Hemorrhoid bleeding: how to react?


Hemorrhoid bleeding: how to react?
Warning! This article contains images that may affect the sensitivity of some people!

Hemorrhoid bleeding: how to react?
Hemorrhoid bleeding: how to react?

First of all, everyone knows, having hemorrhoids can become a veritable calvary. It is already very unpleasant, but when it gets complicated, life can become a real hell for the sick and even his entourage. If you have any, even if it is in the early stages, it is better to take care of them very quickly. You can read these articles which will help you to stop the evolution from the beginning:

What is bleeding hemorrhoid?

Know that bleeding when you have hemorrhoids is a complication not a disease in itself. Moreover, it is often a great fear and much anxiety. That is entirely understandable. Seeing blood in its stool is not trivial. That said, one should not be afraid, nor give in to panic. To reassure you, know that bleeding is quite common at the beginning of the hemorrhoid crisis and are not accompanied by pain. It is the inflammation that causes them. The origin of these bleeding may be internal or external, depending on the location of the swollen hemorrhoids, and are due to a lesion in the wall, usually, at the exit of the stool. Also, know that the bleeding is often very exaggerated as the blood is diluted with the fluids of the stool and it seems that it is much blood when in reality it is only a few drops. However, it is important to distinguish between haemorrhoidal bleeding and digestive bleeding, which may indicate a much greater problem than it does.

How to recognize bleeding hemorrhoid?

When you already know you have hemorrhoids, it helps a lot. However, sometimes, bleeding, especially from an internal hemorrhoid is the first sign she throws. It is, therefore, necessary to learn to distinguish bleeding hemorrhoid from digestive bleeding.

For hemorrhoidal bleeding, they may have as origins, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids or both. In the first case, it looks like a weak digestive hemorrhage. However, it is not as abundant as that, and it is not accompanied by other gastrointestinal symptoms. In the 2 nd case, the hemorrhoids are visible, and the diagnosis is one of the easiest. In the 3 rd case, know that if you have external hemorrhoids, is more likely to have internal hemorrhoids, so you have to suspect their presence.

That being said, bleeding hemorrhoid is not so severe as that, and above all it is TIGHT!

Why does hemorrhoid bleed?

Remember first what a hemorrhoid is. It is a tissue around the anus rich in blood vessels. We speak mainly of hemorrhoidal veins. This tissue is very fragile to be able to be elastic enough to fulfill its role, that is to distend at the moment of defecation. With the friction of the fecal matter against these walls, lesions or microlesions can result which will naturally bleed. It is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of burning and embarrassment. This bleeding is most frequent in case of constipation where the stools are more robust and require an extra effort to be excreted

How to avoid bleeding?

The first step is to make the right diagnosis quickly. It is necessary to detect the presence of hemorrhoids and start to treat them. Afterward, when one has them, one must know how to avoid their complications:

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Do not scratch

Do not scratch your hemorrhoids even if the itching becomes unbearable. There are creams to use to reduce this itching, and you can even resort to extreme methods like anesthetic creams or chain yourself hands to not do it impulsively.

No seating baths with hot water

Although it can provide comfort, hot water promotes dilated veins and causes hemorrhage and bleeding.

Avoid constipation

Having hard and adamant stools are the number one enemy of bleeding hemorrhoids. Indeed, when one has soft stools, the passage is made without friction by the anal zone. On the other hand, with hard stools, the resistance is quite significant, and it can even damage the wall and cause bleeding itself.

Hemorrhoids Treatment

When the leading cause of hemorrhoidal bleeding is the presence of hemorrhoidal disease, it would be simpler to treat the cause and not the symptoms.

Avoid tight clothing

When we present mainly external hemorrhoids, the wearing of the string is entirely forbidden. Know ladies, that there are very sexy panties and made from natural materials. Re-learn to love the cotton underwear; the designers have revisited the models.

How to deal with bleeding

You have seen bleeding, you know it is of hemorrhoid origin, or you suspect it because you have never been diagnosed, here are the gestures to adopt:

Do not give in to panic

Especially not! When you succumb to fear, you only make appalling decisions. We must remain calm. Stress can make things worse, and it is not what you need. Women have bleeding every month, yet they do not cry when they see blood at each menstruation.

Emergency consultation

Just because you do not panic, you can continue to plan your trip quietly and to sip your glass of wine in peace. Bleeding is an emergency regardless of its origin. The human body is supposed to keep the blood in the blood vessels and not out, at least, when we are not a woman, and we do not have her period. So take some time to get dressed, call the emergency room or a specialist, make an appointment and go for it. Do not lose another day and do not postpone next month unless it is not the first time. There you surely know what you have to do. Otherwise, we will give you other solutions!

Clean area

When there is bleeding, there is a wound. For a zone that is in direct contact with all the germs of the body, one must be twice as vigilant. So we forget the so plain, and we go to the shower. The anal zone and the genitals are washed after each passage to the toilet (even for small commissions), and water is used only or accompanied by natural soap (Marseille soap for example). We do not forget to dry well because bacteria adore wetlands.

Put ice on it

With its vasoconstrictive effect, the cold of the ice will prevent the bleeding by acting on the vessels. Also, cold will also affect the nerve endings and relieve the itching and burning sensation. However, do not apply ice directly to the area but surrounded by a soft cotton cloth.

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Use safe treatments

Do not start taking all the medicines that come in handy. If you have consulted a specialist, stick to his advice, if not, an anti-hemorrhoid cream, some analgesics, and anti-inflammatories will do the trick.

You can opt for the Hemapro solution; it is tested with proven efficacy.

Do not postpone surgery (when necessary)

If your doctor tells you about surgery, be aware that he has already exhausted all his resources and that this is the last resort. Proctological surgery is not something trivial, and the doctors know it. So, if he proposes to you, stop reporting, it will only get worse with time.

Bleeding treated, it is necessary to pay attention to its reappearance

It is not because we have no more problems that it will not come back. We must now take care to get rid of the problem definitively.

Changing lifestyle

The first thing to change is diet. We must now pay attention to what we eat. Have you considered the Paleo diet? You should. The primary goal is to fight against constipation.

You also have to think about sport. It seems that the exercises of Kegel are very well in this case.

Treating Hemorrhoids Definitely

If all the solutions you have tried have not worked, we suggest you try Hemorrhoid No More ” A simple and safe method to cure hemorrhoids in 48 hours “Against Hemorrhoids. A solution developed after nine years of fighting this problem.

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