Cold Treatment of Cryostat for Hemorrhoids

The Revolutionary New Cryostat is here to extinguish the fire when it comes to hemorrhoids by treating them on contact with cold treatment that has proven professional experience of providing instant help without the mess.

Cold Treatment of Cryostat for Hemorrhoids
Cold Treatment of Cryostat for Hemorrhoids

“Cryostat applies the principles of cryotherapy as a complement or primary treatment for symptomatic hemorrhoids.”

Easy to use, without messy or unpleasant odor, Cryostat lenses swell with cooling comfort to provide prompt soothing itching, burning, pain, and swelling caused by hemorrhoids. Cold Treatment has long been identified as an effective way to reduce swell on all parts of the fuselage. From a mother who ice-teeth a baby clogs to a boxer glancing at a swollen eye, cold treatment is universally known as an efficient method of relaxing discomfort and reducing swelling. However, so far, there was no simple method for hemorrhoid sufferers to apply cryotherapy.

Cold Treatment of Cryostat for Hemorrhoids
Cold Treatment of Cryostat for Hemorrhoids

“Treatment Cold Aids provide analgesia by reducing blood flow and reducing cellular metabolism, as well as decreasing sensory and visual sensitivity,” said Dr. Bartley Pickron, Colon and Rectal Surgeon, at The Methodist Hospital and the Texas Women’s Hospital in Houston. “Cold Treatment also reduces tissue swelling and edema by producing local vasoconstriction. ”

Hemorrhoids (also known as “stack”) are the swollen veins in the lower rectum or anus. The veins themselves are present in every person, but they become only a problem when they increase and do not contract naturally. Signs of hemorrhoids include itching, pain, especially while resting, blood bright red on toilet paper, stool or toilet bowl and painful defecations. Although hemorrhoids are responsible for these symptoms, more severe conditions such as colorectal cancer may present in a similar way. For this reason,

Cold Treatment of Cryostat for Hemorrhoids
Cold Treatment of Cryostat for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the most simple benign afflictions in the US and other developed countries,” Pickron said. “Hemorrhoids are usually a result of lack of dietary fiber and inadequate liquid intake. They can also occur due to pregnancy, childbirth, diarrhea and constipation. While many non-prescription and prescription remedies exist, many of these claims can be messy, uncomfortable and awkward to use, and some have unexpected side effects. ”

The Cryostat Nine provides instant, soothing relief that is disposable and practical without messy gels, creams or wipes. The cold treatment package is surrounded by a soft and comfortable fabric. It is non-invasive and easy to use.

In a recent study corrosion pit cryostat against other major brands, the Cryostat has gained hands down, as consumers calibrated it easiest to apply, less messy and the fastest relief. “First I was not too sure about it,” a Cryostat user said. “Then once I tried it, I was amazed at the truly INSTANT relief. No more mess, no agitation, so easy to use. ”

The cryostat can be used alone or as an addition to other hemorrhoid claims.

“Cryostat applies the principles of cryotherapy as a complement or primary treatment for symptomatic hemorrhoids,” said Dr. Pickron. “My experience with using Cryostat in postoperative anal surgery indicates that many patients are quite satisfied with the ease of its use with standard postoperative pain measurements. ”

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Customer Reviews

“I used these after having a baby, not for hemorrhoids but just for the cooling effect down there. Put one in my underwear while lounging, and it helped the swelling. The hospital made ice diapers, but this was easy and reusable if you put a cloth over it to keep it clean.” By HG.

“This is an excellent product to help shrink hemorrhoids. I feel almost immediate relief after using for a day.”By Reader.

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