Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids


Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a pathology about which few people are able to converse and even fewer people will admit to suffering. Hemorrhoids can take many forms (painful), but the most common varieties are those that are on the rectum or around the anus. Here are some tips for treating them with ice cider vinegar, baths or other methods.

Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids
Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are not visible because they are located a little inside the rectum. Although they may not cause much pain, they may be the cause of a large amount of internal bleeding, which, let’s face it, is an unfortunate inconvenience.

External hemorrhoids are better known by most people. They are located just under the skin around the anus. As this area contains many more pain receptors than the rectum, external hemorrhoids tend to do a lot more harm than internal hemorrhoids. Nor is it unusual for them to cause bleeding.

Are hemorrhoids common?

Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids
Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids

In most cases, the presence of hemorrhoids does not cause symptoms. And most people start worrying about it only when they feel it. The most common symptoms are pain and bleeding.

Why do not these symptoms appear in all cases of hemorrhoids? Simply because they occur only when hemorrhoids undergo inflammation. It is only then that we realize their presence. Inflamed, they become bigger and more painful.

It’s surprising, but everyone has hemorrhoids. However, it is only when their pressure becomes excessive or when they are subject to bursting that they become problematic. It is estimated that half of the US population suffers from inflamed hemorrhoids and 10% of those involved will have surgery to remove them.

Clearly, whether your hemorrhoids are inflamed or not, you want to see them disappear as quickly as possible. And, if possible, you want your remedy to be natural, as well as avoiding a particularly unpleasant visit to your doctor. It is here that apple cider vinegar comes into play.

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The Virtues and Benefits of Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very old remedy to rediscover and use on many occasions for its many health benefits. It is said that in the fourth century BC, Hippocrates, a very emblematic figure in the history of medicine, regularly prescribed cider vinegar to his patients to treat sore throats, fatigue, arthritis and also as a disinfectant.

Formerly, the ancients called it ” The elixir of youth And rightly so, as its daily use improved health, prolonged their lives and kept the disease away.

As an old saying goes: ” Morning apple keeps the doctor away “.

In fact, an American doctor, Dr. Jarvis, did a study on the benefits of cider vinegar. He noticed that some of his patients were getting rid of certain ailments. In addition, he also noted that his patients, consumers of this vinegar, had a longer life than average.

The making of real cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids
Apple cider vinegar and hemorrhoids

The magic ingredient to create this vinegar is the apple. This fruit is naturally rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, C and P), enzymes, essential acids, minerals, and trace elements. It also contains a good dose of pectin.

The authentic cider vinegar, 100% natural, is aged in oak casks for 10 to 12 months at a controlled temperature and is not pasteurized.

Rich in vitamins and mineral salts Apple

cider vinegar is a mild and light vinegar. Its concentration of acetic acid is 5%. Just like the apple, it contains more than thirty nutrients: minerals, vitamins: A (or retinol), B1 (or thiamine), B2 (or riboflavin), B3 (or vitamin PP, niacin or nicotinic acid ) and C (or ascorbic acid), essential acids, several enzymes and a high dose of pectin. It is particularly rich in potassium and other trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon, boron, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.

Effective treatment with cider vinegar against hemorrhoids

Apple cider vinegar has for some time been one of the stars of horizon wellness. We have explained how it can make an excellent natural treatment against sunburn and candidiasis, a great way to lose weight and a powerful elixir against night leg cramps and low blood pressure. If you take into account all the wonderful uses for which it is intended, it is not surprising that apple cider vinegar can also be an effective treatment against hemorrhoids.

It’s unclear exactly why apple cider vinegar works on hemorrhoids, but there are many anecdotes that suggest it is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids. Let’s review the different ways you can use apple cider vinegar against hemorrhoids.

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Can apple cider vinegar make your hemorrhoids worse?

It is possible that apple cider vinegar makes your hemorrhoids worse, however, empirical evidence suggests that this is rare. A good way to do this is to simply use a small amount of apple cider vinegar at the beginning of the treatment. Then increase the concentration until you reach the point where the affected area begins to be painful. This remedy is not a medically confirmed remedy, it is always good to consult your doctor. Consult a professional if you have doubts, if you lose a lot of blood or if you feel acute pain.

Did apple cider vinegar help you with your hemorrhoids? Are there other tips we would not have mentioned? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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