Hemorrhoids Homeopathic treatment: is it effective?


Hemorrhoids Homeopathic treatment: is it effective?

Homeopathic treatment is a booming alternative, and according to statistics, one in four people chooses to resort to homeopathic hemorrhoids to treat their seizures. This treatment has a significant advantage: it is to be 100% natural. Indeed, many people do not differentiate between homeopathic treatment and herbal medicine. So it is simple, herbal medicine is a treatment that is based on the use of herbs and herbs with therapeutic virtues. However, homeopathic treatment builds on a somewhat different principle called “the law of similarity.” In other words, the toxic substance is used with high dilutions to cure the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Homeopathic treatment: is it effective?
Hemorrhoids Homeopathic treatment: is it effective?

What are the different homeopathic treatments used to treat hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids Homeopathic treatment:

  • Lachesis mutus

Used for exteriorized purplish hemorrhoids. This hemorrhoid treatment homeopathic remedy is also advisable for hemorrhoids that worsen with increasing temperature.

  • Arnica montana

Homeopathic treatment for fragile veins and hemorrhoids sensitive to the slightest touch.

  • Nitricum Acidum

Treatment for external hemorrhoids with a spasm of the anus.

  • Aloe SoCo Trina

If your hemorrhoids are bleeding, extremely painful, and have the shape of a bunch of grapes, then you must resort to this homeopathic treatment.

  • Paeonia Officinalis

If the hemorrhoids are very burning and calm down with ice or siege baths with cold water.

  • Muriaticum Acidum

This remedy is suitable for people with sensitive, dark blue-colored hemorrhoids who can not even touch the undergarments.

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  • Aesculus hippocastanum

Homeopathic treatment for hemorrhoids in early stages which are not very painful and which are improved with slight physical activities.

  • Witch Hazel

Hemorrhoids with veins too swollen or even burst. Treatment also used for dark blue hemorrhoids that swell with the slightest contact.

  • Collinsonia canadensis

For hemorrhoids homeopathic treatment against hard stools that cause bleeding and itching by contacting the rectum wall.

  • Kalium carbonic

This treatment is suitable for hemorrhoids that are improved under the action of cold, as well as cases of dyspepsia.

  • graphites

Recommended homeopathic treatment against hemorrhoids cracked.

  • Nux vomica

The remedy for patients who suffer from hemorrhoid attacks accompanied by constipation. This treatment facilitates digestion and improves transit.

  • Calcarea fluoric

Homeopathic treatment that activates and protects the vascular walls of hemorrhoids and fights against their weakening.

Regarding the instructions for use and recommended doses for homeopathic hemorrhoids, you will find the exact information in the package leaflet. Try never to take extra doses and please do not swallow the granules, it is better to suck them.

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Homeopathic treatment can be a quick fix for hemorrhoids, but we also suggest you do the following:

  • Have sufficient daily water intake.
  • Do the sport regularly.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Do not drink lots of coffee and drinks containing new substances.
  • Always change position when sitting to promote blood flow to the anal veins.
  • Pay attention to foods that consider like milk derivatives.

Homeopathic Treatment Hemorrhoids: What Alternative?

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