Hemorrhoid burst: 7 methods to treat them


Hemorrhoid burst: 7 methods to treat them

Hemorrhoids that bleed are one of the most troublesome health problems that cause a lot of anxiety.

If you want to treat bleeding hemorrhoids quickly, we suggest you discover the natural methods listed below and start applying them as soon as possible.

Hemorrhoid burst 7 methods to treat them
Hemorrhoid burst 7 methods to treat them

Causes of hemorrhoid burst

To be able to treat your bleeding hemorrhoids, you must first know and understand the causes of this bleeding and have a clear enough idea about hemorrhoid disease.

The most common cause of bleeding hemorrhoids is the unwanted rubbing of the stool with the veins of hemorrhoids that are dilated and inflamed in the event of a hemorrhoidal crisis. In the normal state, these veins have the role of transporting blood to the anal region, but if they inflate in an exaggerated way, they can, in this case, pierce and cause bleeding.

Hemorrhoids that bleed are external or internal hemorrhoids?

Recall that hemorrhoids are of two types:

  • Of external hemorrhoids that can be seen with the naked eye but this type of hemorrhoids does not always cause bleeding except in the case of thrombosis.
  • Of internal hemorrhoids that are located within the rectal wall so they are not visible but they are the major cause of anal bleeding.

How to cure hemorrhoids that bleed quickly?

Here are the best methods that you can opt for to cure your bleeding hemorrhoids in a short time.

  • Take a warm seat bath every morning
    In order to reduce the inflammation and convulsions of hemorrhoids, you can soak in a bath of warm or slightly hot water every morning for 15 to 20 minutes.

Soaking the buttocks and hips in warm water will help to significantly reduce swelling and irritation and subsequently reduce bleeding. It is also possible to add a little salt (about 30 grams) in the sitz bath that you have prepared to help heal wounds and prevent hemorrhoidal infections. After the sitz bath, wipe your hemorrhoids well with soft wipes and avoid the use of colored or scented toilet paper.

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  • Ice against bleeding hemorrhoids

Take a piece of ice, put it in a compress, then apply it on the inflamed hemorrhoids by doing a gentle massage. The swelling, pain, and inflammation will disappear immediately because of the vasoconstrictor effect of ice, and you will also notice that the bleeding will disappear little by little. However, it is advisable to avoid direct contact between ice and hemorrhoids as these can be damaged by ice.

  • Never scratch bleeding hemorrhoids

Even if you really want to scratch hemorrhoids during anal itchy cramps, try to calm down and never touch them as bleeding hemorrhoids can become much more sensitive with scraping. In case you scratch your hemorrhoids especially if you have long nails, be sure that it can cause a lot of complications like anal fissures and infections. So control your desire to scratch so you do not aggravate the bleeding and apply pieces of ice on your hemorrhoids during each attack because it can help reduce the itching.

It is known that 96% of cases of bleeding occur during the passage of stool. During a seizure, the already swollen hemorrhoidal veins cannot withstand the pressure exerted by the hard stools during their passage so they burst causing bleeding more or less important. So to combat these bleeds, you simply need to improve the quality of your stool so that it does not cause pressure or stress on the wall of hemorrhoids. To have soft and bulky stools, we advise you to use a mild laxative and made by natural ingredients. It can help you defecate normally without having to apply pressure to get the stool out which will significantly reduce bleeding.

  • Decrease the pressure on your hemorrhoid burst

To reduce hemorrhoids bleeding, it is advisable to follow some very important rules to not further damage the hemorrhoidal tissue that is responsible for bleeding. Then try to do the following things:

  1. Do not carry heavy loads.
  2. Do not force during defecation and do not spend more than 10 minutes in the toilet.
  3. Do not stand or sit for extended periods and try to change position.
  4. Never scratch the anus.
  5. Practice regular physical activity to improve blood flow to the anal area.

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  • Use Hemapro cream for hemorrhoids that bleed

Hemapro Cream is cream of unique formula indicated by specialists in the case of hemorrhoid that bleed to Hemapro cream reduce inflammation and regenerate damaged hemorrhoidal tissue. What makes this cream effective is especially its exclusively natural formula and its ingredients that have been chosen thanks to the power of their active ingredients and their effect on external and internal hemorrhoids. The essential oils of rosemary leaves and lavender, witch hazel, Arnica, menthol, and vitamin B5, which are all combined in the formula of Hemapro cream, will allow you to treat your hemorrhoids without return and reduce bleeding that will disappear completely after 10 days maximum. See more

  • Hemorrhoids Saviour against hemorrhoid burst

Hemorrhoids Saviour book is a different method to cure hemorrhoids that bleed. This is an electronic guide that was written by Janet Pfeiffer and experiments on internal and external hemorrhoids. In this book, you will find a complete solution to get rid of bleeding permanently by following specific hygienic and dietary rules. With regard to treatment methods, Janet Pfeiffer has done experiments and clinical trials with people who suffer from hemorrhoids and after being assured of the effectiveness of these methods, she wrote them in her book to help you to heal your hemorrhoids naturally away from surgeries and medications.

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