Are hemorrhoids itchy: do you have to worry?


Are hemorrhoids itchy: do you have to worry?

The problems in the anal area are common and many people will experience anal itching, pain or bleeding at some point in their lives. Often minor, these problems can go away alone or with treatment.

The itching of the anus is a source of discomfort and occurs when the skin around the anus is irritated. They are felt around and just inside the anus, forcing the person with itching to scratch.

Are hemorrhoids itchy
Are hemorrhoids itchy

“When you have the hemorrhoidal disease, pain, or pruritus, it is often after a long period, so there is usually a delay in diagnosis, and among these chronic pain are some of the conditions that There are cancers of the anus, there are very chronic fistulas that can carcinize.

“The diagnosis that everyone knows is the diagnosis of hemorrhoids, so there is an overdiagnosis especially in the absence of clinical examination, which leads to the diagnosis of hemorrhoidal disease when it is another You do not have to worry about everyone saying that they are scratching themselves, they have cancer, but you have to consult and do a physical examination, and among the quality criteria of the consultation, there is There are two strategies: some people consult other professionals than they know, while others can only do this with people they know and trust Both strategies are possible.

Are hemorrhoids itchy
Are hemorrhoids itchy

“In the case of itching, the problem is not to say ‘ it scrapes me ‘, the problem is to know why it’s scratching, itching can be a disease in itself, it’s a disease that is As we do not know the cause, we speak of essential anal pruritus which means that it scratches is the anus and we do not know the cause … There is a degradation of the quality of life because it repeats itself.

“In the vast majority of cases, it is true that the most common pathology remains hemorrhoids but there are others. The 400 or 500 colo-proctologists of France can not fully meet the demand. Transient pains: when this lasts, and the attending physician does not know or the attending physician does not examine, which should become more and more rare, in this case, it is necessary first to a gastroenterologist. ”

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Evolution and possible complications

If anal itching is not supported, the skin of the anal area may look red, the itching may make the skin look thicker and white. Over time, with itching, skin lesions can appear and cause bleeding and promote infections.

In the most advanced cases, irritation can extend from the anus to the scrotum in men or the vulva in women.

The itching due to hemorrhoids is likely to be accompanied by bleeding and pain in the saddle or daily.

Treatment and prevention: relieve the itching of the anus

The treatment of itching of the anus depends on the cause of the irritation.

Are hemorrhoids itchy
Are hemorrhoids itchy

In some cases, it may simply be a matter of getting better hygiene by gently cleaning the area after each defecation with mild soap or water. It is advisable to avoid in this case to use scented soaps or even scented toilet paper. In all cases, careful hygiene is recommended to prevent the appearance or spread of infections (nail size, hand washing, etc.).

If the doctor suspects the involvement of intestinal worms ( pinworms ), he can perform a “scotch test” to check their presence at the exit of the rectum. The worms are sometimes visible to the naked eye, especially in the evening. If the test is positive, the treatment consists of a vermifuge, usually orally, to eliminate eggs and larvae.

Note also that an adapted diet can prevent constipation. On the contrary, reducing the consumption of foods (such as tea or coffee) promotes defecation, and may accompany treatment.

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