EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS: blood on toilet paper or not


EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS: blood on toilet paper or not

Hemorrhoids are dilations and swellings of the vessels located in the rectum and anus. This is a common benign pathology, as 86% of people have had or will have hemorrhoids at least once in their life. There are external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. What are the differences between the two?

EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS: blood on toilet paper or not
EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS: blood on toilet paper or not

Can we observe, in the case of external hemorrhoids, bleeding or not? This is what we will see.

Differences between internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids

The Hemorrhoids occur when the veins in the anal region swell and the area that supports the weakened, let them out. There are internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the rectum. Thrombosis (presence of a blood clot inside) at this level is very rare. External hemorrhoids form under the skin, directly in the anus and they can swell up to become very painful. Thrombosis of external hemorrhoids is common and results in swelling.

Is there bleeding in case of external hemorrhoids?

EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS blood on toilet paper or not
EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS blood on toilet paper or not

Hemorrhoids can bleed after efforts made during a washroom. We find in this case either traces of red blood or real bleeding. Bleeding of varying importance depending on the stage are sometimes observed in the case of internal hemorrhoids. In contrast, bleeding is common in external hemorrhoids. It results in the emission of bright red blood after each bowel movement. Itching and anal burns accompany it. If the bleeding persists, it becomes urgent to consult a doctor, mainly to avoid anemia.


Burns, itching, bleeding and discomfort in the anal area … Frequent and sometimes severe, hemorrhoids affect the quality of life of millions of people who suffer from it. Although there are natural remedies for treating them, it is better to consult your doctor or a proctologist if external hemorrhoids persist. He will explain how to take care of them and avoid the risk of recurrence.

Causes and symptoms of external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are called when the veins of the anal area just under the skin are abnormally dilated. They are distinguished from internal hemorrhoids, located deeper. This permanent dilatation can be caused by constipation, pregnancy or repeated rubbing. In addition to swollen veins, external hemorrhoids manifest as burning, itching, and bleeding, especially during defecation.

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Treatment of external hemorrhoids

EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS blood on toilet paper or not
EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS blood on toilet paper or not

Generally, the attacks last a few days and the symptoms disappear spontaneously. However, sometimes a blood clot forms in the rectum, causing severe pain and stool evacuation (hemorrhoidal thrombosis). The doctor prescribes analgesics to soothe the pain and emollient laxatives to soften the stool. Surgery is sometimes necessary. Performed under local anesthesia, it involves making an incision using a scalpel to release the hematoma.

Management of external hemorrhoids

Generally, external hemorrhoids are more natural to treat than internal hemorrhoids. A few simple gestures make it possible to heal them yourself. Hygiene is fundamental. You must take a bath or shower a day, without necessarily soaping the anal area. In case of itching, apply cold compresses on the dilated vein for 10 minutes, between 3 and four times a day. It is advisable to wear cotton underwear. Also, watch your diet. Avoid alcohol, coffee, and spices that can cause itching. Be aware that recurrences are quite frequent.

Surgical treatment of external hemorrhoids

In the most severe cases, surgery is indicated. It is necessary when a blood clot has formed in the anal area. The operation must be performed less than 72 hours after the appearance of the first symptoms.

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Painful and troublesome, hemorrhoids often worry but do not usually cause complications. Some patients are reluctant to talk to their doctor because the anal area is an intimate area. Several natural treatments can cure external hemorrhoids yourself.

EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS blood on toilet paper or not
EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS blood on toilet paper or not

Essential oils, beneficial effects of treating external hemorrhoids

Several essential oils have anti-inflammatory and healing properties, for example, lavender oil and cypress oil. Peppermint oil is also used for its analgesic and vasoconstrictor action. It helps to reduce the size of dilated veins that cause itching and bleeding. It is recommended to introduce 30 drops of each of these oils in a bottle containing 50 ml of jojoba oil, then apply the resulting solution directly to the veins.

Witch hazel and red vine, natural remedies against external hemorrhoids

Poor blood circulation in the anal area is the cause of hemorrhoids. Witch hazel and red vine are plants used to treat hemorrhoids because they improve the resistance of the veins and have a vasoconstrictor effect. They are taken as an infusion. The red vine leaves should be picked in autumn because their red pigments make their action more effective.

Horse chestnut, veinotonic virtues that relieve external hemorrhoids

Horse chestnut is widely used to treat venous disorders in general, including external hemorrhoids. It is appreciated for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and vasoconstrictive action. It exists in the form of a cream, capsule, and can be taken as an infusion.

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