How to get rid of hemorrhoids


How to get rid of hemorrhoids

How to get rid of hemorrhoids
How to get rid of hemorrhoids

If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids fast in the first place, or you are starting to get the symptoms of hemorrhoids and don’t want to get them any further, there are things you can do to prevent hemorrhoids or at least keep them from getting any worse. In fact, the vast majority of hemorrhoid sufferers manage their symptoms at home satisfactorily.

While hemorrhoids are not dangerous, they can cause significant discomfort, especially with bowel movements, are embarrassing and often itch. For these and other reasons, you need a few tips as to how to get rid of hemorrhoids without surgery:

  • Drink much water. The fluid should be something like water, juice or milk. Water adds to the fiber and increases the bulk of the stool.

Hemorrhoid Home Treatment

  • Exercise as often as you can.  The idea is to do light to moderate exercise and not to overdo it. If you do strenuous exercises and weight lifting while already having hemorrhoids, you can make the hemorrhoids worse. Instead of heavy weight lifting, which can increase the pressure in the hemorrhoidal cushions, try walking, light jogging or even swimming. Yoga is a great exercise that won’t make hemorrhoids worse.
  • Don’t sit down or stand for a long time. This means that you probably shouldn’t have a job where you are sitting behind a computer all the time or standing behind a cash register. This puts extra pressure on the hemorrhoidal cushions and increases hemorrhoids. If you work sitting down, find things to do to get yourself out of the cubicle whenever possible.
  • Stool softeners and fiber supplements are excellent. These are for people that can’t get enough fiber in their diet and need to take something more to ease bowel movements. Fiber supplements and stool softeners will do a lot make your stools softer and bulkier. Stool softeners are best used when they are used on a temporary basis.Hemroid Harry Herbal Remedy, 30 Day Supply - natural remedies hemorrhoids
  • Have comfortable bowel movements. Make the best possible atmosphere for passing stools. Try not to feel rushed about the process and make sure you go to the restroom as soon as you feel the urge. Don’t hold your breath while trying to pass stool.

If you hold the urge to stool, your stool will only harden, and that will lead to increased hemorrhoidal pressure. If you already have hemorrhoids, blot the area with a piece of wet toilet paper or a moist towelette.

  • Don’t lift heavy objects.  This applies to heavy objects on the job and heavy lifting as a part of weightlifting. If you need to lift something heavy, try not to hold your breath when you lift and get assistance from others to lift an object you should not be lifting yourself.
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  • Sit in a sitz bath. If you already have hemorrhoids, draw a warm bath with 6-8 inches of water in it. Add a cup of Epsom salts. Sit in the tub about 10-15 minutes. It can reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, get rid of hemorrhoids symptoms, and can soothe the feelings you are having with your hemorrhoids.
  • Use Non-prescription cream, ointment or suppositories. You can even use non-medicated petroleum jelly on your painful hemorrhoids.
  • Use a pain relieving pad. Put Epsom salts in a sanitary napkin and use them to cover the hemorrhoids for some relief.Do hemorrhoids go away through Diet
  • Eat more fiber. The hemorrhoids you are experiencing are a direct result of constipation. By eating more fiber, you can add more bulk to your diet and decrease the degree of illness you have. You will strain less when you have a bowel movement, and you will have less pressure on your hemorrhoids. Try avocados, apples, whole grains like bran and oats, spinach carrots, broccoli, bananas, grapefruits and oranges, to name a few.


If a fiber-rich diet is not something you are used to, increase the amount of fiber in your diet gradually. Too much fiber when you are not used to it can cause gas excess, bloating and flatulence. “Do hemorrhoids go away through Diet” provides more tips on fighting hemorrhoids through diet.

  • Try raw food diet. In raw food diet study ( says the raw food diet has helped many people to heal their hemorrhoids.Raw Food Made Fun, Easy & Beautiful

    Reverend George Malkmus of the Hallelujah Food (which is 85% raw food) says the diet cleared up his hemorrhoids.

    In my opinion, Hemorrhoids are caused by straining to push out stools. With a raw diet, you should reduce easier and therefore have less straining, so it should give them a chance to heal.

    In “Raw Food Made Fun, Easy & Beautiful Book” you will find a list of recipes treats your hemorrhoids, make sure you eliminate the cause your condition.

Try the above home remedies as they are inexpensive and can give you a chance of having relief without having expensive surgery or misery.

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