Understanding the appearance of hemorrhoids in kids


Understanding the appearance of hemorrhoids in kids

Hemorrhoidal attacks mainly affect adults, but they can also affect babies and children. Do not worry, however, because it is possible to treat this evil by adopting the advice in our post. But before starting treatment, one must first understand the causes and signs of hemorrhoids in toddlers.

hemorrhoids in kids
hemorrhoids in kids

What causes the appearance of hemorrhoids in small children?

Hemorrhoids are not very common in young children. It happens, however, that a tiny child suffers from hemorrhoids to the dismay of his parents. It is normal to be shocked since this disease affects mainly adults, people over 50 years especially.

Fortunately, there are several remedies for looking after your baby. However, before going to treatment, it is essential to know and understand the factors that cause haemorrhoidal pain in small children.

Understanding hemorrhoids in children

hemorrhoids in kids
hemorrhoids in kids

If in adults the hemorrhoids are due to a bad diet, a problem of overweight, tight clothing or others, it is quite another thing in the child. Indeed, the main cause of hemorrhoids in children is constipation. When the children are constipated, the feces put pressure on the anal area and obstruct the blood circulation. If we want to go back further, we must look at the causes of this constipation. In the case of breastfeeding. This may be due to the fact that the mother does not drink enough water. Or, it may be an unbalanced diet. The hemorrhoids are manifested by itching on the anal area, which makes the baby constantly in a bad mood. It is then sufficient to inspect his diaper to be clear: if the buttocks are irritated or there is blood in the stool, it is because the child is suffering from hemorrhoids.


Causes of hemorrhoids in children

The main cause of hemorrhoids in children is chronic constipation. Indeed, toddlers do not yet know the good movements that must be adopted during defecation. Thus, they tend to force and exert strong pressure on the anal area. Result: the veins of the anus are compressed, swell and hemorrhoids eventually arise.

This discomfort may be due to the fact that breast milk is missing some elements. Indeed, if the mother does not drink enough water or tends to consume an unbalanced diet, the baby is often constipated. This is because breast milk is less fluid and as the baby does not get enough water, his stool becomes hard.

In the long-term, hemorrhoids in children can lead to other symptoms such as Crohn’s disease, pediatric ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and youth polyp syndrome. To be clear, you should consult your pediatrician before attempting any treatment.

Recognize signs of hemorrhoids in babies

Since your child can not speak correctly yet, you must learn to look for yourself whether or not he has hemorrhoids. Here are some examples of symptoms that should alert you.

Observe his behavior well. Does your baby squeeze his buttocks and legs? He may experience internal pain in the abdomen. If he is always squirming or crying when sitting on the toilet bowl, it is because there is an eel under the rock. It should also be noted that constipation and/or constant diarrhea often lead to hemorrhoidal crisis. So when you change your little tip, always check to see if your buttocks are inflamed or swollen.

First reflex: to calm down and calm baby

You should know that hemorrhoids in children can be stressful for parents since the crying does not stop. As babies can not speak yet, they are expressed by crying. The first thing to do is to find your calm otherwise you will not be able to calm your baby. Plus, you will not get anywhere by panicking. Once you are calm, it’s time to reassure the baby. Take him in your arms and reassure him with sweet words. Once this step is over, you can relieve the itching and pain of the baby with a sitz bath. It should be known that the baths of seats can be repeated several times a day, in particular before the change of layer. The application of ice on the irritated part can also be effective.

How to treat hemorrhoids in children?

hemorrhoids in kids
hemorrhoids in kids

Relieving hemorrhoids in children is one thing. To treat them effectively is another. Know that the consultation of the pediatrician is essential. He alone can accurately diagnose what happens to your child and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Once the crisis is over, think about changing your habits so that hemorrhoids do not come back! For example, you have to pay attention to food, play sports, drink plenty of water, and so on. And hemorrhoid can be treated very easily, several methods exist, such as the 100% natural method that you can download below.

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If hemorrhoids do not improve within two weeks or if you have severe bleeding, you should go to your doctor immediately. He will prescribe medications that will help you treat this uncomfortable pain in your child, while providing comfort until the illness disappears. Also, be aware that if your child has any allergy to the different components of an anti-hemorrhoid cream, do not forget to tell your doctor.

You now know exactly what hemorrhoids are in children and the steps to take to relieve and cure them. To prevent this type of problem from happening, consider adopting a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to food and what comes close to that. Not only will you make sure that your child will be less sick, and you will be less exposed to stress.

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