Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids: The Complete Guide to Healing


Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids: The Complete Guide to Healing

Hemorrhoidal seizures are extremely common and hurt a lot of people.

Of these, many are looking for all-natural methods to relieve pain. The use of essential oils is, therefore, an excellent way to fight the crises gently, benefiting from the many benefits that nature and plants offer us.

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Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids: The Complete Guide to Healing
Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids: The Complete Guide to Healing

The interest of essential oils to treat hemorrhoids

Essential oils have existed since Antiquity, where their importance and usefulness were recognized very early. The essential oil is a liquid extract of an aromatic plant. It is also known as aromatic essence. Essential oils are precious because of their method of obtaining and the molecules they contain. Indeed, they include scents or light aromas and potent effects.

Essential oils are obtained either by extraction or by steam distillation. All the elements of an aromatic plant come into play. Thus, depending on the properties, we use the fruit, the root, the leaves or even the bark of the plant.

Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids
Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids

The effects of essential oils on health are very beneficial and can treat many complications in a completely natural way. This type of use is called aromatherapy. The method consists of using a given essence to address a specific problem, by dermal application or orally. The virtues of essential oils are universal. There are also more than a hundred with each of its particular properties. As an example, mention may be made of ginger, lemongrass or cinnamon oil.

As for essential oils for hemorrhoids, they follow the same logic as other oils, and their use is to relieve pain. Using essential oils is, therefore, part of the advice that can be given to fight against hemorrhoids.

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How to cure hemorrhoids with essential oils?

There are many essential oils for hemorrhoids. However, we will only focus on the best known and most effective ones:

  • The essential oil of cypress;
  • The essential oil of myrtle;
  • Lavender essential oil;
  • Pistachio lentisk essential oil;
  • The essential oil of cistus ladaniferous;
  • Geranium essential oil;
  • The essential oil of juniper.

All these essential oils are often supplemented when treated with some vegetable oils, such as vegetable oil or wheat germ or vegetable oil of calophyll.

Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids
Essential Oils and Hemorrhoids

In most cases, the treatment is to apply a few drops (between 5 and 20) of these essential oils, sometimes mixed with vegetable oils, on the sore area, in this case, the anus. Depending on the nature of the treatment, it may also be advisable to drink a few drops. Anyway, it is desirable to inquire suitably with an expert to know the dosage and especially the duration of the treatment.

The use of aromatherapy to treat hemorrhoids is a proven method, which has the advantage of being rigorously natural. It avoids drugs and surgery.

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