Anal fissure during pregnancy: no panic!


Anal fissure during pregnancy: no panic!
Among the “minor inconveniences” of pregnancy, the anal fissure often remains a taboo subject. Symptoms, prevention, care: zoom on this disorder, happily benign, which mainly affects future mothers.

Anal fissure during pregnancy: no panic!
Anal fissure during pregnancy: no panic!

Anal fissure: what are the symptoms?

As the name suggests, the anal fissure is a wound at the anus. It manifests itself in severe pains at the time of going to the saddle. These pains may even persist for some time after being in the toilet. They are sometimes accompanied by itching, burning sensations, and a little bleeding. Anal fissure and hemorrhoids are not to be confused: the latter is characterized by swelling of the veins around the anal region, resulting in intense itching, and seizures can last a few days.

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The anal fissure: the wound of future mothers!

An anal fissure is most often caused by constipation, which forces “forcing” on this weak area. However, with the hormonal upheaval of pregnancy and especially under the effect of progesterone, pregnant women are often prone to this type of digestive disorder.
Also, the weight of the baby causes pressure on the blood vessels at the anus, which can cause a crack. This is why, in most cases, the anal fissure appears in the last trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes it can occur after childbirth, due to the deep thrusts exerted on this area.

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What to do to prevent anal fissure?

Simple prevention measures can help to limit constipation, and thus avoid the appearance of an anal fissure. The first reflex: adopt a diet high in fiber (green vegetables, fruits, whole grains …) and drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Drinking a large glass of orange juice in the morning is also a great way to combat constipation … if nausea does not stop you! Do some exercise, such as walking or swimming, and be sure to go to the saddle as soon as you feel the need. Take your time when you are in the toilet and do not force. If necessary, your gynecologist or midwife may also prescribe a mild laxative.

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What to do in case of an anal fissure?

If you suffer from an anal fissure during your pregnancy, know that there are several solutions to alleviate the pain. First reflex: talk to your practitioner! He/she will be able to prescribe a particular cream which will calm the irritations or attenuate the inflammation. A compress of cold water applied to this area can also do you the greatest good! In the shower or bath, use a non-irritating, non-perfume neutral pH soap. After you have washed, consider drying the area thoroughly without rubbing. Last precaution: when you go to the saddle, be careful not to irritate the crack with toilet paper too rough further. The ideal is to replace it with wipes impregnated with a soft lotion.

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