Food and sport against hemorrhoids


Food and sport against hemorrhoids

Food and sport against hemorrhoids
Food and sport against hemorrhoids

Tackling the causes

The question that plagues all patients who suffer from hemorrhoids is that of knowing how to relieve hemorrhoids. The best-known and most frequently advocated solutions for doctors are medication treatments, the use of creams or in the most extreme cases of surgical procedures.

However, this type of proposal ignores the causes of hemorrhoids. Indeed, before arriving at solutions as invasive as drugs or operations, it is necessary to know what causes the hemorrhoids and tackle these causes.

There are thus two main causes of hemorrhoids. The first is related to a poor diet that often causes the appearance of constipation.

The second important cause of hemorrhoids is sedentary life. Hemorrhoids are thus a disorder that manifests itself mainly in western society in which individuals spend most of the time in a sitting position and where the majority of people have given up physical exercise.


The first cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. But it is intrinsically linked to the diet. If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids, you must first of all take care of your diet, so it is necessary to think first of all about fiber.

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Eat fiber

The first advice to follow in order to avoid constipation is therefore to favor foods high in fiber. There are two types of dietary fiber, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber. Both types of fiber are known for their ability to soften stools and facilitate intestinal transit. Consuming fiber also helps to keep a flat stomach.

For better eating, it is necessary to know the foods high in fiber, these are found mainly in vegetables, fruits, and starches. But be careful not just any.

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What vegetables?

Fiber is found particularly in certain types of vegetables: dried vegetables such as beans, lentils, flageolets, chickpeas or peas. They are also found in cabbage, turnips, artichokes, tomatoes, leeks and celery.

What fruits?

The fibers are found in different fruits, especially in some fruits of our home such as apples, apricots, strawberries or raspberries.

Exotic fruits are also an important source of fruit, such as figs, dates, coconuts or guavas.

What starchy foods?

Finally, for starchy foods, focus on whole starchy foods: whole rice, pasta, and bulgur. For bread, same concept: eat whole grain bread.

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Physical activity

The second advice to follow to eliminate hemorrhoids is to practice regular physical activity.
Indeed, hemorrhoids are due to venous disorders therefore to disorders of the cardiovascular system. It is, therefore, necessary to practice activities that promote blood circulation.

Not all sports are recommended. This will avoid static sports which involve intense efforts limited to certain muscles. The musculation is, therefore, to be banished, in fact instead of solving the problem, it could aggravate it by causing an excessive pressure on the anal and rectal veins. Cycling or riding causes the same inconvenience.

It is, therefore, necessary to opt for the complete sports that make move the whole body in a harmonious way and without implying an extreme effort. Swimming, walking, water aerobics, yoga, breathing exercises, gentle stretching are thus some of the best options.

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