be an unbalanced diet. The hemorrhoids are manifested by itching on the anal area, which makes the baby constantly in a bad mood. It is then sufficient to inspect his diaper to be clear: if the buttocks are irritated or there is blood in the stool, it is because the child is suffering from hemorrhoids.


Factors of hemorrhoids at toddlers

As with older adults, a baby’s hemorrhoidal crisis occurs when there is an increase in pressure in the anus. This compression usually results from wearing too tight clothing or overweight. Even though many people think, external food is not the cause of this discomfort.

The real cause of this crisis is chronic constipation. This situation is very common among toddlers and it occurs at any time. It should be known that the anal obstruction in an infant results from the feeding of his mother.

Indeed, everything you eat passes in the baby when you breastfeed. If you do not drink enough water, the breast milk will be less fluid and automatically your baby will be constipated. On the other hand, if your child already consumes solid foods, he has to drink and eat a lot of fiber.

Also, child hemorrhoids can have a different meaning. They are one of the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, pediatric ulcerative colitis, youth polyp syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome. For these reasons, it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as something abnormal appears.

How to recognize a hemorrhoidal crisis in an infant?

The hardest thing when a baby gets sick is to understand what’s happening to him when he’s not talking. It’s up to you to diagnose the situation to determine the source of the problem. Do not panic! Of course, an infant with hemorrhoids suffers a lot, but there is no need to make things worse.

To detect hemorrhoids, simply examine the baby’s back each time you change the diaper. If there is nothing new, it’s all right.

However, most parents only discover hemorrhoids when they see a bloodstain in the diaper or stool.

Otherwise, it happens that the baby cries all the time because his buttocks scratch him. In the end, his little behind may have signs of irritation. Note each detail in a notebook. This is very important when the pediatrician asks you questions.

First reflex: to calm down and calm baby

Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?
Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?

You should know that hemorrhoids in children can be stressful for parents since the crying does not stop. As babies can not speak yet, they are expressed by crying. The first thing to do is to find your calm otherwise you will not be able to calm your baby. Plus, you will not get anywhere by panicking. Once you are calm, it’s time to reassure the baby. Take him in your arms and reassure him with sweet words. Once this step is over, you can relieve the itching and pain of a baby with a sitz bath. It should be known that the baths of seats can be repeated several times a day, in particular before the change of layer. The application of ice on the irritated part can also be effective. The problem,

The adapted care to eradicate hemorrhoids

To begin, you must reassure your child. Take him in your arms and show him that you are at his side.

You can try some natural methods like putting cold compresses on the affected area. This helps decrease swelling and alleviate pain.

To relieve your little one, you can use creams that reduce itching. Or better yet, take a sitz bath. Note however that the technique is different from that used for adults.

What to do: fill his little tub with warm water. Put your baby in a sitting position. Make sure the water soaks the affected area perfectly. Leave him indoors for a quarter of an hour. Repeat this at least 3 times during the day, especially when he has finished his needs. You can add the oatmeal powder to the bath. This will relieve the discomfort by allowing the blood to circulate better.

Even if these remedies work, the pediatrician’s consultation is necessary. He is the only person who can determine the true reasons for hemorrhoids in your child. He will make a diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment for the situation.

If you suffer from it, you may want to know a natural method that can help you in the final elimination. Click here for a complete guide to hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids in children?

Relieving hemorrhoids in children is one thing. To treat them effectively is another. Know that the consultation of the pediatrician is essential. He alone can accurately diagnose what happens to your child and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Once the crisis is over, think about changing your habits so that hemorrhoids do not come back! For example, you have to pay attention to food, play sports, drink plenty of water, and so on.

Latest tips for dealing with infantile hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?
Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?

Often, a low fiber diet is the main cause of hemorrhoids. If your child often has constipation, stool tension, or long periods in the bathroom, eating is probably the cause.

Add more fiber-rich foods to the child’s diet, such as fresh fruit, leafy vegetables, whole-grain breads, and whole-grain cereals. Make sure your child drinks eight glasses of water a day. Remind your child to use the toilet as soon as he feels the saddle arrives. To be restrained while the urge urges us can aggravate the hemorrhoids, as well for the adults as for the children.


Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?
Hemorrhoids on baby: how to cure?

If hemorrhoids do not improve within two weeks or if you have severe bleeding, you should go to your doctor immediately. He will prescribe medications that will help you treat this uncomfortable pain in your child while providing comfort until the illness disappears. Also, be aware that if your child has any allergy to the different components of an anti-hemorrhoid cream, do not forget to tell your doctor.

You now know exactly what hemorrhoids are in children and the steps to take to relieve and cure them. To prevent this type of problem from happening, consider adopting a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to food and what comes close to that. Not only will you make sure that your child will be less sick, and you will be less exposed to stress.

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