Hemorrhoids: How to respond to a crisis?


Hemorrhoids: How to respond to a crisis?

Hemorrhoids, though still taboo, are a relatively common venous disorder, affecting almost one in three adults, predominantly among men. Hemorrhoids, which develop in the form of flare-ups or seizures, must be treated in the long-term if they persist or become troublesome on a daily basis. In most cases, some precautions can help relieve the pain and remove the inflammation. A short tour of the horizon.

Hemorrhoids: How to respond to a crisis?
Hemorrhoids: How to respond to a crisis?

Hemorrhoids, quasaco?

Let’s begin by twisting the neck to the received ideas: Hemorrhoids are not a disease! Indeed, everyone possesses it, since it is simply the venous structures that surround the rectum and the anus. Normally these formations are entirely painless. They dilate at the time of passage of the stool, before returning to their initial state. However, when their dilation is prolonged, the pain occurs. This is called a hemorrhoidal attack. In most cases, these are external hemorrhoids that result from the inflammation of the veins located around the anus, unlike the rarer internal hemorrhoids that touch the threads located within the anus.

What are they due to?

In the majority of cases, the excessive pressure exerted on these venous formations explains the emergence of hemorrhoid seizures. This type of congestion can occur in the following circumstances:

  • Prolonged sitting or standing;
  • Of intestinal transit disorders: constipation, diarrhea …;
  • of spicy food;
  • Alcohol consumption;
  • of smoking;
  • Dehydration;
  • Intense physical effort;
  • Pathology affecting the digestive tract;
  • Family predisposition;
  • of pregnancy;
  • Of childbirth …
  • To drink much water
  • If doctors recommend drinking 1.5 liters of water a day, it is not for nothing! In addition to helping to hydrate our cells, water facilitates intestinal transit and helps fight against constipation, which is one of the risk factors for a hemorrhoidal attack.
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Eating Fiber

In addition to adequate water intake, it is strongly recommended to consume foods high in fiber. Indeed, fibers are known for their anti-constipating and balancing properties for the intestinal flora. They are found in fruits, vegetables, cereals, or whole bread. If constipation persists despite all, the use of a mild laxative can be advocated under prior medical advice.

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To have an irreproachable hygiene

During an attack of hemorrhoids, the health of the anal area is of paramount importance to avoid the risk of infection. To prevent this type of complication, regular cleaning should be done daily, while avoiding excessive irritation. To do this, it is advisable to prefer for a time the wipes to the toilet paper. In addition to being softer, the wipes guarantee an impeccable hygiene of the anal region after passage to the bathroom. If you do not have them available, prefer an anal wash with water but without soap.

Relieve inflammation

Some locally applied analgesic creams or ointments are sold without a prescription in pharmacies. There are also anti-inflammatory suppositories that can alleviate the pain caused by the crisis. Consult your pharmacist. Some people will offer oral medicines to reduce inflammation and, consequently, feel discomfort. However, if the hemorrhoidal attack persists or if it is a recurrence, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Seat bathing

No, the baths of the seat are not of another time! They can even be very effective in cases of hemorrhoids. To ease the pain, it is simple: take a bath several times a day (three to four times) in cold water. In addition to being soothing, the weather presents an attractive aesthetic power to relieve pain. You can also opt for the application of ice packs to the anal region.

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