Hemorrhoids Crisis: What Do I Do?


Hemorrhoids Crisis: What Do I Do?: Hemorrhoid crises are as taboo as they are frequent: more than 50% of the population suffer from it at some point. Fortunately, they are mostly benign and are easily treated.

Hemorrhoids Crisis: What Do I Do?
Hemorrhoids Crisis: What Do I Do?

What is a Hemorrhoids Crisis?

Hemorrhoids can be defined as anal varies. In other words, these are veins abnormally dilated inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or around the anus (external hemorrhoids). The swelling of the veins ends up forming sorts of hemorrhoidal “sacks,” more or less significant and apparent, as the case may be. Depending on their location, different symptoms may appear. Internal hemorrhoids are usually not painful but often lead to little bleeding in or after stool. External hemorrhoids are more troublesome, as they can cause itching and pain very sharp.

Although they may appear to younger people, hemorrhoids mostly affect people over 50 years of age. However, age is not the only risk factor: periods of hormonal upheavals can also cause the formation of hemorrhoids. Hence the proper formation of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and periods of menstruation. Finally, people with overweight, chronic constipation, and low physical activity are also more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

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What to do in case of hemorrhoid crisis?

Many options exist to combat hemorrhoids, especially the use of alternative medicines. You will find over-the-counter numerous herbal anti-hemorrhoid preparations. They are most often in the form of ointment or gel to be applied to the painful area. Tissue-based products, in particular, are renowned for their efficacy: iusefuled with cream to the tartlet against hemorrhoids that the late Yves Rocher launched his career! The tea tree and the witch hazel also give good results. The same applies to real chamomile, but it is used instead in the form of a “seat bath.” Anti-inflammatory creams with cortisone, they, Are sold only by prescription … You can also apply cold compresses three times a day on your anus for 10 minutes to calm the itching. Paracetamol may also help relieve pain but avoid at all costs aspirin, which can worsen bleeding. Also, watch your diet during the hemorrhoid crisis: opt for a vegetarian diet until the crisis stops and drink plenty of water.

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Surgical treatment if needed

Surgical treatment is considered in the second intention when other treatments give no effect. It can also be done urgently if the hemorrhoid crisis is too intense. The removal of internal hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy) takes place under general anesthesia. Many other techniques can also be used: sclerosing treatment, elastic ligation, infrared treatment … In the case of external hemorrhoids, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia: they can be removed or drained according to the case.

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Who and when to consult?

If you notice regular bleeding, even minor and painless, ask your doctor. He will perform an examination of the anal and rectal area to determine if it is indeed hemorrhoids. It will also assess their severity. In a case of doubt, your doctor will prescribe additional exams (a colonoscopy for example) and will direct you to a proctologist. The symptoms of hemorrhoids are indeed uncharacteristic: anal bleeding can have many other causes, including rectal cancer in the most severe cases.

How To Prevent Hemorrhoids Crises?

Hemorrhoids can be avoided by addressing individual risk factors. Since physical inactivity and overweight may favor the onset of seizures, regular physical activity is recommended. Individual sports that are practiced in an extended sitting position are however to be avoided like cycling and riding. Another risk factor to eliminate is constipation, which can trigger or aggravate hemorrhoid attacks. Prevention is therefore mainly food: give priority to whole grains (e.g., whole rice, wholemeal bread) as well as vegetables and fresh fruit. Conversely, limit the consumption of alcohol, coffee, sodas and foods rich in saturated fatty acids.

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