Hemorrhoids Bleeding – Causes and Methods of Care


Hemorrhoids Bleeding – Causes and Methods of Care

Do you have bleeding hemorrhoids? Do you often get embarrassed? Looking for an effective solution? So you are welcome to read this article word for word.

First of all, what are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are abnormal dilations of the blood vessels of the anal canal. This can be due to several factors such as constipation due to dehydration, increased pressure in the abdomen during defecation, pregnancy

We can distinguish two classes of hemorrhoids based on their location:

  • The external hemorrhoids: that lie under the skin outside the anus.
  • The internal hemorrhoids: who are in the lower rectum.

It should be noted, however, that a single person can develop a single type of hemorrhoids or both.

Hemorrhoids Bleeding - Causes and Methods of Care
Hemorrhoids Bleeding – Causes and Methods of Care

Symptoms :

Hemorrhoids are usually accompanied by pain in the anal area, itching, inflammation, burning sensations and also bleeding especially in the case of external hemorrhoids.

It should be noted that regarding internal hemorrhoids, bleeding occurs only during defecation and they are not usually accompanied by pain. A blood of bright red color can, therefore, be observed with the stool. On the other hand, in the case of external hemorrhoids, the latter bleed in the event of thrombosis and this is very painful.

Bleeding … what are they due?

Recall that hemorrhoids are very rich in blood vessels. During abnormal swelling of these veins, inflammations may appear, leading to bleeding, especially during the passage of the stool because of frequent rubbing of the latter with hemorrhoids.

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How you should deal with this problem.

It is important to consult a doctor to do all the necessary examinations and diagnoses to prevent possible complications and also to ensure that bleeding is due only to hemorrhoids and not to another disease.

Below are some tips that can help you stop bleeding:

  1. Try never to scratch your hemorrhoids even in the presence of burning sensations because this action can worsen bleeding and even burst the hemorrhoids.
  2. Avoid hot seat baths: It is preferable that your seat bath be made in warm water as the hot water increases the vasodilation and facilitates bleeding and bleeding.
  3. Use small bags of ice and apply them directly to the affected area. The constriction of the blood vessels under the effect of the cold is a very efficient method that allows you to prevent haemorrhoidal bleeding.
  4. Proper hydration, as well as a diet rich in dietary fiber, are the two most recommended methods for getting rid of hemorrhoids. They help prevent constipation and stress during defecation. If the stools get softer, then their rubbing with the hemorrhoids during their passage is not going to cause any problems.
  5. Pay attention to surgical operations: Many people believe that surgery can stop bleeding and bleeding when it is the opposite. In some cases, these procedures can lead to serious complications such as chronic anal fissures, which are manifested by excessive bleeding. It is therefore recommended not to resort to these operations
    However, it is recommended to try to treat these bleeds by natural methods that are both more efficient and also without any risk of possible complications.

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