Are hemorrhoids contagious and hereditary?


Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary?

We can not say that the subject is one of the easiest to tackle. Talking about hemorrhoids is even taboo! As a result, a certain amount of nonsense circulates on the subject and the remedies (sometimes very simple and natural) are little known. And yet, one in two people over 50 has already had one.

Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary?
Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary?

No, hemorrhoids are not a disease

So it is not contagious either! In reality, hemorrhoids, everyone has them. These are blood vessels lining the wall of the anus and the lower part of the rectum. We should rather speak of hemorrhoidal crisis that occurs in case of inflammation of these veins and can cause itching, pain, and bleeding.

What are they due to?

The list of possible causes is long. The most common is constipation. But they can also be due to excessive consumption of certain foods, such as pepper, alcohol, coffee, certain medications, overwork, a family predisposition, a way of life that is too sedentary, obesity, the practice of certain sports such as cycling, riding or motorcycle, etc.

Who is concerned?

Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary
Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary

Everybody! This inflammation is still less common in children. It affects more often constipated people and women who are pregnant or have just given birth.

Hemorrhoids, it’s not a disease!

Hemorrhoids, because they touch a part of the intimate body ( the anus and the rectum ), are often a taboo subject.

Many legends, false ideas, and prejudices continue to be conveyed year after year.

This is a shame because hemorrhoids are anything but serious.

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Hemorrhoids: an unknown pathology

Most people do not know what hemorrhoids really are. Knowing that hemorrhoids affect the anal area is usually enough to annoy or even disgust most people.

As a result, false ideas continue to spread year after year, causing great harm to people affected by hemorrhoids. So it’s really time, to tell the truth about hemorrhoids:

Many prejudices circulate on hemorrhoids. Among these, the idea that hemorrhoids are contagious is tenacious. It is not so.

Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary
Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary

Feeling afraid to go to a public washroom? On the issue of hemorrhoids, you have nothing to fear! Catching or transmitting hemorrhoids is impossible, not even during your sexual intercourse. Others believe that contagiousness is real only in the presence of hemorrhoids that bleed. It does not change the situation. However, if you carry the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-AIDS) or other blood-borne infections, there is a risk of contaminating another person, but not hemorrhoids.

Remember that hemorrhoids are completely physiological rectal veins. They become pathological when they are compressed or when blood stasis appears.

If the character of contagion does not exist, the question of heredity in the development of hemorrhoids is entire. However, clinical studies suggest that sharing a similar lifestyle predisposes a family to a hemorrhoidal state. For example, families who eat a lot of meat or who are culturally inclined to stay in the toilet for a long time will be more likely to report a hemorrhoidal condition. I advise you, in this case, to change your lifestyle by changing the diet (more dietary fiber, less meat …) or everyday behaviors (sports risk, irritating toilet paper …).

Hemorrhoids are not contagious but heredity and lifestyle have a significant impact on hemorrhoidal disease. Common sense and lifestyle changes will have a beneficial impact on the development of this disease.

Is hemorrhoid contagious between spouses?

Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary
Are hemorrhoids contagious and Hereditary

Hemorrhoids can be hereditary, but not contagious. If we want to compare them to something visible to the naked eye, hemorrhoids are varicose veins.
However, they are either inside the large intestine (close to the anal orifice) or squarely on the edges of the anus.

These veins are engorged with blood. They occur after a lot of effort, from giving birth to a woman, sitting for a long time, to the consumption of pepper, coffee, and other spices.
Hemorrhoids that come out after childbirth fade themselves in principle and do not even require treatment.

The rest of the hemorrhoids heal after taking pharmaceutical treatments.
Otherwise, they require one or more surgical procedures.

However, these crises must be taken seriously because they are extremely painful. Moreover, it can be difficult to get rid of it. Fortunately, solutions exist, such as the Hemorrhoid No More Reviews! ” A simple and safe method to cure hemorrhoids in 48 hours “ presented on this page. It was the treatment that allowed me to get rid of my seizures after several years of suffering.

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