Baking soda to relieve external hemorrhoids


Baking soda to relieve external hemorrhoids: Our grandmothers have always managed to solve most of the health problems with products that are mainly found in the kitchen. Since they spent most of their time between the stoves and doing housework, household products, and cooking ingredients no longer hold any secrets for them. Besides, one of the flagship products that our grandmothers use everywhere is baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, or the so-called “baking soda” in the United States. From clothes to the deepest of our bodies, this product is perhaps The magic powder for everything!

Baking soda to relieve external hemorrhoids
Baking soda to relieve external hemorrhoids

What is baking soda?

Baking soda is not a natural product, and yet it counts among natural remedies since it does not require many components. In fact, it is a chemical compound having the raw formula NaHCO3. It is a white powder that is cooked with all kinds of dishes, or at least it is its primary function.

It is mainly found in specialist pastry shops or supermarkets in the pastry department. It should not be confused with the product sold on the shelves of household products because the latter is a toxic and highly corrosive product.

It can also be found in pharmacies in several forms. It is used to alkalize blood pH in a medical setting. So if the doctors use it, our grandmothers were not wrong in relying on him to solve many problems.

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What are the virtues of baking soda to naturally treat hemorrhoids?

One of the uses of baking soda is the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is mainly external hemorrhoids, but if added to the diet, it can even act on internal hemorrhoids. In fact, when one becomes acquainted with his virtues, one understands how he works:

For fast digestion:

Baking soda helps a lot in digestion by degrading food much more quickly. Indeed, it stimulates the enzymes of the pancreas and the liver that protect the intestinal mucosa. As a result, it not only facilitates digestion but also protects against acid reflux. However, since it mixes with water it produces CO2 bubbles, it is possible to have some gasses, but nothing abnormal or extraordinary. It is still very moderate gasses that will not create a problem.

For better-cooked foods:

By adding it to the cooking food, baking soda speeds up the mechanism. Moreover, it is widely used in canteens, and university restaurants gave the vast quantities that are cooked at the same time. However, it does not degrade the nutritional value of foods and keeps all the benefits of these foods.

To eliminate itching:

This miracle powder acts locally on dermal itching and soothes it.

To calm the pain:

This pastry product also works on pain. Indeed, it has a small analgesic effect on the skin. However, to have a good result, it must be used locally.

To soothe burns:

It is an old grandmother’s recipe to put baking soda on burns. This powder not only reduces the pain induced by the burn, but also has an anti-inflammatory effect that acts on the area, so softening the inflammation caused by a superficial burn. However, be aware that it can be very desiccant when drying and should not be applied long on the skin.

For better hydration:

Perhaps because it regulates pH, baking soda is often used to moisturize the skin. It can even be used as an exfoliator, thus eliminating impurities and letting the skin breathe. Skin that breathes is a hydrated skin.

To purify and disinfect:

Yes, to disinfect it is to purify. If sodium bicarbonate is used as a household product and also to clean up the tasks, it is because it acts as a disinfectant. Also, it is sometimes used as a natural soap to disinfect hands and also in oral care. In a dental environment, it removes plaque and prevents caries. It is therefore without surprises that it can be used to disinfect the anal area in case of hemorrhoids. It is a natural product although manufactured in the laboratory so it can not do any harm. Moreover, since the anal area is an area very prone to impurities and infections, a natural product that can disinfect it can only be welcome in the fight against hemorrhoids.

To neutralize the pH:

PH is above all a chemical measure of the activity of H + ions. More commonly, it is the measurement of the acidity of a solution. When we talk about skin and mucous membranes, every part of the body has its properties, including its pH. For the anus, for example, its mucous membranes require a neutral pH. An acid medium is a medium that promotes irritations, burning sensations, and itching. Bicarbonate of soda allows this medium to keep and resume its chemical neutrality. Which brings us to the following point:

To soften irritations:

Indeed, by neutralizing the pH in this particular area that is the anal mucosa, baking soda softens irritations and prevents burning sensations.

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How to use baking soda when you have hemorrhoids?

After praising the virtues of baking soda, it is time to have the right recipes from grandmothers who actually and efficiently help to have all of these benefits cited above. However, be aware that these methods are not made to relieve hemorrhoids by themselves. You need to combine the tips to get rid of hemorrhoids.

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In ointment:

The best use for a relatively concentrated dose is to use sodium bicarbonate as a topical cream. This technique is done especially for external or hanging hemorrhoids. You only need water, a compress and of course, the flagship product, baking soda. Simply mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a little water until you get a creamy paste. Be careful not to leave the dough very grainy. The best is to use hot water because it softens the bicarbonate particles and dissolves them. It is then necessary to apply the cream obtained using the compressor squarely with the fingers after disinfecting the hands. Besides, you can use baking soda to clean your hands too.

Then let it work for a maximum of 15 minutes and wash well. The paste can dry the area and make it worse, so you should not leave it for more than 15 minutes or wash as soon as you feel that it starts to pull a little on the skin. The goal is to relieve you not to create another problem.

You can also massage yourself slowly with the compress while taking gentle gestures without pressing. Besides, you are wrong to think that by pushing you will introduce the preparation more quickly. The skin adopts its absorption rate and must be allowed to do so. Massage in circular and slow movements to stimulate the pores.

Intimate soap:

As women know, baking soda alkalizes pH and often use it in the case of fungal infections or private irritations. It acts the same way with hemorrhoids. Simply mix it with a little water and use it after each passage to the toilet. It disinfects, hydrates and soothes!

You can also use a washcloth with water to bicarbonate of soda to massage you a bit with after passing the stool. However, be sure to clean the glove thoroughly after each use. Besides, you can also use baking soda to disinfect the washcloth … Yes, it does everything!

In the bath of seat:

The seat bath … the best method to use against hemorrhoids. Although it is possible to make a good seat bath with only water, adding a few spoons of baking soda to the water will bring you only good. It will soothe more itch and offer you a satisfaction that lasts longer.

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