Can we do sports with hemorrhoids?


Can we do sports with hemorrhoids?

The hemorrhoids are caused by poor blood circulation, as well as additional factors, such as constipation or stress that affects the part of the body where they are. Exercise will always have a beneficial effect since activity is a good way to stimulate blood flow back. However, when the hemorrhoids have come out, you must take some precautions. Can we do sports with hemorrhoids? Detailed answer …

Can we do sports with hemorrhoids?
Can we do sports with hemorrhoids?

Instructions :

1.When you have highly inflamed hemorrhoids, the type of exercises that works best are stretches, but never those that pull on the anus area. Stretch all the upper parts of the pelvis, such as the neck, arms, and shoulders.

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2.If you have hemorrhoids, but in a condition that allows you to move without excessive pain, the best for you is to do cardiovascular exercise. For this, Swimming is an ideal sport, because it will allow you to move without tolerating gravity and you will favor the blood circulation.

3.Another exercise you can do if you have hemorrhoids, these are the Kegel exercises. Among the many benefits that this increasingly popular activity has, precisely because of its potential to achieve a healthier lifestyle, is the improvement of hemorrhoids. It may be difficult to get there at first, but with practice, it will be easier.

4.If you tend to have hemorrhoids, you should run away from activities that require you to make an intense and short effort in time that could trigger a flare. For example, it is not advisable to lift weights if you suffer from this disease in a permanent way.

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5.The practice of yoga: if you have hemorrhoids is strongly recommended. In this activity, you will necessarily develop a series of movements that involves stretching the different muscle groups of the body. Moreover, yoga will also help you lose weight, and if you lose weight, you reduce the chances of suffering from a hemorrhoid surge.

6.In general, by paying attention to your diet and by exercising, your hemorrhoids will appear less and less frequently.

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