Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!


Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!

In a typically functioning body, the rectum is lined with hemorrhoidal cushions that help control and expel the stool. These hemorrhoids are highly vascularized organs lining the surface of the rectum to provide cushioning. Pathological hemorrhoids are usually caused by prolonged diarrhea, constipation and deformity, where the pressure inside the rectum is always high. These cause hemorrhoid to become inflamed, in some cases, can project it out of the anus outside the body.

Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!
Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!

Hemorrhoids are a sensitive and embarrassing subject so often that people choose to keep quiet about it. Especially for external hemorrhoids (those that protrude from the anus), not only is it very uncomfortable to sit and move with this condition, they are also very troublesome in situations where you have to wear little or no clothes (events where there is water, medical examinations, sex) especially, sex, and more particularly, anal sex. This article examines the correlation between hemorrhoids and anal sex.

Anal sex, usually, should not be painful, but if the receiving end suffers from pathological hemorrhoids, the condition can be aggravated. Anal sex causing hemorrhoids is still a widely disputed claim. The friction and pressure caused by penetration could exacerbate existing symptoms of irritation, discomfort and even pain – and even worse if the penis and rectum are not adequately lubricated before intercourse.

Another issue regarding hemorrhoids and anal sex is the increased risk of contracting HIV infection. Anal sex already places the person at risk of contracting the virus, having hemorrhoid increases this risk, especially if there is a cut or sore in the hemorrhoids tissue. Again, the friction caused by the penetration could hurt the already sensitive hemorrhoidal muscle, and if you are not well informed about your partner’s HIV status, then he may infect you without knowing it. The use of a condom and a lubricant based on water or silicon, on the penis and the rectal area can minimize these frictions that could hurt the hemorrhoids.

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Here’s how to relieve hemorrhoidal pain during anal sex: 6 tips to get away

Sexuality is often a difficult subject, even taboo, in people who have suffered from hemorrhoids.

Indeed, hemorrhoids and sex do not necessarily mix well. Difficulties can be encountered at the physical level but also at the psychological level. Fortunately, it is possible to play down the situation by following these tips.

  • Avoid anal practices

Apparently, the first reflex is to avoid anal sex scrupulously.

Anal sex is very discouraged if you have a hemorrhoidal crisis. An excessive and repeated solicitation of the anal area will weaken the veins located in the region of the anus and rectum.
However, we know that a hemorrhoidal crisis occurs because of inflammation of these veins. As such, anal sex is one of the causes of hemorrhoids attacks.

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  • Adopt positions without anal contraction

    Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!
    Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!

Even by abstaining from any anal practice in one’s sexuality, it is sometimes difficult to obtain satisfactory relationships. Indeed, a large number of positions still solicit the anal area.

It is therefore advisable to find positions that require the least possible contractions of the area. Dialogue with your partner is therefore essential.

For example, the friction of the anal region with tissues ( including sheets ) during the act will be avoided.

Among some possible positions, we can think of the doggy but also the position where you are squatting on your partner ( no friction zone ), or any other position that you feel comfortable.

  • Respect the rules of hygiene

More than ever, if you suffer from hemorrhoids, you must respect all the basic rules of hygiene.

After the sexual act, remember to shower to rinse and thoroughly clean the anal area. Use baby wipes to avoid irritating the area.

  • Relax.

Tense muscles, especially in the rectal area, increase pressure on hemorrhoids, especially during penetration. The combined pressure of the penis and your tense muscles can make the pain worse and tear the tissue. Relax by participating in more preliminaries to relax tight muscles. You can also try a long hot bath with your partner and massage each other to increase comfort and relaxation before engaging in anal sex.

  • Lubrication.

    Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!
    Hemorrhoid and anal sex! The dangers in relation!

Unlike the vagina, the rectal canal does not produce its lubrication, so it is essential that both parts (penis and rectum) be thoroughly lubricated before engaging in sexual intercourse. This will prevent the discomfort and pain associated with the act.

  • Chat with your partner

Sexual intercourse in people with hemorrhoids can be a thorny, sometimes taboo subject. This subject can become a source of anxiety, anxiety, doubts, and questioning.

You must, therefore, foster a sincere dialogue with your partner. The goal is to discuss the situation together, without being ashamed, to negotiate the sexual act smoothly. Explain to your partner your pains, your limits and what to do and what not to do.

If this phase of dialogue is successful, it can be an element of cohesion in the couple, instead of being a severe test.

A concrete example? If you are looking for right positions despite your fits, check out the Kama Sutra as a couple and make this an intimate game.

Take advantage of this situation to build more trust and intensity in your relationships. You will not regret it!

Hemorrhoids and anal sex can coexist as long as both parties are aware of the increased risk that this activity might be for the receiving partner and put in place all possible measures to protect from pain and infection potential caused by the event.

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