Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots


Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots: the final stage of a hemorrhoid crisis

Hemorrhoids affect about two-thirds of the world’s population. They occur in all categories of people, including children. This problem is the result of dilated veins in the anal area often accompanied by pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Hemorrhoidal thrombosis is one of the complications associated with hemorrhoids. We explain in this article the measures to take to deal with it.

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots
Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots

What is hemorrhoidal thrombosis?

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis occurs when there is a swelling that contains blood clots. In general, the patient experiences acute pain and edema develop. The size of this ball varies from one person to another, but it does not usually exceed 2 cm. This extravascular coagulation is easy to recognize: it is bluish in color and causes huge anal pain if you touch it.

The location of hemorrhoidal thromboses can be external or internal, just like the famous hemorrhoids. When the clot forms inside the anus, it is an internal thrombosis. Subsequently, this will create an appendix that becomes externalized. The so-called external thrombosis, on the other hand, sits directly under the skin of the anus. If she is not treated, she may burst after a month and a half. In the opposite case, it dissolves gradually until it disappears definitively.

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Causes of the appearance

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots
Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots

The first hypothesis which would be at the origin of hemorrhoidal thromboses is the stagnation of the blood at the level of the anus. Indeed, the circulation of the blood becomes quite difficult when there is hemorrhoidal growth. In the end, there could be a blood clot formation. Hemorrhoidal veins are blocked and severe pain occurs.

According to the doctors, all sorts of compressions, frictions, and untreated bleeding can be at the origin of this pathology. This hemorrhoidal condition particularly affects pregnant women or people who are overweight or overweight. This does not prevent everyone from falling victim to this unpleasant crisis.


The bleeding from the anus is a frequent reason for consultation. Typically, it is red blood, occurring at the end of the saddle.

The bleeding is of varying importance, splashing the bowl, or dripping, or simply visible on the paper. It is intermittent and has the characteristic of automatically giving up during the occlusion of the anus after defecation. This bleeding is, contrary to the idea received, painless and this unlike bleeding related to the anal fissure. Also, it is usually compensated by the body so that the occurrence of anemia is rare.

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots
Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots

The haemorrhoidal origin of the bleeding should only be confirmed after removal of an overlying lesion, in particular by the total colonoscopy to be performed in all subjects over 40 years of age or with a personal or family history, or symptoms abnormal calls (transit troubles, glairous emissions, slimming, etc.).

The treatment of haemorrhoidal bleeding is based first of all on the regularization of intestinal transit and the topical. Otherwise, it uses several instrumental techniques: sclerosis, infrared photocoagulation, and ligature. Surgery is considered a last resort.

Solutions to adopt

You have two options to cure this discomfort. The first is to adopt creams and the second solution is surgery. Know that at some point, hemorrhoidal thrombosis is difficult to treat, that’s why doctors suggest surgical treatment or hemorrhoidectomy. However, the success rate of this operation does not exceed 70%, not counting the harmful side effects related to the surgery itself.

With regard to hemorrhoidal creams, it is best to use suitable products for hemorrhoidal thromboses such as Hemapro cream. If possible, try to favor a balm made from natural ingredients. Once you have used this ointment, you will find that inflammation and swelling decrease considerably.

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Natural care to favor

Natural care is advocated by experts. They are always at hand, whether as prevention or to permanently cure hemorrhoidal thromboses. There is nothing complicated and new because it is the same ingredients that you use to relieve hemorrhoids. Find below some examples of natural remedies that you can try at home.

Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots
Hemorrhoidal thrombosis and hemorrhoids blood clots

Aloe Vera contains miraculous healing properties. This plant is indeed endowed with anti-inflammatory and calming properties. In no time, it reduces irritation due to hemorrhoids. To do this, you have to extract the gel and use it as a massage cream. Massage the affected area with circular motions. Repeat this procedure twice a day so that the thrombosis completely disappears. If you want to instantly eliminate pain and congestions, the suppository based on Aloe Vera juice is the most suitable solution.

Cayenne pepper is also an effective method. This ingredient provides better blood circulation in the veins and arteries. The blood vessels become more flexible and tenacious. Be aware that cayenne pepper also reduces inflammation by relieving swelling. It is better to eat it than to apply it directly to the thrombosis so as not to feel strong burns.

The ice cube application is also an effective treatment to relieve any pain and inflammation including hemorrhoidal thrombosis. Once applied, your pain subsides instantly. Ice reduces swelling by tightening the blood vessels. After a few minutes, the latter decrease in volume.

To do this, take a cloth or bag of ice where you put ice cubes. Apply directly to the sore area. Then let it work for ten minutes. Repeat this action several times a day until you notice that the pain is subsiding. If you have trouble doing it, ask someone else for help.