Hemorrhoids after pregnancy: how to get rid of them


Hemorrhoids after pregnancy: how to get rid of them

The birth of a baby is an extraordinary thing for a mother, but it does not feel that happiness during childbirth and pregnancy.
Indeed, several worries come to disturb this happiness. Let’s mention one of the most troublesome: the problem of hemorrhoids after childbirth.

Hemorrhoids after pregnancy: how to get rid of them
Hemorrhoids after pregnancy: how to get rid of them

Hemorrhoids, pregnancy, and childbirth

Hemorrhoids are varicose veins swollen or inflamed in the lower part of the rectum or anus.

Pregnancy and childbirth are triggers for this medical condition. The growing baby in the womb and delivery itself cause the veins to swell in the lower part of the body.

Studies have shown that in 48% of cases pregnancy and delivery reveal hemorrhoidal pathology. As for its frequency, it varies from one woman to another, but we talk about at least 1/3 of future mothers who would be concerned during their pregnancy.

What makes women in this condition more exposed to hemorrhoids is, first of all, the increase in blood volume by 25 to 40% during pregnancy, something that can accentuate venous engorgement.

Then there is the decrease of the blood flow caused by the expansion of the gravid uterus or the relaxation of the pelvic muscles, and finally, the absence of valves in the hemorrhoidal vessels and the drainage veins.

Chronic constipation and genetic factors may also come into consideration.
Also, during and after delivery the risk of developing hemorrhoids is always present. Traumatic childbirth and big babies are the reasons causing hemorrhoids during birth.

After delivery, the risk persists for the next six weeks. This period usually corresponds to the reversal of the changes that have occurred in the body during pregnancy.

The most critical risk factor then is the difficulty of completing the rectal evacuation (terminal constipation).

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Prevention of hemorrhoids after childbirth

To prevent this inconvenience, some measures can be used. One of these rules is to follow an anti-hemorrhoid diet.

In fact, we should drink much water, avoid beer and soft drinks, eat fiber-based foods such as fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, cereals and whole grain bread.

Liposoluble fiber is very beneficial for the digestive functions when associated with a sufficient water intake.

It is also essential to promote good lifestyle habits to avoid constipation.

Regular physical exercise suitable for a pregnant woman is a perfect ally; Be careful, however, not to do too many abdominals as this can aggravate the problem.

Taking laxative increases the stool volume. Examples of laxatives are psyllium (Metamucil, Fibrepur, Novo-Mucilax, Prodiem, and others).

Be careful. However, the use of laxatives should be casual and should not replace a proper diet.

Note also that certain foods (alcohol, sharp cheeses, roasted chicory, coffee, some preservatives, certain spices) and some medicines (magnesium lozenges, certain antibiotics) can trigger the crises.

In fact, everyone should try to listen to themselves and establish the relationship between what he or she have eaten and the appearance of crises.

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Treatment of hemorrhoids in the case of pregnant women

There are treatments that are prescribed from the second trimester of pregnancy by the attending physician or pharmacist.

They will advise you on local treatments that will relieve hemorrhoids attacks.

Another type of treatment is to divert the primary use of some veinotonics and adapt them to the hemorrhoidal crisis. These drugs have the advantage of not being contraindicated for the pregnant woman.

Some recent studies on micronized flavonoid fractions, such as Daflon 500 and hydroxyethylrutoside, two molecules used in France, have proven their effectiveness in both prevention and crisis.

In local treatment, as an ointment, they will act doubly: they reduce pain and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Finally, we could follow a psychic approach to treat hemorrhoids, because they can very well be related to psychological causes.
Indeed, a feeling of insecurity could be at the origin of the appearance of hemorrhoids.

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