Anal fissure treatment home remedy


Anal fissure treatment home remedy: 4 remedies that relieve and treat this sore

When we talk about a wound, we talk about the fact that it is a tearing of the skin of the anus, but also because it can be hard to live on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this problem that is caused by intestinal disorders, an excessive contraction of the sphincter or even a poor vascularization of this area is not so rare as one might think (the subject is merely taboo). After hemorrhoids, it is the second most common condition in this part of the body in an adult, and the most severe cases can lead to surgery. Less severe cases are already very painful. Here are some tips and remedies for a grandmother to apply in case of a crack.

Anal fissure treatment home remedy
Anal fissure treatment home remedy

1) Some tips, the base of the base!

  • Bet on great hydration: drink plenty of water! Avoid caffeine and alcohol that dehydrate.
  • Food is often involved (by inducing chronic constipation), we must revisit a little. Consume more fiber and polyunsaturated fatty acids and avoid gluten or chili. Five foods are not recommended: chocolate (unfortunately), tomatoes, wheat, eggs and dairy products.
  • Avoid using too much soap in this area even if daily cleaning is advised, especially after going to the seat where you can do a sitz bath or massage / rinse with the shower jet.
  • Opt for a soft, unscented and quality toilet paper (this would not be a luxury …). Pre-moistened wipes may also be used. Before stool, you can also put petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the area to prevent new cracks.

    Anal fissure treatment home remedy
    Anal fissure treatment home remedy
  • Sport is good for balance, health, and transit, but avoid cycling, contact sports or weightlifting (for obvious reasons). Prefer more gentle activities (yoga, walking …).
  • Always having a cushion to sit on and ice packs ready for use is also a plus. You may also be interested in: The top 3 Best hemorrhoid cushion Review
  • Use pre moistened wipes to clean your anus after each bowel movement.

Keeping your anus clean after each bowel movement is significant. You can use medicated wipes (Preparation H with witch hazel and aloe), pleated medicated compresses, or even baby wipes to keep the area clean. The wipes will make you feel better than if you use toilet paper and must also help prevent infection. It is worth noting that even though medicated wipes are designed to relieve hemorrhoids, they are useful in keeping your anus clean.
After cleaning the anus with the wipe, it is essential to dry the surface with toilet paper or a soft towel. I also found that putting some baby powder on your toilet paper and wiping it on your anus will help keep the area dry.

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  • Keep your stool soft – not too hard, not too liquid …. just right.

    Anal fissure treatment home remedy
    Anal fissure treatment home remedy

The body can naturally heal minor anal fissures. However, when it comes to more severe crack, it is recommended to use an emollient.

To avoid having problems with anal fissures, it is better to opt for prevention by ensuring that the stool is neither too hard nor too liquid.

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2) The baths

They promote better blood flow for quick healing, relieve pain, soothe injured tissues, promote relaxation of the sphincter and keep the place clean without the need to rub (irritating the anoderm). The ideal would be to make two to three a day for 10 to 15 minutes with warm water and about 60 g of Epsom salt that you will dissolve well. Finish by drying well.

If you have a hot bath, you can add coconut oil to take advantage of its healing and moisturizing properties. This will also relieve pain.

3) Green clay

It fights effectively against the proliferation of bacteria as well as microbes. Its positive effect on the reconstitution of tissues is also a great plus to heal the area, not to mention that in addition to the healing effect, it relieves pain. You can apply it in the evening before going to bed and then rinse in the morning with fresh water.

4) A complete remedy with essential oils

What’s needed :

  • 100 drops of oily calendula macerate (anti-inflammatory)
  • Two drops of essential oil of ciste (anti-hemorrhagic)
  • Two drops of lavender essential oil (painkiller)
  • One drop of rose geranium essential oil (rapid healing)
  • One drop of patchouli essential oil (better blood circulation)
  • Glass bottle

Steps :

1) Pour your ingredients into your bottle by following the dosages well.

2) Close the bottle and shake well to make the mixture homogeneous. It is already ready!

3) Apply three drops on the area to be treated. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day for three weeks.

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