Hemorrhoids and sport: which ones to practice?


Hemorrhoids and sport: which ones to practice?

It is often said that when one has hemorrhoids, one must stop all physical activity because the sport worsens the symptoms. FALSE! People who think this or suggest this to you are just keeping a vicious cycle. In fact, you should know that hemorrhoids are primarily a problem of blood circulation. Blood circulates badly in the hemorrhoidal veins. It stagnates. The veins swell, and this causes the pain, itching and burning sensation. This can even go as far as hemorrhoidal thrombosis if we do not remedy the problem.


Hemorrhoids and sport: which ones to practice?
Hemorrhoids and sport: which ones to practice?

Sports, do we need to do it when we suffer from hemorrhoids?

The answer is definitely YES! One can not just stagnate and expect the blood to return to normal circulation. That said, not all sports are permitted when suffering from hemorrhoidal attacks. Although it is beneficial, one must know how to choose one’s sport so as not to hurt any advantage.

The benefits of sports when suffering from hemorrhoids

The causes of hemorrhoids must first be known to enumerate the advantages of sport in hemorrhoidal attacks.

Sport helps the blood to circulate better:

The exact cause of the swelling of the hemorrhoidal veins is the stagnation of the blood in it. For the blood to circulate better, it is necessary to move, forcing it to flow faster. For this reason, people who have undergone surgery or women who have just given birth are asked to get up as soon as possible and walk at least once a day. Physical inactivity is very harmful to health.

Sports contributes to losing weight:

One of the leading causes of the onset of hemorrhoidal seizures is overweight. In fact, the problem of hemorrhoids is that it is also caused by the pressure exerted on the anus. When one is overweight, this adds to the pressure on this part especially when sitting. The more we have more kilos, the greater the pressure. The only remedy for overweight is the healthy diet associated with physical activity. So the sport decreases the weight and therefore the pressure exerted on the anal part, and therefore, the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Sport helps to get rid of bad habits:

A person who does regular physical activity tends less to let go and to succumb to bad habits. Bad habits include tobacco, excess alcohol and junk food. You can not exercise as long as you continue to smoke or drink excessively. One tends to stop these bad things because one thinks of the next sports session that is not going to be comfortable with lungs screwed by tobacco or a belly filled with alcohol and bad fats. Sport forces us to adopt a healthy lifestyle and push us to make better lifestyle decisions.

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The sport helps to muscle the anus:

The swelling of the hemorrhoidal veins is also due to a relaxation of the wall of the latter. When one muscles the anus, the relaxation becomes more difficult or at least less necessary. The wall becomes more elastic and can fight the swelling and contain it. Only sport can help us to muscle the anus. In this case, even the food can do nothing about it. It is necessary to exercise.

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What sport should be practiced during a hemorrhoidal attack?

Finally, the right question to ask! Which sports to practice?

However, let’s start with what sports should not be practiced!

Bodybuilding :

Too bad for those who want to have biceps or those who would like to have a muscular belly for the summer. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, it is better to forget the weight training. Why ? Because the masses that need to be lifted put pressure on the anus and, as has already been said, adding weight is not the right technique to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Combat sports:

Although the reason is visible, it is never too much to recall. Combat sports are intense activities that increase the pressure in the whole body. They must, therefore, be avoided.

Intense and short activities:

The sprints, the Zumba, the feverish dances … are all activities that increase the pressure on the anal region. However, this is not the only reason to avoid them. In fact, these sports that increase sweating should be avoided for this reason. Excessive sweating, especially for the anus, is detrimental for the simple reason that it weakens the wall of the anal area and only increases the itching and the burning sensation.

This brings us back to a critical conclusion: We must choose a sport that does not make us sweat, which does not increase the pressure on the anal region and which muscles at the same time.


When we talk about stretching, we speak of stretching of the neck, arms, legs and not the stretching of high-level athletes. The purpose of the exercise, in this case, is to make blood flow better. So do not try to do too much and keep to the minimum necessary.


This is the best exercise you can do. Already it does not require much effort, will not make you sweat too much and especially will keep you in shape. However, walking must be at a slow and efficient pace. Do not hurry so as not to hurt you.

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It is the sports par excellence that will keep your body in shape without hurting you. Also, yoga has a real impact on your mind, and it will relieve stress, thus avoiding the depression and distress that hemorrhoid attacks can generate.

Swimming :

Both good for your fitness and your hemorrhoids, swimming will relieve your hemorrhoids that on contact with water will itch you. Moreover, in water, your body does not have the same weight as outside and therefore, the pressure on the anal area will decrease considerably, at least when you are in the water.

That said, some athletes only see hemorrhoids in their mid-career. This is not a reason to stop everything and change the path. What to do in this case is to decrease the effort for a particular period to allow time for the crisis to pass.

In addition to “conventional sports,” there are some types of exercises to do to relieve the hemorrhoid crisis. You should take a look at this article to learn more about the subject: Useful exercises to avoid and manage hemorrhoids