Cure hemorrhoids: it is very easy with this remedy


Cure hemorrhoids: The victims of hemorrhoidal disease are very numerous. One in two people in the world suffers from this condition at least once in his life even before the age of 40 years. The majority of patients who have tried to cure hemorrhoids by drugs and surgery have noticed the signs of the disease have not disappeared completely or they have appeared again after some time. It is for this reason that the victims of hemorrhoid episodes chose to cure hemorrhoids naturally. The natural method is the only one that gave entire satisfaction to patients because it is the only way to cure hemorrhoids permanently.

So how to cure hemorrhoids naturally without surgery and without using drugs?

Be careful to dry stool!

cure hemorrhoids
cure hemorrhoids

Cure hemorrhoidsIf you are about to treat hemorrhoids, you should pay attention first of all to a critical point, we are talking about dry, hard stools, where they exist, they can cause discomfort and stress during defecation. Moreover, if this problem occurs often, then know that it can easily cause hemorrhoids crises. To cure hemorrhoids naturally, it is imperative to avoid dry stool sufficiently hydrating your body. A person does not consume enough fluids and does not follow a diet that contains fiber, may have difficulty when passing stools. These must be removed from the body at least four times a week and should be of reasonable consistency; that is to murmur. On the contrary, case, if the stools become dry and difficult to evacuate, there will be increased pressure in the rectum and pain that occurs due to the forces exerted by the person during defecation. This results in the following by irritation and suffering in the first place and an irreversible extérioration of Second hemorrhoids. If you face a problem like this, you are advised to drink enough fluids such as juice (kiwi, mango, carrot or strawberry), soups, teas, in addition to water. You will notice that it will help you to cure hemorrhoids naturally.

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How to treat external hemorrhoids naturally by massage?

Massage by essential oils is extremely beneficial to cure hemorrhoids. It is recommended to try them by patients who want to know how to treat external hemorrhoids naturally. Want to know which essential oils to use and how to cure hemorrhoids using this method? Read on to the end.

Aromatherapy is a treatment method widely used in the world that is based on the treatment of diseases and essential aromatic oils. It has been proven that aromatherapy can also be used to treat internal or external hemorrhoids. In such cases, the patient may appeal to some types of oils as well defined the following essential and aromatic oils:

  • Essential oil of mastic: This is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic which has active venous decongestant properties. Very beneficial against varicose veins and hemorrhoids to heal.
  • Cypress essential oil: It is a potent analgesic which helps greatly to relieve pain.
  • Rockrose essential oil ladanifère: It is a powerful healing and excellent anti-haemorrhagic.
  • Geranium essential oil: This is healing, analgesic, disinfectant and powerful used to treat hemorrhoids naturally.
  • Oil of St. John’s Wort: Possesses powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It also helps to protect the capillary vessels in the anus.

Cure hemorrhoids naturallyFor instructions for use, if you have all the oils mentioned above, then you can make a cocktail in which you put two drops of the first four oils that we have cited more than ten drops of essential oil St. John’s wort. Mix the oil five carefully, then make a circular massage hemorrhoids with this cocktail. Cure hemorrhoids naturally always remained an ambiguous question, but the remedy became very apparent with this magic method. So try it immediately if you want to cure hemorrhoids quickly.

How to cure hemorrhoids naturally avoiding the lack of activity?

To cure hemorrhoids fast, you are called TO AVOID maximum states of stagnation and become active! Remember that physical activity is extremely beneficial for your health, and it can also prevent you from many diseases especially those related to poor blood circulation as hemorrhoids. If you are an inactive person who always finds excuses for not doing physical activities, if you spend most of your time sitting in a chair, if you sleep more than 10 hours a day, so it makes sense in this case you have hemorrhoids. The disease usually appears in inactive because blood circulates poorly in their bodies and may even stagnate in some veins as hemorrhoidal veins. To find an effective solution to your problem, which is to cure hemorrhoids, you need to practice sports to promote your bloodstream.

You then have to motivate and try to pass your inactive, sedentary lifestyle to a new active and energetic lifestyle. Do not be afraid because it will not complicate the signs of hemorrhoids but the contrary. You just consider that you should not force yourself and everything will be okay.

Note that this is not valid during the crisis of Hemorrhoids because at the time of the crisis, we must relax to the fullest and never engage in further efforts. This method rather serves to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

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Can you cure hemorrhoids through diet?

Cure hemorrhoids through dietYes it is possible! Hemorrhoid treatment does not require necessarily pass by medication or surgery. This can be treated by simple practices based on the first power supply. The foods we eat can either help us cure diseases and prevent or cause disorders and diseases such as hemorrhoids. Then we must choose our diet in order to help your body function well instead of causing him harm.

To cure hemorrhoids, you should avoid some foods that can have adverse effects on your health. Here are foods to avoid:

  • spicy foods
  • Fast food
  • Poor fiber foods
  • Foods that cause constipation such as soft drinks and chocolate
  • Foods containing high levels of caffeine
  • Alcohol and tobacco

Some foods recommended to treat hemorrhoids:

  • full grain
  • legumes
  • Fresh fruit (plums, figs, strawberries, raspberries)
  • fresh vegetables (potatoes, broccoli, artichokes, parsley)
  • Dried fruit
  • Any food rich in fiber (bran, oats)
  • Liquids (water, fresh juices, herbal teas)